Logen Johnson (BELM), Alejandra Garcia (BELM), Wesley Taggett (BSCM), Vadim Manokhin (BCOS)
LifeCycle is a recycling company dedicated to restoring the world one bottle at a time. #Lifecycle #Lifestyle

Deborah Massaro (ARCH), Stephanie Nannariello (BIND)
Simply Stored solves the problem of storing nail polish in a simple, space-saving, and decorative way. We prevent polishes from breaking, or leaking and make them quick and easy to find.

Jonathan Holland (BIND), Alex Zadrozny (BIND), Chris Lupi (BIND), Dan Mason (Accounting – Worcester State)
Stow lockable backpack system allows the user to easily carry their ski/snowboard gear to the lodge. While skiing or snowboarding the user will be able to safely store their personal belongings in or outside of the lodge

Joseph Beliveau (BSME), Gregory Butterworth (BELM)
We are taking the standard bike rack or skateboard rack to the next level.  Everyone is fully aware of the standardized bike rack and it’s limitations.  Furthermore we have done some rough research and discovered the existence of a skateboard rack that can also house longboards.  We have taken these two ideas and incorporated them into a fully functional ‘multipurpose’ rack.  By allowing all three of these commuting sports to lock up their valuables in the same place and with the same lock we offer an ability for communities to maximize space and safety for their members’ belongings.

Zach Richards (BIND), Emerson Ward, (Marketing and Management – UMASS Boston)
Bay 5 Motors is currently in the process of designing a moped able to be manufactured in America for America.

Haiden Goggin (BIND), Tony Travaglini (BIND), Param Pabla (BEME)
Metaväp focuses on re-interpreting the use of medical cannabis in our modern society to meet the expectations of unsatisfied patients who expect a higher level of quality and design thinking in their products, while also targeting non-customers. It is a healthier and premium alternative for them to medicate on the go without cause for external judgment. All through the use of durable, renewable materials while still being around the same thickness as your cell phone. VUE is a new direction.

Nurefsan Karakas (BSA), Ismail Karakas (English – Anadolu University)
In order to connect students and professionals from all over the world, a tool named Earful will be there to help improve English-Speaking skills.

Jocelyn Morelli (BELM), Benjamin D’Amour (BSEE)
Getting you from here to there, 5 days a week. Morphing commuters into carpoolers.

Jacob Pfahl (BSA), Joe Kennedy (BSCM)
Anytime a special occasion comes around, the dilemma of knowing what to buy as a gift is always present. A gift should be something personal. It should be something that describes the relationship that you have with this person. Tangeream allows the buyer to symbolize a relationship with selecting three abstract symbols, and one color to represent unique feelings. With 20 different symbols and 6 different colors, each landscape that you create is distinctive and meaningful. Not only will it illuminate a desk or nightstand, but even better it will brighten that special day with something that last far longer than most gifts.

Scott Bonney (BELM), Brandon Dryer (BELM), Kimm Silva (BIND)
Entrep is an online student entrepreneurial community where users can communicate, get help, and access free resources/ support available to them.

Greg Affsa (BIND), Ben Nadeau (BELM)
Providing Freedom and Mobility for Outpatient Infusion Treatments
Alex Schwarzkopf (BELM), Dylan Powers (BELM) Mathew Joyal (BELM), Pat Thompson (BIND)
Piinc is a system that can detect sport-related concussions and notify coaches or personnel with real-time monitoring

FALL 2013

Resistance Logo 11_12
Scott Bonney (BELM), Brandon Dryer (BELM), Kimm Silva (BIND)
Resistance is an electric bike company delivering a simplistic, stylish, innovative, and affordable solution to urban commuters.

Sze “Ron” Chau (BEET), Rodney Chery (BIND), Robertha Perez (BMET), Derek Wong (BSCE/BSAM)
The Modular Branch System is a startup in the healthcare market segment that is focusing on reducing complications relating to fluid occlusions in medical lines such as intravenous lines and feeding tubes.

Mike McKeon (BMET), Chandlyr Jackson (BIND)
Kold Kup is an attachment to a Keurig machine that takes the hot coffee and cools it down to ice coffee temperature instantly without exposing it to ice, eliminating watered down iced coffee.

