Reminder – Blackboard Upgrade Tomorrow!

Just a reminder, Blackboard will not be available tomorrow morning from approximately midnight until noon.

We’ll keep you posted on progress and post-upgrade testing.

See you after the upgrade!

Blackboard has gone MOBILE!

If you’ve wanted to access Wentworth’s Blackboard system from your mobile device, the time has come! We’ve enabled Blackboard Mobile Learn so now you can download the free app from either the Apple App store or Google Play and pay no in app fees to access our Blackboard system.

When to use Blackboard Mobile Learn App:

  • Reading Discussion Board, Blog, Wiki and Journal posts
  • Short posts to Discussion Board, Blogs, Wikis and Journals
  • Checking Grades
  • Checking Announcements
  • Reading Documents
  • Viewing images and videos

Web-based Blackboard Learn is better for:

  • Completing assignments – can only attach image files in the Mobile app
  • Taking tests – not all tests are mobile compatible
  • Creating long Discussion Board, Blog, Wiki and Journal posts

To connect: Search for “Wentworth Institute of Technology” when you first launch the app. Login with your Wentworth Blackboard username and password.

Configure Push Notifications to allow Blackboard to notify you when changes occur in your courses.

Blackboard Upgrade for Fall 2014

The weekend of August 23-24,2014 our Blackboard system will be upgraded to Service Pack 14. The upgrade will begin at midnight on the 23rd and we expect completion of the initial work by noon the same day. During the upgrade the system will be unavailable to all users. After the upgrade, Learning Innovation & Technology (LIT) staff will test the system.

Why did we choose this time to upgrade Blackboard?
The weekend of August 23rd was selected for upgrading the system after consulting with the Learning Innovation & Technology Advisory Committee. Summer 2014 courses are due by noon on Monday, August 18th, and a timeframe during that week was considered. However, there might be cases where grades would be submitted later and continued access to Blackboard might be necessary such as for compiling course binders. The committee advised us that it would be unlikely that many faculty would access the system over the weekend after grades were due.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting some of the new features available in the new version of Blackboard.

Bb Learn_Email Header

Spring 2014 Courses Have Moved…

Spring 2014 courses have been moved to the new Blackboard system. We are doing some final double-checking and confirmation to ensure they all moved over correctly and will be closing out the old Blackboard system soon.

Please continue to work with your courses in the new Blackboard environment at

Please visit our Blackboard Online Support Center or call the DTS Helpdesk at 617-989-4500 if you need any further assistance with Blackboard.

Summer 2014 Course Migration Timeline

Beginning Monday April 21, 2014, we will be migrating all Summer 2014 courses to a new Wentworth Blackboard environment. Your summer courses will be available to you starting April 28th.

How to Prepare:

  • We encourage faculty to develop their courses as much as possible before April 21st.
  • During this period, you can continue to gather materials for your course and save them to your computer such as articles and syllabi in Microsoft Word files. Download this document that will help you outline and organize your files during this transition.
  • Faculty can resume summer course development in Wentworth’s Blackboard system on April 28th.

Spring Courses Not Impacted by Bb Move

Beginning April 21st, summer 2014 courses will move to our new Blackboard system.  Spring 2014 courses will not be affected by this move, and the recording of final grades will not be impacted. Spring courses will be available in the current Blackboard environment until mid-May. After that they will be moved to the new system.


Please visit for detailed project information and the Blackboard Blog for additional updates.


Summer Course Shells Available in Blackboard

Bb Learn LogoSummer course shells are now available to all faculty.  Take this opportunity to begin your summer course development. Any development that you do during this period will automatically be uploaded to the new Blackboard system.  LIT staff are available to help during your davelopment.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

UPDATED: Blackboard Maintenance Wednesday March 26, 12:00am-6:00am

[UPDATED] On Wednesday March 26, 2014, Blackboard Learn will be undergoing a maintenance update from 12:00am-6:00am. This is part of the weekly servicing and maintenance window held every Wednesday morning, but will be extended on this day. During this time, Blackboard Learn may not be available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Blackboard Maintenance Wednesday March 12, 2014; 4:00am-7:00am

On Wednesday March 12, 2014, Blackboard Learn will be undergoing a maintenance update from 4:00am-7:00am. While Blackboard will remain online during most of this servicing window, connectivity to Blackboard may be spotty during this time. Please contact the help desk if you experience any other issues.

Internet Explorer 11 Issues

For instructors (and others using the Edit Mode in Blackboard courses), you are likely to experience problems with Internet Explorer 11 running on the Windows 7 operating system if your computer is running the Microsoft Cumulative Security Update (MS12-010) released on or about Feb 11.  This update has the effect of causing Internet Explorer 11 to crash as users (such as instructors) click to enter courses in which Edit Mode is enabled.  (This issue should not impact students since students do not have editing privileges in courses.)