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{14 Jun}

Meal Plan vs. Fenway Cash

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Commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan, but are welcome to do so if they wish. Most studends living off campus choose to use Fenway Cash instead. What’s the difference? Read more about each option below.


Fenway Cash

Fenway Cash works like a pre-loaded debit card. Monies deposited in the Fenway Cash account can be used in the bookstore, vending machines, any of the Colleges of the Fenway cafeterias and many off campus businesses.

Students may open a Fenway Cash account by making a deposit of at least $20.00 to their Fenway Card. Fenway Cash can be used for purchases in the bookstore, laundry room, the convenience store, some vending machines, as well as in all six of the Colleges of the Fenway cafeterias and at many off campus businesses.  Balances remaining in this account may be withdrawn at anytime.

Students may open a Fenway Cash account in one of the following ways:



1-877-COF-8340 (1-877-263-8340)
Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 p.m. EST

Fenway Card Center, P.O. Box 1305, Doylestown, PA 18901-0117


Meal Plan

A meal plan is a contract. Money is downloaded onto your ID card. Then, use your Fenway Card to pay for your meals. Just present your card to the cashier. Your account will be charged accordingly and your remaining balance will show on the cash register. Meal plan contracts vary and have different costs.  There are three plans to choose from $1160 plan, a $600 plan, or a $300 plan per semester. Meal plan dollars may be used at Beatty Cafe, the convenience store, Massachusetts College of Art cafeteria, and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences coffee shop.

Meal plan money which is left over at the end of the Fall semester is carried over to the Spring semester. Meal plan money which is left over at the end of the Spring semester may not be carried over to the Summer semester. Meal plan dollars are not refundable. Based upon our experience, considering missed meals, weekends away from campus, etc., the full meal plan is sufficient for the average student. If you visit campus every weekend, eat every meal, or are a large eater, you may run out of dollars as you near the end of the semester. Additional funds may be deposited.


Fenway Cash provides the most flexibility and can always be withdrawn if funds are unused (unlike the meal plan which is a contracted amount). If you have any questions, contact the Student Service Center directly at 617.989.4020.



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