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I can’t believe it’s already February! Midterms will be here for you know it, so it’s never to early to start studying and being productive during your time on campus each day. Below are the spring schedules for Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs) and the updated Commuter Study Space location/time while Watson Auditorium is offline.



  • Computer Science, Wednesdays, 4:30pm-6:30pm, Wentworth 209
  • Physical Science, Thursdays, 4pm-7pm, Wentworth 314
  • Math, Thursdays, 3:30pm-6:30pm, Dobbs 302
  • Circuit Theory, Tuesdays, 4pm-7pm, Wentworth 312


  • Friday, February 3rd, 8am-4pm
  • Wednesday, February 8th, 11am-6pm
  • Wednesday, February 15th, 11am-6pm
  • Friday, February 17th, 8am-2pm
  • Monday, February 20th, 8am-2pm
  • Tuesday, February 21st, 2pm-5pm
  • Friday, February 24th, 8am-2pm

Questions or concerns? Email commuter@wit.edu or stop by our office in 418 Beatty. More information? Visit our website: www.wit.edu/campus-life/commuters


You can download Wentworth’s free app for your phone! Access tons of information including:

  • Public Safety phone number – request an escort, report criminal activity, etc.
  • Check your grades and schedule
  • Daily cafeteria menu
  • Contact DTS with any technical issues.
  • Campus map
  • Athletics schedule
  • And much more!

Find out more about the Wentworth app here. Questions? Contact helpdesk@wit.edu.

As you prepare for winter break, check this list to make sure your apartment is safe and secure, and that you don’t get a message from your landlord wondering where the rent check is.
  • Rent is still due on time.  It doesn’t matter if you and your roommates won’t be around, the rent is still due and it must be paid. If no one will be present, contact your landlord to see if you can pay the rent early (and make sure you get a receipt!) or plan to mail the check.
  • Break-ins are more likely when no one is home.See below for some great tips on how to secure your apartment and deter burglars.
  • Contact the postal service to have your mail, newspapers and magazines held to prevent an overflowing mailbox, and the appearance that no one is home.
  • Did you decorate? Great! Just make sure to unplug all those holiday lights before you leave, especially those on Christmas trees or other holiday decorations to prevent fires.
  • Unplugging appliances and power cords from wall outlets reduces the use of electricity and the chance of an electrical fire.Frozen pipes can be an issue if the temperature drops and faucets are not in use. Keep heat on a low setting and close all windows before you leave.
Holiday Season Safety Tips

Here are some helpful hints to ensure a safe and secure holiday season:

In your apartment: Use riser restrictors on windows, secure your apartment when you leave, even for a few minutes.Don’t leave valuables in plain view.

When on vacation: Set timers for interior lights, and arrange for snow to be shoveled. If no one is clearly home, your apartment is more likely to be broken into.

While out: carry your wallet or purse close/in a front pocket. Don’t hang your purse over the back of a chair. When using ATMs or conducting other credit/debit transactions, guard against people accessing your information. Park in well lit areas, secure/hide items in vehicles.

Be proactive: create an inventory of personal property.  Take photos and record serial numbers. Consider engraving your driver’s license number and state abbreviation on items, Contact Public Safety at 617.989.4444 for any emergencies.

Have a question? Email commuter@wit.edu.


Student leader positions on campus include Resident Assistants, Commuter Assistants, Orientaton Leaders, Team Leaders, PEAK Members, Admissions Representatives, and Career Peers.

To find out more information on how to apply to be a student leader visit our website at www.wit.edu/slp/leadership or visit our upcoming information sessions listed below.

Upcoming Student Leader Selection Info Sessions!

Day Date Time Location
Tuesday 11/29/11 5pm Beatty 426
Wednesday 11/30/11 7pm 610 Lobby
Thursday 12/8/11 5pm EWT Auditorium
Thursday 1/12/12 4pm Beatty 426
Wednesday 1/18/12 6pm 610 Lobby


Questions? Email commuter@wit.edu.

Additional Open Houses have been added. Commuters can visit offices around campus on November 1st-4th for FREE snacks and more information on the resources in each office.

Visit www.wit.edu/campus-life/commuters for the updated schedule!

{18 Oct}

Open Houses

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We are working hard to connect commuter students to campus resources. So what’s next? We have two Open Houses coming up for commuter students to come check out, ask some questions, meet other students and enjoy some food too.

Open Houses

  • November 1st, 5pm- The Learning Center, Beatty 402. Join us at The Learning Center in 402 Beatty. The Learning Center offers ample study space, study resources and tools, and tutors to help you succeed in every class. Join us at 5pm to for some food and drinks while you explore all The Learning Center has to offer. Finals are just around the corner, so why wait?
  • November 2nd, Noon – The Center for Community & Learning Partnerships, 553 Huntington Avenue. Visit the Center between Noon and 2pm on Wednesday, November 2nd to learn more about their community service programs including: Service Days, Alternative Spring Break, Facilitated Study Groups, Community Work Study and much more. The Center for Community & Learning Partnerships connects students to service opportunities near campus. Pizza and refreshments will be served.
Both of these Open Houses provide great resources for Wentworth Students. Questions? Email commuter@wit.edu. We hope to see you soon!

