What’s New in the Upgraded Blackboard?

The beginning of any new school year brings many changes. This year brings a change in our LMS, Blackboard. This past weekend we upgraded to a recent release to gain some additional features and improvements.

One of the more anticipated enhancements is the Student View building block. This add-on creates a button on the top of the content screen that instructors can use to see the course as their students will see it. Unlike toggling the edit mode button off, when in Student View instructors can see and interact with every aspect of their course in the role of a student. The tool creates an account that is enrolled in your course as a student. Since there is an actual student account any submissions are recorded. You can see, for example, how the test grades specific responses to partial credit questions.

Group management is enhanced with an “All Users” screen which lists the group membership of each individual enrolled in the course. This enhancement allows more efficient assignment of students to groups. In addition, when you create groups, you will have an option to create a Grade Center Smart View at the same time.

Date Management is a new tool that allows you to adjust dates associated with content items copied from a previous course, all at once. Once the system shifts the dates, you will see and be able to validate the new dates all from a single page.

Grading functionality is improved with the expansion of inline grading to Wikis, Blogs, Journals and Discussion Boards. Workflows for tests have been improved with the shift of “Score Attempts Using” to the Test Options page.

My Grades for students has been update with options to reorder scores by due date, last activity, or Grade Center alignment. The interface has been improved to provide more information in the same window. Instructor feedback is now inline reducing the number of clicks needed to get a complete picture of performance on individual items.

To read more about the enhancements in the upgraded Blackboard check out the Upgrade page on our website.

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