The Jersey Shore: Seaside

The Jersey Shore: Seaside



The Jersey Shore House!

On location at the Jersey Shore House!

 After a great day of high school visits, Carlo—admissions counselor and fan of “The Jersey Shore”—explored Seaside Heights.

Views From The Road: New Jersey

Interested in learning more about Wentworth from the comfort of your own home?  Stop by our Fall Online Chat tomorrow, September 17. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about our programs and scholarship opportunities, speak to current Wentworth student about campus life, and hear directly from Admissions Counselors about the application process.

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If the September 17 date doesn’t work for you, chat with us on October 21 instead.

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After his last high school visit of the day, Brendan enjoys taking in the ocean views of Northern New England.

Brendan Cape

julie lighthouse

More Views From The Road coming soon!

Views From The Road: Northern New England

The Admission staff is hard at work traveling throughout the country (and world) to reach out to prospective students. Join our staff on their journeys in a series of posts we’re calling “Views from the Road.”

This evening, Wentworth will be at Saint Michael’s College for the New England Association for College Admission Counseling fair. Check back next week to see some photographs from our staff’s travels to and from high schools and college fairs throughout Northern New England & Cape Cod.


Views from the Road

Our newest Admissions Counselors Abigail and Adina love to travel.  After reading about their European adventures, help us welcome them to our team by posting a comment, below!

Adina Goodman, Admissions Counselor

Adina’s travel and reading territories are New York state and Western Massachusetts. She is originally from Connecticut and is new to the Boston area so she’s still learning about all of the fantastic things Boston has to offer. Adina is most excited to travel and meet prospective students as visiting new places is one of her favorite things to do. Additionally, Adina loves gymnastics and is an avid gymnast!


Adina in Budapest, Hungary.

Abigail Kim, Admissions Counselor

Abby will be traveling in and reading applications from her home state of Connecticut as well as Lowell, Concord, and Wellesley in Massachusetts. Abby really enjoys cooking and eating delicious cuisine. An avid traveler, as an undergraduate she studied abroad in Madrid, Spain and her travels around Europe also took her to Paris. Her favorite spots in Boston include Newbury Street “for some great shopping and the Charles River Esplanade when the weather is nice!”  Joining our staff just on the heels of the opening of Wentworth’s newest Residence Hall,  525 Huntington Avenue, Abby can’t wait to check it out.  She says, “[525] looks absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to take a peek inside now that the building is complete.” Check out the final touches happening to 525 HERE.


Abigail on the Lock Bridge in Paris

To the WIT Class of 2018,

Congratulations, you DID IT! You survived some of the toughest decisions of your young adult life and have chosen to attend Wentworth for Fall 2014.  We cannot be more thrilled to have you join our campus one week from today.

You might be a bit nervous, but we hope that most of those nerves come from a place of excitement.  In fact, we hope that you’re THIS excited:

Know that we, at Wentworth, will be there to support you every step of the way. We cannot wait to see how you grow, what you learn, and how you’ll make a positive impact within our campus community and in the world at large.

See You Soon!

Kaila Gibbons, Admissions Summer Intern, Class of 2016


Kaila, our summer intern has been an incredible asset to our team. In addition to leading campus tours and sharing her Wentworth experience with prospective students and families, she collaborates with Admissions’ full time staff on a variety of key administrative projects.

Kaila has really made the most of her time at Wentworth.  She notes,”I transferred to Wentworth for the smaller classes and co-op program, but what I didn’t anticipate was how easy it would be to get involved in leadership activities on campus. My favorite role is the Community Outreach Chair for Society of Women Engineers. In this role, I am responsible for planning STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education events as well as coordinating community service opportunities. I am also a Resident Assistant, a member of the LEAD team that plans innovative leadership training for students, an Orientation Leader, and an Alternative Spring Break participant”.

When asked about her favorite Boston spot, “My Boston pastime is wandering around the city and discovering new things. Currently, my favorite place to relax and read is a small garden in the Fenway neighborhood that I stumbled upon one day. It features a gorgeous terrace, shady trees and a fountain where little birds often splash around”.

 Join us in wishing Kaila the best of luck as she enters her junior year as a Biomedical Engineering major!

The Davis family recently blogged about their trip to Wentworth’s campus for our Summer Preview event.  Read about their experience in their own words HERE.

Thank you so much Davis family!  Sarah, we hope you’ll apply to Wentworth and look forward to reading your application!

We encourage all of you to share your Wentworth story with us.

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A Wentworth Visit Shout Out

Maureen Photo

Maureen Dischino, Executive Director of Admissions

Maureen (pictured left) oversees the Admissions Office staff and operations and works closely with the office’s Associate Directors, who each share different aspects of managing the office and staff.  In her words- “The admissions world is a fast paced and exciting environment and the Wentworth Admissions Staff are passionate about our work with students, families, and guidance counselors.”

Maureen’s biggest piece of advice for Wentworth applicants: “Make sure to answer everything that is asked in the application. Take time with your essay and let us know why you think Wentworth is the right college for you. And, under the activity section, be sure to include all of your high school activities, awards received, places you have volunteered, and any jobs you may have had. We want to know as much about you as possible!”

Her favorite spot on Wentworth’s campus:  “Without a doubt, the Quad. I love it most in spring when the cherry blossom trees and the flowers are blooming. I forget that I am in a big city because I am surrounded by green grass and beautiful landscaping. And, I love the fact that students gather there to study, play Frisbee, or simply to relax.”


Like pretty much everyone else, DJ and Mallory can’t wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy this summer.  Learn what else you might have in common with these phenomenal staff members, below.

D.J. Moore, Associate Director of Admissions Communications

How do you work to aid the Admissions process at Wentworth? I manage all of the marketing efforts in Admissions.  My latest project has been managing the creation of the new fleet of Admissions brochures. Basically all of the materials that inquiring students will receive this fall. From the Viewbook and Open House Invitation to the folder that contains a student’s acceptance letter, it’s my job to make sure all of these items work together, represent Wentworth well, and deliver helpful information to our prospective students and their parents. Be sure to check out the new digital Viewbook we’re producing this fall, I think it will be a great resource for anyone looking to apply to Wentworth.

Do you play any other roles at Wentworth?  I do. I teach a course in the College of Professional and Continuing Studies called American Cinema, American Culture.  This is a great way for me to combine my love of movies with my job. I actually produce and host a podcast about movies and culture- The Reel Conversation. It works as a great teaching tool for my students!

What movie are you most excited to see this Summer? The movies I’m looking forward to the most right now are Boyhood, Wish I Was Here, and Guardians of the Galaxy.  I’m also really looking forward to Gone Girl, Interstellar, and Dumb and Dumber To later this year.

DJ surveying Wentworth's Campus

DJ Surveying Wentworth’s Campus

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