What’s your BIG IDEA?

Accelerate Teams have turned their big ideas into the next best thing, and they’re pitching at our 1st Pitch Round of the Spring Semester. Cheer them on, learn, and be part of history in the Accelerate Space, 2nd Floor, Willson Hall. 


Cutting Edge | Johanna Jehrig, Greg Affsa, & Chris Auld

Cycol | Ty Castle & Peter Backus

Board Secure | Joe Beliveau & Greg Butterworth

Click here to RSVP!

THUR, 3/5 @ 5:30 – 6:30pm

Funded Team Finance Training

A mandatory meeting for all funded teams in the Accelerate Space, 2nd Floor, Willson Hall! Our Finance office will share with you the process of accessing and utilizing your funds.

PLEASE MAKE SURE AT LEAST ONE TEAM MEMBER ATTENDS THIS MEETING. Your team will not be eligible for funding otherwise! 

Use this link to fill out who will attend from each team - http://bit.ly/1N0O2OY

If no one from your team is able to make it, please be sure to contact Tamanna Ahmad (ahmadm@wit.edu) as soon as possible.

WED 3/4 @  4:30-5:30 pm


Have you stumbled onto the next big idea? Ready to disrupt the market? Preparing for Pitchfest already?

Sign up for Pressure Pitch! Pressure Pitch is an Accelerate event made for getting unbiased, straightforward, constructive feedback from people hearing your pitch for the very first time. The more times you pitch, and the more people you pitch to, the better your pitch becomes. At the heart of it, Pressure Pitch is also an opportunity to get comfortable talking about your awesome idea, and get some feedback. If you’d like to sign up for a Pressure Pitch Session, email Taylor Rosenblum (rosenblumt@wit.edu) and let him know which Thursday you’d like to schedule! 

TUE 2/24 @ 6 – 8pm


Looking to bounce ideas off other people? Want to recruit teammates, grow your team, or join a team? 

This session is for you! Come discuss your ideas with peers and get loads of feedback + perspectives. Led by Joe Beliveau and Caleb Jackson (both members of funded teams), “Soundboard Your Idea” sessions provides a structured space for folks to brainstorm, to get their ideas out, and to network with students from other disciplines. All are welcome! Come even if you haven’t submitted an idea, or if you just want to listen . You don’t need to attend one event in order to go to another – each session will be different! Questions? Contact Joe Beliveau (beliveauj@wit.edu). 

THUR 3/19 @ 4:30 – 5:30pm



Thursday Night Connections

Entrepreneurs + VC Meetup Register Here

Take a break from working on your startup to talk business with like-minded entrepreneurs. This is a meetup for startups, developers and investors to become acquainted and find what they need to move forward. All are welcome.

51 Melcher Street
Boston, MA 02210

THUR 3/19 7-9pm