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The t-pass deadline is serious, for real, no joke, set in stone, etc! If you miss the deadline, it’s time to start researching how you can create the most cost-effective commute for you.

Here are a some ideas:

  • Consider all types of transportation when you first start your research:
    • Driving to campus (you can still buy a parking pass through Wentworth)
    • Consider finding a Carpool Buddy at www.tinyurl.com/wentworthcarpool. Contact someone on the list to see what’s possible for the Fall.
    • Research both public and private transportation. This includes the MBTA (bus, subway, commuter rail) as well as Amtrak, express buses and town shuttles to stations.
    • MBTA LINK Passes get you pretty far outside the city. Maybe you could get a ride to the station at the end of the line? Or take a bus to the subway station?
  • Crunch the numbers! Find out how much each past will cost each month and for the entire semester.
  • Consider which commute is the most convenient to your class and work schedules. Some trains and buses have limited hours in the evenings.
  • Maybe a hybrid or combination of multiple transit options would work? Does it make sense to take a different route on Mondays?
  • Google, Facebook and look into how others are commuting to Boston from your home location. “How to commute from Franklin, MA to Boston, MA.” You may find something you had not considered before.


  1. It is often best to purchase monthly passes for September, October and November through the MBTA by visiting a station kiosk, Charlie Card store at Downtown Crossing, or by ordering online. December is a short month of final exams, so you may only need to commute to campus a few days making weekly or individual passes more cost-effective.
  2. Don’t miss the next t-pass deadline for the spring semester! T-passes go on sale at the Info Hub in November. The deadline will be during finals week in December.

Never hesitate to stop by Beatty 013 with questions or concerns! 😀

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