The Leopard’s Oath: Our Community Commitment

As we start another academic year and welcome our largest incoming class ever, it is a great time to reflect on our community values and our shared commitment to each other.  Not only have these important conversations happened with our new students, but faculty and staff alike are engaging in the dialogue.  From class contracts to email signatures we are reminded that we are a family.  Even the Schumann Fitness Center got involved in the conversation by installing a large decal over the summer!

Act With Compassion and Respect.

Withhold Judgement and Seek Learning.

Take Civility Into Every Environment.

Embrace our History and Lead our Future.

Download your own copy of the full oath here.  You can also email to obtain magnets and stickers, or to make a suggestion of where else we should post the oath on campus to follow the fitness center’s lead!


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