Accelerate in the News

BostInno | 07.31.2014
Three Local College Students are Innovating the Budding Medical Marijuana Industry

Boston Business Journal | 06.20.2014
Hackathon + Social Entrepreneurs = Urban Problems

BostInno | 06.18.2014
How Wentworth Students are Rethinking the Zoo

Boston Globe | Change Makers | 06.13.2014
6 College Startup Programs Beyond MIT and Harvard

BostInno | 06.10.2014
This is College Students’ Change to Bring Innovation to Every Boston Neighborhoods

The Boston Globe | 04.27.2014
In Boston area, tech colonies bloom

BostInno | 04.14.2014
Wentworth Revamps & Ramps Up its Entrepreneurship Efforts

BetaBoston | 04.16.2014
MassChallenge grad Gentoo tackles the much-neglected medical supplies market

The Boston Globe | 01.06.2014
Boston offers grit, glamour in shared startup spaces

Essential Design | 11.25.2013
College Think Tank Boston | 11.22.2013
Acceleration: The Story of Gentoo [part 3]

Sampan | 11.19.2013
CollegeThinkTank Boston tackles Funding for Small Business

BostInno | 11.18.2013
Wentworth Awards $13k to Four Product-Focused Student Startups | 11.14.2013
Accelerate hosts 4th Pitchfest Event

BBJ | 11.13.2013
Future home of Accelerate! – Wentworth to Build $350M Huntington Ave Project

BostInno | 11.06.2013
100 Boston-Area Students Attempt to Tackle the biggest Problem Facing Small Businesses

BostInno | 11.04.2013
Announcing the 50 on Fire Finalists for Education

BostInno | 10.25.2013
College Think Tank Boston – City Office trying to innovate at the Speed of Boston’s Startup Community | 10.22.2013
Solving Problems that Matter [Social Innovation Lab] | 10.11.2013
Acceleration: The Story of Gentoo [part 2] | 08.28.2013
Acceleration: The Story of Gentoo [part 1]

.DAT | 07.24.2013
CollegeThinkTank Boston + Video

BostInno | 06.14.2013
CollegeThinkTank Boston

Boston Herald | 05.30.2013
CollegeThinkTank Boston: Students full of ideas for vacant storefronts

Boston Business Journal | 05.24.2013
People on the Move: Jeanne Dasaro, Innovator-in-Residence at Wentworth

BostInno | 05.24.2013
Wentworth Announces Social Innovation Lab and Innovator-in-Residence

BostInno | 04.23.2013
Wentworth Accelerates Student Entrepreneurship, Splitting $23,500 between Five Startups | 03.22.2013
Speed Networking – Wentworth and Emerson students exchange ideas during an Accelerate networking event

The Sun Journal | 01.27.2013
Face Time, Ben Nadeau Electromechanical Engineer Extraordinaire

The Reminder | 01.24.2013
Aspiring biomedical engineer looks to revolutionize treatment options

Rockland County Times | 01.03.2013
North Rockland Innovators Rise to the Challenge; Earn 6000 in Startup Competition

BostInno | 12.12.2012
50 Student Startup Ideas That Received Funding in 2012 from Boston’s Colleges & Universities

Monadnock Ledger Transcript | 12.17.2012
ConVal graduates win funds to launch their invention

Hull Times | 12.06.2012
Residents pumped over team’s win for chemo pump design

BostInno | 11.28.12
Wentworth Accelerate Funds Teams for 25+K

Wentworth Provost’s Blog | 11.27.12
Accelerate Pitchfest 2: IPBL Demonstrated | 11.20.2012
Pitchfest a success + Funded teams from the second iteration of Accelerate.
Accelerate funds five. Innovation + Entrepreneurship Challenge gives out $25,500. 

BostInno | 11.16.2012
Wentworth Embraces It’s Entrepreneurial Mindset and Turns Students’ Ideas Into Reality | Innovation Economy | 09.25.2012
Accelerate becomes player among other startup incubators in the Boston ecosystem.
Old school meet new school: How universities are adapting to build entrepreneurs | The Hive | 09.24.2012
Pelkey Design in good company with other college startups #AIM4E – Congrats to Taxi Right Now.

Boston Globe Editorial | 09.14.2012
Reinventing the wheels of the pedicab

Boston Globe Print Edition | 09.10.2012
A pedicab that needs less pedal power | Innovation Economy | 09.04.2012
Pelkey Design [Eric Crouch, BMET’12 + John Pelkey, BIND’12], top funded 10K Accelerate team presents pedicab protoype.
After hundreds of miles pedaling around Boston, two Wentworth grads reinvent the pedicab | 07.03.2012
Entrepreneurs Take Center Stage | 06.28.2012
Awesome Products featured in Wentworth’s news section the day of the Pitchfest, where they were funded with $7500.
Musicmaker for the Masses

Boston Herald | 06.10.2012 + Businessweek | 06.10.2012
Awesome Products [Eric Warncke, John Amichetti Jr., Matt Shrago BCOS’14, Robert Moss BCOS’14], funded Accelerateteam featured.
Make note of Cambridge startup 

BostInno | 04.10.2012
Sean Smith, our Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Accelerate Summer 2012, was featured with his Haiti App.
Wentworth Student Creates App to Help Haiti Recover from Disaster & Reach 911 Relief