Blackboard Performance Issues

Over the past few weeks Blackboard Learn has experienced several performance problems. While there is never a good time for issues to occur, the start of a semester is the worst time!  We partner with UMass Online (UMOL) for our Blackboard service. UMOL has been working diligently with Blackboard to assess the system, troubleshoot, and resolve problems and issues.

We apologize for the negative impact these performance problems have on your classes. If you are having trouble accessing Bb Learn or are experiencing slowness:

• Try logging out and in again – this may alter the server node you’re accessing Bb Learn through and may resolve the performance issue

• Open a Helpdesk ticket with Blackboard Online Support Center and provide a detailed explanation of the issue, this will help us problem solve

• Save often in case you are doing work and the system goes down

We consider this to be a mission critical system and appreciate your patience. We also ask you to be flexible with students as we continue working with UMOL to resolve the problems that are causing system instability.

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