Sorry we haven’t written in a while! We’ve had a busy summer in the Admissions Office undergoing some exciting changes, enjoying the summer weather, and preparing for another great school year! The first of these exciting changes is that we’ve had a wonderful addition to our staff.  Join us in welcoming Sasha Veiga, our newest Admissions Counselor.











Sasha began her journey with us as a graduate intern this past spring, and is now a permanent member of our staff. Sasha’s reading and travel territories include: Middlesex county, Massachussetts, and upstate New York. She is originally from Lynnfield, Massachusetts and is no stranger to all the wonderful history and culture that Boston has to offer. Sasha enjoys baking, exercising, and catching up on all her Bravo TV shows. When in Boston, she especially enjoys dining in the Seaport district, kayaking on the Charles River Esplanade (as pictured), and shopping on Newbury Street. As a new Admissions Counselor, Sasha is most excited to travel to new territories and share her love of Boston with prospective students. Welcome Sasha!

It was a winter of historic snowfall in Boston, now that the temperatures are up, here are some fun activities to get you out and about this summer!

*Get some fresh air while soaking up the historic sites. Stroll around the Boston Harborwalk or the Freedom Trail for free!

*Free Friday Flicks at the Hatch shell – watch some amazing movies right next to the Charles River.

*Free fun Fridays – 70 Museums in the Boston area, with free admission on 10 different days! Make sure to check out the Boston Children’s Museum on July 3!

*Tour the Massachusetts State House – Visit Governor Charlie Baker’s stomping grounds! Tours last for about an hour.

*Free Shakespeare on the Common – Be a part of this play series that takes place on the Boston Common- a tradition since 1996

*Fitness Free-for-all – From Salsa dancing to Zumba to yoga.  Check out the local parks offering plenty of ways to keep in shape this summer! All for free!

New Student FAQ!

May 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

Friends, Leopards, Countrymen, Wentworth Class of 2019, lend us your ears!



This is a friendly reminder that if you haven’t already, you should sign up to attend New Student Orientation.  You will learn SO much helpful Wentworth information at New Student Orientation but to tide you over until then, we’ve compiled a short list of New Student Frequently Asked Questions.  You might be feeling anxious, excited, nervous,  or all three as these are typical emotions to be experiencing as moving to college is a major milestone in your life. But, you can feel confident that all of your questions will be answered and hopefully your nerves will be calmed at orientation. If your initial questions aren’t answered below, or you want further clarification about any of the information presented, check out the New Student Programs website or give the Wentworth Admissions Office a call at 617-989-4000. We look forward to meeting the class of 2019!

Q: How do I transfer my college credits?

A: Students who have taken courses for college credit should request that their official college transcript be sent to the Admissions Office for transfer credit evaluation.

Q: How do I register for classes?

A: Sit tight! You will learn how to register for classes at orientation.

Q: Which meal plan do I chose?

A. All first year students are required to purchase the mandatory full meal plan of $1,495 per semester.

Q: Do I need to complete the English Placement Exam?

A: All first year domestic students, who do not have AP or transfer credit for English 1, need to complete the English Placement Exam. This must be completed by May 29.

Q: When is move in?

A: Wednesday, August 26

Q: How do we get housing assignments?

A: In early June, students will receive an email directing them to complete their housing agreement and roommate matching questionnaire. Students select housing assignments online between July 13 and July 17.

Q: Does Wentworth offer gender inclusive housing for freshman? 

A: Yes! For questions regarding gender inclusive housing, please contact Greg Mantolesky, Assistant Director of Housing and Residential Life at

Q: Can I bring my car to campus when I move in?

A: Students living on campus cannot bring a car freshman year. Commuter students can purchase their parking pass on LConnect.

Q: What if I want to change my major?

A: Change of major requests should be directed to the Admissions Office, 617-989-4000 or  A change of major is not guaranteed.  Please reach out to your admissions counselor for clarification!

Q: When is the fall semester tuition bill due?

A: Your bill should be settled by July 30


Seniors, we hope you had a lovely weekend after May 1 and feel confident and happy with your college decisions!

