Testing going well!

Testing of the upgraded Blackboard system has been overwhelmingly positive. The only problem noted is that item tracking reports within courses are reporting no hits when student users have access the items. If you are unfamiliar with tracking reports – Blackboard allows instructors to track how often and when students access individual content items in courses. The tracking reports should reflect how many hits an item receives and by whom.

Other reports in courses appear to run correctly. The only affected reports are the tracking reports for individual items, and course activity (only item level activity seems affected) and user reports (again item level activity is affected).

We are opening a case with Blackboard to have the issue fully investigated and hopefully resolved before classes start.

We will continue to test throughout the weekend and into next week to ensure we catch any problems and can have them resolved before classes start.

At this point, we feel confident that it is safe to begin adding content to fall term courses.


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