ImpactAlert Logo
Alex Schwarzkopf (BELM), Dylan Powers (BELM), Mathew Joyal (BELM)
ImpactAlert is a system that can detect sports-related concussions and notify coaches or personnel with real-time monitoring.

Josh Willis (BSE), Greg Frasco (BCOS), Ryan Cataldo (BSME), Rae Rice (Fine Art-SMFA), Caleb Jackson (BEME), Wending Li (BIND)
Alpha Industries is reinventing airship technology to reduce the transport cost of large, indivisible industrial components.

Casey Gonsalves (BSME), Zachary Spencer (BSME)
Have you ever realized how annoying it is to remove tinfoil lids on small containers (yogurt Keurig K-Cups prescription medicine bottles etc); well there is now a device that rids this frustration with a simple quarter twist.

Peter Buckus (BSE), Tyler Castle (BSE)
With this product, anyone can breath underwater. No compressor, no classes, no expensive scuba equipment.

Scott Venti (BIND), Ian Gagnon (BSE)
The Gnar Guard is an innovative ski racing chin guard that reinvents the way the industry currently affixes guards to helmets.

Ryan Cataldo (BSME), Shawn Dryer (BELM) James Hall (BSCS)
The Turtle Shell Book Cover is a reusable ridge book sock for softcover textbooks.

Accelerate Logo
Paul Szczombrowski (ARCH ), Brian Kelly (BSME) Karl Ide-Pech (BSME)
Beat Bouncer is a product to help boost the volume on any iPhone.

Kyle Sacco (BIND), Dan McAuliffe (BIND)
KDI is creating a conversion kits that transform your normal bike into a downhill ski bike.

Alex Fallah (BCOS), Cory Cook, Colby Daly
Eulalia is a cyber-bullying prevention Software.


Ciro Podany (ARCH), Tory Lam (ARCH), Nick Strout (ARCH), Derek Bisson (ARCH), Walmen Dumaliang (BIND)
CareEz is a carrying device that makes transporting large pieces of chipboard, cardboard, canvas or any other art supply extremely easy, particularly in urban environments such as Boston. Inexpensive, foldable, and easy to use and the best: It fits right in your backpack.

Ben Sewards (BCOS), Ralph Giangregorio (BCOS), Chou Yang (BCOS), Chris Streeks (BSCN)
FindMe University is a real time geo-location mobile app that utilizes discovery and curiosity through tagging other college students in your area. The major impact of this mobile application is to revitalize the way we can link and network with other peers that you didn’t even know existed. Open your university doors and build your own campus!

Moriah Sportswear Logo
Greg Affsa (BIND), Ben Nadeau (BELM)
Moriah Sportswear is a startup in the performance sportswear industry. We are dedicated to the evolution of performance sportswear for athletes, professionals and outdoorsmen. In the entirety of the performance sportswear market there is no other manufacturer offering a helmet with a built in lock while remaining lightweight and providing optimal protection.

Kevin Caulfield (BCOS), Trent Hunt (BSM)
MyXup is a web service devoted to helping musicians and producers get recognized, as well as helping music lovers learn more about new artist and promote them. The real genius is in the MyXup button allowing users randomly discover artists.

Huma Abdul Rauf (BBME), Makeda Stephenson (BBME), Vian Khalaf (BBME), Idriss Slaoui (BBME)
Sonas is a device that will provide visually impaired people more access and safety through audio signal technology.

Dat Journal
Joseph Meucci (BCOS), Lucy Brown (ARCH), Samuel Walusimbi (ARCH), JT White (ARCH), Grant Wilkes (BCOS)
.DAT Journal (Discourse around Architecture and Technology) is an online journal that links discussions within architectural design, theory and technology through essays, interviews, reviews, and advertisement free.

Traffic Flux
Matthew Michaud (BCOS), Ben Greenier (BCOS)
Traffic Flux is a computer game that generates money for a cause, uses real world data, AND is really fun.

Urban Flex
Zachary Jackson (BIND), Alex Schwarzkopf (BELM)
Carve Bright is a new style of lights for skateboard or longboards for night riding offering better protection, materials (for strength) and other features. They are vibration proof, curb proof, and waterproof while being restriction free to the rider and offering maximum safety.