 Wentworth Class of 2019 students, we are thrilled to have you join us!  Find more information about next steps before classes begin on August 31 on our New Student Orientation page.

And until we see you this summer, May the 4th be with you!

-The Wentworth Admissions Staff


Are you a student in California interested in learning more about Wentworth Institute of Technology?  You’re in luck!  Wentworth will attend fairs in San Diego, Greater Los Angeles, and San Francisco this week!

The Wentworth Leopard made the journey with Carlo and insisted on taking a selfie with delicious food from the California classic, In-N-Out Burger.  We think the Leopard’s eyes are a little bigger than its stomach!

Wentworth Leopard enjoys a California classic.

Views from the Road: California Dreaming

“In like a lion out like a lamb” wouldn’t be the phrase Wentworth Admissions would use to describe the month of March this year.  With highs nearing 18 degrees the “spring” breezes have been less than mild, but that hasn’t stopped our spring athletes from taking to the field and giving it their all. Hear from four current Leopards about  highlights from this season and their advice for prospective student athletes.


robby_sheldon15Robby Sheldon of Dover, NH is a Biomedical Engineering major. Robby enjoyed watching the success of the men’s basketball team this winter (who made it to the CCC championship and went 14 and 14 for the season).  His advice for prospective students thinking of participating in athletics at Wentworth? “Try out. Get involved. It is a great experience and you meet a lot of great people. Balancing schoolwork with athletics is more of a challenge but it makes you a better person in the long run.”




Megan Berryman, a Mechanical Engineering major from Middleboro, MA, enjoys having the ability to continue playing a sport that she loves while furthering her education.  Her highlight of the season—”Bonding with my teammates during spring break in Fort Myers, FL. It’s a huge benefit to have many friends [on the Softball team] in different majors all over campus.”





tyler_weninger15Tyler Weninger is a Civil Engineering major from Chandler, AZ. He thinks the baseball team has the potential to make a deep run this year. He recommends that prospective student athletes not hold themselves back from playing a sport because they think it will interfere with school. He notes, “Playing a sport has kept me organized and on task more than I have ever been. Having practices and games makes me want to finish all my homework and studying beforehand so I can solely focus on baseball when I step on the field.”





Hailing from Fremont, NH, Vanessa Weymouth is a Biomedical Engineering major. She recommends that prospective student athletes stay “determined and dedicated to both academic and athletic pursuits.” She notes, “the team has improved a lot compared to last year and we have a solid group of dedicated girls.”





 We wish Leopards Baseball & Softball continued success during the 2015 season. Track their records below.

Leopard Softball

Leopard Baseball

The Wentworth tennis courts are cleared of snow and our men’s team is excited about their prospects for the 2015 season!  Coach Moschetto notes, “The tennis program continues to grow, both in numbers and competitiveness. The team boasts a strong nucleus of dedicated returning players as well as some equally talented newcomers, all with the desire to improve and be the best they can be on and off the tennis court.”  Read on to hear what advice two of these talented newcomers, Jeff Tocco and Doug Avellino have for future Wentworth Leopard athletes.

“Academics should always come first” is freshman Computer Science major Jeff Tocco’s advice to prospective student athletes.  His teammate, Doug Avellino, a Business Management major, flips this sentiment around saying, “Playing a sport is a very good way to take your mind off of school for a few hours a day. This is especially important at Wentworth where the work load can get heavy.”  Jeff is “excited to be playing a sport that [he] is passionate about while learning…simultaneously”.  Doug was excited to make the team as a freshman and is really looking forward all of the piles of snow being gone around Boston.  We are too Doug, we are too!

Think Spring and watch Doug and Jeff as they take on Endicott College at the Bass River Tennis Club on Saturday, April 4th.

Doug Avellino Class of 2018

Doug Avellino, Class of 2018

Jeff Tocco Class of 2018

Jeff Tocco, Class of 2018


Spring Athletics Roundup: Men’s Tennis

Congratulations to all students accepted to the Wentworth Class of 2019! As part of your acceptance letter you were all given access to LConnect (i.e. Leopard Connection portal) which connects the Wentworth community via the web to academic resources, collaboration tools, and much more!

