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{12 Jun}

Discount T-Passes: Fall 2012

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It’s time to start planning your commute for Fall 2012! Recently the MBTA made changes to both fares and services. These changes will go into effect on July 1st, 2012. The changes include scheduling changes, eliminated services/routes and increased fares.

Wentworth is contributing to the student discount this year to help off-set the fare increase. This year, students that prepay for a discounted semester t-pass will receive 15% off the MBTA fare. Prices can be found on the order form here. We accept payment by credit/debit card, Fenway cash or by personal check. No cash will be accepted.

Order a t-pass by:

  • Visiting the Office of Commuter Student Programs, 013 Flanagan Campus Center in Beatty Hall (M-F, 8am-5pm)
  • Sending a check to Commuter Student Programs, 550 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115 (all checks should be made out to Wentworth Insititute of Technology).
  • Calling Mallory Pernaa, Coordinator of Commuter Student Programs, directly at 617.989.4487.

We will begin accepting orders on July 11th. Payments and order forms are due no later than August 3rd, 2012. Email commuter@wit.edu with any questions.

This Personal Message went out to the entire Institute this morning (5/22/2012). Please note the new locations below. Also, quiet classrooms continue to be available in Dobbs 203 and Willson 103.


“Due to the construction activity in Beatty Hall many offices and classrooms have moved to temporary locations until early-mid June. Below is a list of offices, services and classes that have been moved and where their new locations are on campus:

·        Alumni Library: Now located in Trailer 102 (TR 102) in front of Wentworth Hall. This location has three scanners, an iMac with AutoCAD, and the reserves materials. If you need a book or a journal- simply give the circulation staff the call numbers or journal citation information; the library staff will retrieve the materials for you.

Main Library Number: 617-989-4040

Main Number:  617-989-4040
Text a librarian: 617-600-5989
Fax: 617-989-4091


·        The Learning Center: Now located in TR 102. All tutoring will take place in our new location until further notice. This includes all appointments, Math 620 Weekly Study Group and Math drop in hours.

To make an appointment, please go to: http://wit.edu/academics/resource/


·        DTS Help Desk: Now located in the Casella Gallery on the first floor in Annex Central. The Print Center will remain open in Beatty Hall for all printing and plotting needs.

o   helpdesk@wit.edu

o   617.989.4500

o   www.wit.edu/dts

o   twitter.com/dtsatwit


·        Humanities and Management Faculty Offices: Now located in various locations on campus for a detailed list go to http://blogs.wit.edu/flanagan-campus-center/. For specific office hours and availability, please contact your professor directly.

·        CPCE Classes: The following classes have been moved to Annex Central 210

o   TCAD-01, AutoCAD

o   CCEV115-71, Construction Graphics

o   CMGT420-91, Construction Project Scheduling

o   COMP120-51, Computer Science Using C


·        All other Classes: For a detailed list of classes and where they are now located go to http://blogs.wit.edu/flanagan-campus-center/.

Beatty Hall and the Flanagan Campus Center will remain open during the construction. The following classrooms have been reserved to provide quiet space to study and work:

·        Dobbs 203, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5pm

·        Wilson 103, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

·        Watson Auditorium, Wednesdays, 8 am – 5 pm

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Peter Gugliotta at 4782.  Thank you.”


You can also email commuter@wit.edu with any questions or concerns.

Due to the noise from construction, many offices in Beatty and the Flanagan Campus Center will have temporary locations until early-mid June. Below is a list of offices and services that have moved and where their temporary location will be.

  • Alumni Library – Staff and some resources have been moved to the trailers outside Wentworth Hall. If you need access to books or library staff, they will be available at the trailers.
  • The Learning Center – Staff and tutors will also be in the trailers outside Wentworth Hall.
  • DTS Help Desk – TBD. Call or visit the Help Desk on the 3rd floor for the most updated information. Help Desk can be reached at 617.989.4500.
  • Humannities/Faculty offices – Trailers outside Wentworth Hall. For specific offices hours and availability, please contact your professor directly. Visit www.wit.edu/directory for phone and email contact information.
  • New Student Programs – Heather Miller and Emily Smedick have moved to 610 Huntington Avenue.


Beatty Hall and the Flanagan Campus Center will remain open throughout construction but it will be noisy. As a reminder the following classroom have been reserved as quiet spaces to study and work:

  • Dobbs 203, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
  • Willson 103, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
  • Watson Auditorium, Wednesdays, 7:30am-5pm

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at pernaam@wit.edu.


-Mallory Pernaa, Coordinator of Commuter Student Programs

{14 May}

Escape the Noise

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Starting this week there will be jack hammering on the cafeteria floor upstairs. This means that there will be a lot of noise throughout the campus center, library, print lab and The Learning Center. Some of the offices and services will be re-locating temporarily, but the building (Beatty) will remain open. You will have full access to everything in the campus center, but we encourage you to wear ear protection or head phones during the loud drilling and jack hammering.