GL logo
Alex Potwardowski (BSME), Allan Rodas (BSEE), Ben Kent (BCOS), Cole Leether (BSME)
Green Latrine is a toilet that is more water efficient than anything currently on the market cutting the amount water used at least in half.

Lisa Piccirillo (BIND) + Team
Making women’s lacrosse safer and providing an option to wear helmets and avoiding serious accidents.

Smart Phone Case
Patrick Helfrich (BELM) + Team
This smart phone case is rugged and waterproof allowing your phone to travel with you through rain, sleet, and snow and into any environment you wish to take it. It is highly customizable, less bulky than its other box counterpart and uses improved technology to make it absolutely waterproof.

Urban Air
Taylor Rosenblum (BSME), Ken Bousquet (BSM)
Urban Air will unlock the potential of wind energy. Allowing the infrastructure that consumes to become a generator, it is a simple idea that can change the cities most of us live in forever.

Zachary Sharby (Alumni), Kevin Loeliger (BSME)
C.A.H. or Concrete Asphalt Hybrid uses recycled asphalt as the aggregate in their concrete mixture. Highways are constantly needing to be repaired or new ones built. This process will allow old highways to be recycled into new ones that will last much after our supply of oil has run out on this planet.

FALL 2012

Gregory Affsa (BIND), Kathryn Belkin (BSME), Ben Nadeau (BELM)
Gentoo! is a design and engineering start-up bringing its first product, the Portable Infusion Harness, to the market. As a company our intent is to find the simplest and smartest solutions to problems. Our product embodies this principle by providing freedom and mobility to patients undergoing infusion treatments. The Portable Infusion Harness gives patients undergoing infusion treatments a level of freedom and mobility that is unachievable with the current infusion treatment set up.

Stephanie Nannariello (BIND), Christina Gomes (BINT), Deborah Massaro (ARCH)
Nail polish is typically thrown in a box that causes you to waste time digging through to find your color, sometimes even causing your polishes’ to break.  With our design, nail polish is easy to store and find in our space saving and decorative cosmetic organizer.

Dillon Forzese (BEET), Eric Nolet (BCOS)
Jimmy is a portable speaker backpack who brings people together using music. Created as a social experiment in 2010, Jimmy’s creators Dillon Forzese and Eric Nolet are now on the road to bringing their friend to market.

Steve Arsenault (BIND), Marc Perella (BCM), Wes Fletcher (BELM)
Sthetic is an urban transportation brand. We design Hyboards which take all the positive characteristics of a skateboard and longboard and twist them into an affordable, effective, and convenient board for the average college student. Marketing to the college community, our boards will change the way people think of urban transportation while bringing it to a larger community.

Robert Deutschmann (BELM), Andrew Brennan (BELM), Anthony Baldassini (BELM)
SmartPump is a combination advanced insulin dosing algorithm, wireless communication, and web-linked device targeted toward improving home insulin infusion.  Dynamic functions are used to model diabetic metabolism and include variables introduced by medication, diet and/or physical activity.  A web application developed for smart phones will allow diabetics to better understand and manage blood sugar trends.  The application will also extract nutritional information from an online database and communicate with an insulin pump which will subsequently recommend insulin doses to diabetics.

Benjamin Carocari (BELM), Michael Michaud (BELM), James Kloss (BELM), Mackenzie Higgins (BELM), Dariush Vafaee (BCOS), Colby Higgins (BIND)
Brewtronics Labs is a startup company in Boston that is seeking to redefine the coffee consumer experience. The coffee industry is slow to evolve and hasn’t adapted to the average American’s fast paced lifestyle, with the last major breakthrough in coffee being the Keurig. This is why Brewtronics Labs envisions a world where consumers can obtain a supremely better tasting coffee, faster, cheaper, and way more conveniently than traditional coffee shops. By strategically placing fully automated coffee kiosks throughout college campuses in Boston, students will have the opportunity to obtain their coffee on their way to class, in less than 30 seconds, with minimal inconvenience. These kiosks, termed Brewtronics Baristas, will offer a wide variety of supreme tasting coffee, hot and iced, as well as other beverages including hot chocolate and tea.

