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{20 Sep}

Study Resources on Campus

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The first two weeks went by quickly. The work load is picking up and projects, tests and midterms are rapidly approaching. Below are some study resources on campus that you can use to prepare for your upcoming tests.

The Learning Center/Peer Mentors

Utilize The Learning Center in 402 Beatty to get help with test preparation, writing, connect with a peer mentor, or learn more about ongoing study groups. Make an appointment by calling or stopping by their offices. If you are just looking for tables to use as study or group meeting space, you can drop in anytime during the office hours. http://www.wit.edu/academics/resource/


Facilitated Study Groups

Facilitated Study Groups (FSGs )are organized by the Center for Community & Learning Partnerships. Come enhance your classroom experience with Wentworth Professors and upperclassmen teaching fellows. FSGs are a great way to get help in class and better interact with the material you’re learning! Come in for extra help or if you want new problems to challenge you.

Fall 2011 FSG schedule:
Tuesdays-Circuit Theory II 4-6 p.m. in Wentworth Hall 312 with Professor Joe Santacroce. Wednesday-Physical Science 4-7 p.m. in DOBBS 302 with Professor Greg Sirokman. Thursdays-Math 3:30-6:30 in Wentworth Hall 312 with Professor Doug Urban. Fridays-Computer Science 3-5 in Wentworth Hall 314 with Professor Durga Suresh.

Places to Study on Campus

  • Library
  • Empty classrooms
  • Tent on the quad
  • Commuter Study Space, every Wednesday in Watson Auditorium (11am-2pm)
  • The Learning Center, Beatty 402
  • Intercultural Center, located in the Beatty 418 office suite.
  • Cafeteria during off peak hours can be quiet and is easily accessible.

{1 Sep}

Parking Pass FAQs

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Hi all — it’s time to buy your semester parking pass if you will be driving to campus. Below are some common FAQs and details on parking for you to consider.

How much is the parking pass?

$175 for the fall semester

$200 for the spring semester. (If you drive to campus Mon-Fri, this turns out to only be $2/day).

*Daily parking is available for $7/day if you just need to drive in a few days throughout the semester.

How do I purchase a parking pass?

You may purchase a parking pass online through LConnect or by visiting the Student Service Center (1st floor, Wentworth Hall). If you purchase a parking pass online you will need to print out and bring it to campus to obtain your parking pass.

Where can I park on campus?

Annex, Parker Street, and Sweeney parking lots are open to commuter students.

Are the parking lots secure?

We have Public Safety walk through the parking lots throughout the day. However, it is never safe to leave valuables out or leave your car unlocked. All valuables should be locked up in a trunk or glove box so they are out of sight.

Who should I contact about having an escort walk me to my car?

You can call Public Safety at x4400 any time to have a Public Safety Escort take you to your car safely. Please program Public Safety into your phone.

Other questions? Contact commuter@wit.edu .


Construction continues and you will notice big changes to Beatty. Now that the front entrances are removed we have three main entry/exit points. Details below.

West Lot Entrance – The West Lot entrance located on the Huntington Avenue side of the Beatty can be used to access everything you need: cafeteria, DTS, elevator, library, print lab, Student Leadership Programs, New Student Programs, Commuter Student Programs and faculty/staff offices.

Ward Street Entrance – Ward Street is located behind Beatty. This entrance includes handicap accessbility to the elevator, cafeteria, all offices, but lacks access to the library. The library can only be reached from the West Lot entrance.

Tansey Side Entrance – This entrance on the right side of the building is near Tansey Gym. This entrance can be used to go to all floors except for the library. This entrance is great for taking the stairs straight up or going into the cafeteria. For access to the library and elevator, it is best to use a different entrance.

This is a little confusing, so we have posted signs at each entrance listing where you can go from each door. Make sure to read the signs to save yourself time and a potential headache.



{24 Aug}

Find a job on campus!

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It’s never too early to start looking for a job on campus. Work-study positions fill up quickly and Leopard Work positions are few and far between. Follow the simple steps below.

Do some research! Check out the Student Service Center website for job postings at www.wit.edu/ssc. 

Contact the supervisor. Each position has a supervisor name and contact information listed. Contact this person or their main office to find out more about work study opportunities.

Consider your schedule. Make sure you only commit to the work-study hours that you sign up to work.Take into consideration your schedule, commuting time and traffic, homework/studying time, and social obligations. It is best to only work 2-4 hours each week and be a consistent and reliable employ than try to work too many hours and risk missing a shift.

Apply and Inquire. Most offices have a simple application and interview process. Make sure to ask questions about the kind of work you will be required to do and what a typical shift entails. This helps you know if this is the right job for you.

Complete the paperwork. Once you are hired (yipee!) you will need to go to the Student Service Center to setup payroll information, fill out tax forms, and accept your work-study reward via LConnect.

Get started now to find the positions and time schedules that are best for you!

The Fall 2011 semester is rapidly approaching. We have a lot of big changes happening on campus with construction and that means big changes for commuters as well.

I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Mallory Pernaa and I am the new Coordinator of Commuter Student Programs at Wentworth. What does this mean? I will be advocating for commuter students, coordinating commuter programming on campus, creating new spaces for commuters to hang out and socialize, and I’ll be available to answer any questions and update commuters about campus life.

Over the next two weeks before classes, I will provide updates on the following:

  • Beatty Hall / Flanagan Campus Center Construction
  • Commuter Programming
  • New places to relax on campus
  • Pool Hall and Fitness Center Info

Please check out our new commuter website at www.wit.edu/campus-life/commuters. Here you will find information on:

  • Transportation to campus
  • Commuter event calendar
  • Off-campus student resources
  • Public Safety escorts
  • Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter
Feel free to contact me with any questions at commuter@wit.edu. Have a great weekend!

Mallory Pernaa