Final Update on Upgrade Testing

Everything in Blackboard looks OK.

The anomalies observed in the item tracking statistics may not be a error, but could be the system functioning as designed. When running the same reports today, there were statistics from yesterday, suggesting that the reporting tables may be refreshed once per day rather than as activity occurs. We have a case open with Blackboard to investigate our observations and have posed the question as to when we should see activity in the item tracking reports.

We’ve tested across multiple browsers and operating systems and are confident that the system is operating correctly. Please report any errors or unexpected behaviors.

Please note: the grading workflows for a number of items has changed and sometimes finding an associated rubric is not obvious. We are offering a “What’s new in Blackboard” session on September 5th during Opening Days to spread the word about changes. As always, don’t hesitate to contact any of the members of the Learning, Innovation and Technology team with questions and concerns.

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