Eric Warncke, Robert Moss (BCOS), Matthew Shrago (BCOS), Dylan Smith
We create mobile applications. Our first major project is a recording studio called Awesome Music Maker. We received funding in the first PitchFest and we are returning looking for additional funding to hire developers, artists and to get hosting and office space.

Bryan Webb (BCET), Derek Sullivan (BCM), Ciro Podany (ARCH)
Live Green Consulting is a private environmental consulting firm with a focus on residential green building and renewable resources. Our goal is to provide current home owners with free consultation and assessment of their current conditions as well as testing to see potential fixes of even new green technologies to help them better manage their monthly bills. We will provide clients Live Green Rubric which maps out any potential green upgrades, government rebates, and estimate of how long these technologies will take to pay for themselves.

Lorenzo Fernandez-Kopec (BSM), Samantha Mendaros
Our mobile application is designed as a protective measure for individuals who are at risk for medical emergencies but continue to live an active and independent lifestyle.

Ben Nadeau (BELM), Gregory Affsa (BIND)
Moriah Eyewear is a startup company in the performance eyewear industry dedicated to the evolution of performance eyewear. There is currently a large market for the industry and no other company currently has a lens swapping system that is as quick and easy as ours. Moriah eyewear has developed both a cutting edge lens system as well as an aesthetically pleasing design. Our eyewear is designed to compete with the best competitors in the industry while remaining loyal to our extreme sports customers.

Alex Schwarzkopf (BELM), James Ofira (BELM), Zachary Jackson (BIND)
uNite Boston is a mobile application designed as a tool to guide someone through a great night in the city of Boston.  The app offers location-based services, such as navigation and an interactive map of the MBTA, while providing current information about establishments and events in the nightlife community.  These features coupled with a simple user interface make uNite the choice for anyone looking for a good time in Boston.

Sean Young (BSM), Ryan Pimental (BCET)
Viewtheu is an online resource providing honest collegiate reviews from those who have been there.  Current college students and alumni share their experiences to help the millions of students currently researching colleges, to show a first hand account rather than the marketing fluff that universities distribute to enhance their institution.  Now here is the kicker.  What does one get out of supplying us with their collegiate life story?  Viewtheu teams up with local businesses, companies and brands to deliver discounts, coupons and offers not released to the public as a thank you for sharing your experience.  Students helping students, Viewtheu.

Ben Leedy (ARCH), Pat Thompson (BIND)
Food Chain Clothing is a sustainable silk screen t shirt company.  The company focuses on consumption and ecological consciousness in it’s business practices as well as it’s design intentions.  The logos display iconic images of consumption in a comical way.  The shirts are made from recycled hemp products and the printing uses water-based or certified phthalate-free plastisol inks and  biodegradable cleaners.  1$ in proceeds per shirt is donated to an ecological charity in an attempt to give back to the organizations that give so much for the sake of our planets well being.  Wear the shirt, and spread the love!

JT White (ARCH), Steven Hien (ARCH), Grant Wilkes (BCOS)
Plaan is a mobile app that allows temporary and flexible events the ability to generate and share maps. Using a smartphone and its accompanying sensors, Plaan generates a legible map for an “event coordinator”. This map can then be linked to social networks to add additional useful information. Once the map is finished, it is hosted publicly and can be distributed through social media outlets.

Uchechukwu Egesionu (BELM), Pierre Meyitang (BELM), Osayi Okuns, Emmanuel Unaka, Marcus Hemdi
The group consists of 10 active members with notable sub-sets such as the G.O.O.D. Girls, G.O.O.D. TV (850,000+ views) & G.O.O.D. Photography (2600+ likes on Facebook)  Two of Hot97Boston’s employees Aunt-Dat Kuna & Big TunezTheDJ manage the group.  In a year and a half of business, G.O.O.D. Entertainment has planned, DJ-ed, & shot a variety of events, including our most recent Event @ Venue which had 1100+ attendees.  This upcoming semester and year, G.O.O.D. will be expanding on a major scale.