If you are looking for somewhere quiet to relax, study, read or meet up with a study group. Please utilize the following spaces that have been reserved:

  • Willson 103, 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday (available May 14-June 21st).
  • Dobbs 203, 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday (available May 14-August 14th)
  • Watson Auditorium, Wednesdays, 7:30am-5pm.

Questions or concerns? Email commuter@wit.edu

Construction continues through the summer semester with the cafeteria being completely renovated. On Tuesday, April 24th, the cafe will close at 2pm for the summer due to renovations.

For your convenience during renovations, the following locations will be open to all students, faculty and staff:

  • C-Store, Monday – Friday 11am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 2pm to 6pm.
  • Annex 102, opening on May 9th, (accepting cash and meal plans only, no fenway cashFor quick grab n’ go items. Monday – Friday, 7:30am to 10:30am,  (breakfast items, such as coffee, donuts, muffins)Monday – Friday, 11am to 2pm,   (lunch items, such as pre-made salads and sandwiches)
  • The Dining Commons (MassArt) Monday – Thursday 7:30am to 8:30pm, Friday 7:30am to 6:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6:30pm. **Summer Hours beginning on May 18th, Monday – Thursday 7am to 7pm, Friday and Saturday 7am to 2pm
  • Peet’s (MassArt), Monday – Friday 7am to 3pm
  • Crossroads (Mass College of Pharmacy), Monday – Friday 7:30am  to 10:15am

Please look for the new Beatty cafeteria to re-open sometime late August.

Also– you can find nearby restaurants that accept Fenway Cash here: http://fenwaycard.com/acceptinglocations.htm. Looking to bring your lunch to campus? Commuter Student Programs has insulated lunch bags for commuters. Visit 013 Flanagan  Campus Center in Beatty Hall to pick one up.


{20 Apr}

Can I Keep My Locker?

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The short answer is YES! You can keep your current locker throughout the summer semester and next year. Here’s how:

  1. Your current locker lease is good until August 14th, 2012.
  2. If you would like to keep your locker after August 14th, 2012, you must reply to the email from Mallory Pernaa, Coordinator of Commuter Student Programs before August 14th.
  3. Mallory will send an email to everyone that has a locker in July. You must reply to this email to keep your locker. Three emails will go out in case you miss them. Don’t forget to check your email throughout the summer.
  4. When you reply back to the email, Mallory will respond confirming that you have the same locker/lock for next year (Fall 2012-Summer2013).
  5. If you do not respond to any of the emails, your locker will be reclaimed and assigned to another student.
Questions? Email commuter@wit.edu or Mallory Pernaa at pernaam@wit.edu.

{19 Apr}

Summer Semester 2012

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Will you be on campus this summer? Here are the hours of the Flanagan Campus Center for the summer semester starting Monday, May 7th.

  • Monday-Friday: 6am-8pm
  • Saturday: 10am-6pm
  • Sunday: Noon-8pm

The library, Schumann Fitness Center, Info Hub desk and all public spaces will be available for use during these hours. Student Leadership Programs, New Student Programs and Commuter Student Programs will still keep their regular office hours (8:15am-4:45pm).


Below is what you can expect to see in the ground level of the new Flanagan Campus Center when you return from spring break!

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday, 6am-11pm; Fridays, 6am-9pm; Saturdays, 8am-6pm; Sundays, 11am-10pm.

Accessibility and Entrance Into Campus Center. You can access Beatty Hall/Flanagan Campus Center from:

  • The rear of the building, giving access to the handicap ramp, elevator, ground, 1st/cafeteria, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors.
  • The West Lot side, giving access to stairs to ground, 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors. (Note: 1st floor/cafeteria cannot be accessed).
  • The Tansey side, providing access to stairs to the cafeteria, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors.

Each entrance will have signage regarding time and floor restrictions. Please familiarize yourself with this information.

The Fitness Center. Located on the lower level of the Flanagan Campus Center, the 3,000 square food fitness center offers students, faculty, and staff a wide range of the best cardiovascular and strength equipment available. Whether you are new to the fitness center, or a regular, you can enjoy the wide variety of programs ( including group exercise classes) and services (day-use locker rooms and showers). The Fitness Center is open over 100 hours each week for your convenience.

Fitness Center Hours: Monday-Thursday, 6am-11pm; Friday, 6am-9pm; Saturday, 9am-6pm and Sunday, 11am-9pm

Commuter Student Programs. Commuter student programs seeks to provide programs and services to support and enhance the commuter student experience. Commuter Student Programs i located in 013 Flanagan Campus Center. Stop by to learn about upcoming opportunities on campus, ask questions about your t-pass, or share feedback on your commuter experience at Wentworth.