Financial Aid packages will be released in the next few weeks. On the LConnect portal you will find links to financial aid and housing information as well as other valuable tools to help as you consider Wentworth. Additionally, important news, updates, and events for admitted students (including Accepted Student Day registration) live in LConnect. We ask that all admitted students log in frequently for updates. Find answers to frequently asked LConnect questions below.

Leopard Connect

The L in LConnect stands for Leopard, Wentworth’s mascot.

What is my LConnect user name?

Your LConnect user name is all of the components in your Wentworth email address before the @ symbol.

Steven Jones’ Wentworth email address is:

Steven’s LConnect user name is: joness

Jessica Smith‘s Wentworth email address is:

Jessica’s LConnect user name is: smithj17

How do I activate my LConnect account?

To activate your LConnect account, you must first choose a password by following the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your username in the “Username” field.
  3. Enter your temporary password in the “Old password” field. Your temporary password will be: WIT1$XXXXXX (where x signifies the last six digits of your W-number)
  4. Review the secure password requirements displayed on the screen.
  5. Enter the password you chose in the “New password” and “Confirm new password” fields.
  6. Click the “Change Password” button.

If you have any questions or problems completing this process, contact the Division of Technology Services Help Desk at 617-989-4500.

Once I’ve changed my LConnect password, how do I log in?

  1. Visit (be sure not to type “www”).
  2. Enter your username and password and click “Login”.
  3. Now you’re in!

Wentworth’s Men’s Volleyball has had a great season thus far with an impressive 10-2 record.  Hear from two freshman players Jon Roat (pictured right) a Biomedical Engineering student from Rochester, New York and Sean Mullen, (pictured left) a Mechanical Engineering, student from Longwood, Florida about their hopes for the 2015 season.

Sean Mullen

Sean Mullen

Jon Roat

Jon Roat


What is the best part about being a student-athlete at Wentworth?

Roat: So far, it’s been the group of guys I’ve met on the volleyball team. We are from all over the country. My roommate is a volleyball player as well.

Mullen: We’re going to compete for a conference championship this year. Add that to the location and atmosphere of Boston and this is a great place for me.

What are you most excited for in the upcoming season?

Mullen: I want to make it to the NCAA tournament. I hope I can help make that happen.

Roat: [To have a] chance to play against many of my former high school and club volleyball teammates [at the collegiate level].

What advice do you have for prospective students thinking of participating in athletics at Wentworth?

Roat: I considered going to another school solely for academics, I’m glad I didn’t. Some people quit sports because they think they can’t manage both at the college level. It’s definitely doable, you just have to be focused.

Mullen: I think the better question is—Why wouldn’t you? If you have the opportunity don’t waste it.

What has been your favorite Wentworth athletics moment thus far?

Roat: Our first day of practice was so exciting. Coach Giglio had been recruiting me to come to Wentworth for two years, so to finally make it official was great.

Mullen: So far, our team lifts and practice have been really productive. I think we have so much potential.

Coach Giglio: We’re coming off the best season in school history with a record of 27-8 and our first ever ECAC championship. Our goal is to be an NCAA tournament team but we have a tough conference with perennial powerhouse Rivier and our neighbor Emmanuel both posing stiff competition. While we graduated some of the best players in program history, we have a tremendous group of young and talented players ready to elevate the program to the next level.

The team’s Valentine’s Day match up against Hunter at Springfield College is sure to be action packed.  If their season continues on its current trajectory, the ECAC championship is a definite for this group of dedicated and talented young men.  We wish them continued success in the 2015 season.

 We wish the New England Patriots the best of luck as they vie for yet another Super Bowl championship on Sunday, February 1st at 6:30pm. We’ll be watching and hope you will be too.

 Also, if you’re still hung up on deflate-gate, watch Wentworth’s Assistant Physics Professor James O’Brien’s take here.

Go Pats!