Eric Crouch (BMET) + John Pelkey (BIND)
Pelkey Design is a startup design firm redesigning the cycle rickshaw. The duality of providing a unique experience, “transportainment”, while being a quick means to transportation translates into twice as many design considerations. Drivers and owners need reliability and longevity while passengers require safety and comfort. By applying static and dynamic element analysis to problematic subsystems we re-engineered the pedicab from the ground up with cutting-edge elements and strict adhesion to ergonomic standards.

Justin Kearnan (ARCH) + Scott Bradrick (BSCN) + Logen Johnson (BELM)
Doormen. is a product and service start-up in the entertainment, and venue industries. Doormen. provides a reliable tool and network to address the ongoing issue of validation of personal identification for age restricted venues.

Matt Shrago (BCOS) + Robert Moss (BCOS) + Team
Awesome Products (AP) is a start-up software company located in Cambridge, MA. The company plans to build a strong market position by offering a simple music making tool, allowing musicians and non-musicians alike to easily make and share songs without any musical knowledge or experience required.

Kyle Lapatin (BCOS) + Thomas Liveston (BCET)
The purpose of this invention is to reduce the effort required to perform hydrometer analysis on fine grained soils.  The current system is performed by hand and requires an operator to take nearly a dozen readings spaced at various times throughout the test.  The automated hydrometer testing apparatus allows for the automation of the readings saving labor hours and creating more precise data.

Chris Hashem (BELM) + Craig Curtis (BELM) + Ben Nadeau (BELM) + George Lioio (BCET)
Pneumatics Underground is a start-up company in the waste management industry focused on the evolution of waste handling systems. We are a team of four motivated engineers wanting to make a difference in our society. PU has developed a waste “utility” system, which utilizes air to move trash through a series of underground pipes.  The PU will be more cost-effective and more energy efficient than our competitors.

Jared Neely (ARCH) + Gabriel Paolo La ‘O (BIND)
Stylish is a mobile startup in the fashion industry providing a solution to address styling and fashion challenges for individuals in their fast-paced lifestyle. By creating a convenient and easy to use style guide based around the user’s unique personality, location, and intended budget. Stylish will revolutionize the way people address their personal style and bring the classic fashion catalog to the mobile world.

Andrew Tran (BMET) + Peter Lam (MCPHS)
Moving is already stressful and by using CubbyCloud moving will become a better experience right from the start. CubbyCloud is pioneering a “greener” movement with our reusable plastic moving box saving money, keeping valuables safe and secure during a move while making life a whole lot easier with durable, stackable, and sustainable containers that come right to your door. CubbyCloud makes it easier not only on the customers but also on the planet. Just pack, stack, and go!

Duke Atkinson (BCOS) + Anzia Mendez-Neff (BCM)
WhatItTakes is a web service dedicated to helping people find their passions. Through an easy to use interface with multimedia interactions clients are able to view generic case studies, professional portfolios and resumes. This time saving application will guide college graduates or career seekers towards professions and industries they are passionate about ultimately discovering WhatItTakes to become one of many success stories on this planet.

Stevie Meder (BIND) + Team
SIM | BIO | SYS  is a unique furniture design company engineered to enable food production on a domestic scale; appropriating existing hydroponic methods into simple biological systems. SIM | BIO | SYS aims to solve the very real problem of our future planet – flawed agriculture and growing populations. SIM | BIO | SYS provides society the tools it needs to satisfy an already growing demand for locally produced, nutrient rich, and flavorful foods. Equipped with easy to use, health sustaining, and self-sustaining technology, our population can become closer and share with one another. SIM | BIO | SYS makes this technology accessible. When a system practically does the work for you, it won’t be hard to learn how to live better within one’s resources.

Sean Young (BSM) + Steffon Polius (BMET) + Le Nguyen (ARCH) + Tyler Gilroy (BELM) + Stefano Giuliani (BIND)
RUGGED Audio is committed to delivering the best portable speaker solutions to our consumers through the innovative use of materials, quality sound components, and affordable pricing. During the first three years of operation, RUGGED Audio will establish a focus on product quality, which will allow the penetration of a market currently saturated with products of an inferior quality.