Have you registered for Family Weekend yet? This weekend, October 14-16th, Wentworth will have many fun (and FREE) events for your family to enjoy! Visit www.wit.edu/familyweekend for a full schedule of events, discount ticket information and the registration form!

Family Weekend includes fun for everyone! Don’t miss out – it only happens once a year! If you have any questions, email commuter@wit.edu.

Commuter Connection is a fun activity for commuter students every Thursday in the Alumni Room (2nd floor of Tansey Gym). The time of the event alternates – 10am one week, and 2pm the next week. Check the website for the time at www.wit.edu/campus-life/commuters. 

October Commuter Connection Events:

Thursday, Oct. 6th – 2-3:30pm, Alumni Room – “Relaxation & Wellness” – Join us for free tea and healthy snacks. There will be massage chairs and information on wellness services on campus.

Thursday, Oct. 13th – 10-11:30am, Alumni Room – “Movie Trivia” – FREE popcorn and movie trivia. The student with the most points will receive 2 free movie tickets to the theater of their choice!

Thursday, Oct. 20th – 2-3:30pm, Alumni Room – “Angry Birds Competition” – Have you mastered Angry Birds on your phone? Do you have what it takes to win? Compete head to head with other commuter students in rounds of Angry Birds! The winner receives a $25 Best Buy gift card!

Thursday, Oct. 27th – 10-11:30am, Alumni Room – “Scavenger Hunt” – Stop by the Alumni Room to grab directions on the Commuter Scavenger Hunt! The first 5 students to complete the scavenger hunt receive a Dunkin Donuts gift card!


We have a lot of fun planned! If you have a question about the upcoming Commuter Connections, email commuter@wit.edu.

Commuter Study Space originally occurred every Wednesday from 11am-2pm in Watson Auditorium. This space proved to be valuable to many commuter students and now we have permission to use Watson Auditorium multiple times throughout the week when it’s not in use for another event.

With midterms just around the corner, this is wonderful news for those looking for quiet place to relax, read, study and meet up with study group or lab partners.

The big question: How do you know when Commuter Study Space is open each day? Here are a few ways to stay updated on the schedule as it changes every week:

  1. Join the open Facebook Group: Commuters at Wentworth Institute of Technology. https://www.facebook.com/groups/73013726689/
  2. Check our website! Commuter Student Programs – www.wit.edu/campus-life/commuters
  3. Email us! commuter@wit.edu
  4. Stop by! Swing by Watson between 8am-5pm (Mon-Fri). If Commuter Study Space is open the door  to Watson Auditorium will be open with a sign reading “Commuter Study Space”, a sign-in sheet will be available at the front table, and information on Facilitated Study Groups/The Learning Center/Commuter Programs will be on the front table too.
What does the space have?
  • Tables and chairs – Seating for over 50 students.
  • Outlets to plug in your laptop
  • Quiet – Away from the construction and distractions outside.
  • Study materials – Information on The Learning Center and Facilitated Study Groups.
  • Wireless Internet – The signal for WIT-SECURE is strong from Watson Auditorium.
If you have questions or concerns, email commuter@wit.edu.



Many commuters have asked, “How to I meet residential students?” and “How do I know when clubs meet on campus?” There are many ways to get involved at Wentworth. Below are some tips on how to find out what’s going on around campus!

How to find involvement opportunities:

  • Read the Campus Update email that you receive in your Wentworth email every Sunday. This email lists all events occurring on campus during the week including music performances, day time activities, club meetings, academic showcases and discounted ticket sales.
  • Check the bulletin boards. Every day more posters go up for events happening on campus. Fitness classes, club meetings, Colleges of the Fenway events? All of these can be found advertised around campus.
  • Visit the Office of Student Leadership Programs! Located in 418 Beatty the Office of Student Leadership Programs oversees all the student organizations on campus, coordinates free leadership development workshops and classes, plans student events on campus, has an open Intercultural Center that has information on all upcoming cultural events and meetings.


How to Meet Residential Students:

  • Get involved in student organizations. Visit www.wit.edu/slp for a list of current organizations. You can also start your own!
  • Spend time on campus and attend events. Instead of leaving campus after class, stick around and join some of the activities.
  • Weekends @WIT – Every Saturday at 9pm in Evans Way Tudbury auditorium there are free events open to all COF students with valid ID.
  • Join a study group. Facilitated Study Groups meet every week and The Learning Center has peer tutors and study groups that you can join.