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The MBTA has passed the most recent proposal to increase fares starting July 1st, 2014. The 5% increase in cost will affect the price of discounted t-passes for college students this upcoming Fall 2014 semester. You may view the one-page proposal summary here.

The cost of a semester t-pass for Fall 2014 will increase slightly. Wentworth is committed to providing students with a discount of 15% off the semester pass. Most students purchase a LINK Pass which includes unlimited access to all subway lines (green, blue, red, orange) and local bus routes. The LINK Pass will be priced at $255* for the fall semester (less than $64/month).

Should I buy a semester t-pass? Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if the semester t-pass is right for you?

  1. How often will I be taking the T? If you plan on riding the T at least 4 days each week then you should purchase the unlimited semester pass. Only planning on taking the T a few times each week or only on the weekends? Consider loading money on to a Charlie Card instead as each ride costs less when purchased with a Charlie Card instead of using cash on board.
  2. Do you live on campus? If you live on campus or within in walking distance of campus you may not need a t-pass as you can walk to most places including the grocery store, movie theater, campus buildings and offices and local restaurants. Having a semester Charlie Card is convenient but not required unless you have other responsibilities off-campus (ex: off-campus job, activities, friends at other colleges, etc.).


For more information on t-pass sales, deadlines and FAQs, please visit our website at www.wit.edu/student-life/commuters.

*Pricing will be finalized June 1st, 2014

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