Commuter Student Lockers. Looking to upgrade from your current location to a locker in the Flanagan Campus Center? Email commuter@wit.edu with a request to upgrade and provide your current locker assignment. You will receive an email confirmation when a locker becomes available. The Information Booth will also be able to answer any questions regarding lockers.

Dining Options. Please pardon our appearance during renovations; we are open for business as usual. Beatty CAfeteria is open: Monday-Thursday, 7am-7pm; Friday, 7am-2pm. Weekend dining for the Spring 2012 semester is at the MassArt Cafeteria which is open: Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-8:30pm; Firday, 7:30am-6:30pm; Saturday-Sunday, 10am-6:30pm.

The Bookstore. As construction continues, the temporary location for the Wentworth Bookstore will be in Beatty Hall room 401. The Bookstore is fully operational and you can still get all of your books, supplies, and Wentworth gear. Remember, it is always more convenient to order your books online at www.wit.bkstr.com.

Info Hub. The information book, Info Hub, is your one stop for purchasing discounted tickets, picking up your t-pass, checking out pool balls, and finding out information about what’s happening on campus. Tickets once purchased in Student Leadership Programs can now be purchased at the Info Hub. Info Hub hours are the same as the Campus Center hours.

Offices: Student Leadership Programs, New Student Programs. Student Leadership Programs & New Student Programs are both relocating to the ground floor of the Campus Center. Utilize Student Leadership Programs to find out about student organizations and leadership opportunities. Discounted ticket sales have moved to the Info Hub. New Student Programs fully integrate new students into the Wentworth community. Both offices are open from 8:15am-4:45pm, Monday-Friday.

Pool Hall. The Pool Hall contains two pool tables, comfortable seating, high-top tables & stools, and two large televisions. This is an ideal spot to socialize and shoot pool. Students may check out pool balls from the Info Hub free of charge.

WIRE Studio and Student Organization Office. Wentworth Internet Radio Experience’s (WIRE) studio is located directly behind the Info Hub. A view window allows you to watch DJs as they host their shows. Listen to WIRE online at wire.wit.edu. All student organizations now have a shared office. Storage, supplies, tables that can be configured to fit the need of the group are all found in this space. This spot is idea for office hours, e-board meetings, working on publicity, and collaborating on events.

Breakout Rooms and Pavilion Seating. Four breakout rooms with TV monitors, comfortable sectional furniture, and collaborative spaces were designed with the Wentworth student in mind. They are perfect for study groups, socialize with friends, eating, relaxing, or just collecting your thoughts before your next class. Pavilion seating affords a panoramic view of campus and offers a variety of comfortable seating options to meet your needs.

Reservable Meeting Rooms. Two 8-person meeting rooms and one 12-person meeting room are available to be reserved for student organizations and Wentworth departments. When not in use, students may use the rooms for studying.

Intercultural Center and Meditation Room. The Intercultural Center and Meditation Room are two separate spaces. The Intercultural Center hosts diversity and inclusion programs and serves as the location for cultural club meetings and gatherings. The Meditation Room is a quiet space for students to pray, reflect and meditate. It is open to studnets of any religious or spiritual background. Foot sink, prayer rugs and meditation cushions are available for student use.

Questions? Email commuter@wit.edu or visit us in the Flanagan Campus Center in office 013!

Flanagan Campus Center will have new lockers available for commuter students! We would like to give current students with lockers the opportunity to upgrade your locker by switching to a new locker centrally located in the Flanagan Campus Center.

Interested in upgrading?

Email commuter@wit.edu with the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • WNumber
  • Current Locker Location

You will receive a response within 48 hours confirming your placement on the locker upgrade list. The new lockers will be available on a first-come, first served basis. New lockers will be distributed during the week of March 12th, 2012. Distribution will require signing a new locker lease and receiving a new lock/combination. Please contact commuter@wit.edu with any questions.

It’s been hard to find quiet spaces on campus with construction noise reverberating through Beatty. Watson has been offline but it will become available again at the end of February.

Below are the locations we have reserved for Commuter Study Space. We hope this helps you plan your time on campus. Remember, midterm grades are posted in just 2 weeks!


  • Monday, February 20th 8am-2pm Admissions Conference Room (Williston 113)
  • Wednesday, February 22nd 12pm-5pm Wentworth 212
  • Friday, February 24th 8am-2pm Admissions Conference Room (Williston 113)
  • Wednesday, February 29th 10am-4pm Watson Auditorium
  • Wednesday, March 14th 10am-4pm Watson Auditorium
  • Wednesday, March 21st 10am-4pm Watson Auditorium
  • Wednesday, March 28th 10am-4pm Watson Auditorium

Questions? Email commuter@wit.edu. Visit www.wit.edu/campus-life/commuters for more information on campus resources.