Vision for Diversity

Wentworth respects and values all members of our campus community. Through our commitment to each other, we create an inclusive environment for learning and citizenship.

Mission of the Student Experience Diversity Committee

The Student Experience Diversity Committee promotes an environment where identity, beliefs and values are explored in an effort to create self-awareness and perspective taking. The committee recognizes and celebrates difference as an instrument for dialogue, compassion and education within a community that respects and values the full and equal inclusion of its members.

The Student Experience Diversity Committee (SEDC) is comprised of about 30 faculty, staff and students who look at diversity and inclusion issues campus wide.  We educate, celebrate and advocate!

The full committee meets monthly to hear updates from the subcommittees and to discuss or workshop current items.  Everyone is always welcome to attend these meetings.  Our sub-committees meet more regularly as this is where the action happens!  If you would like to more information about the sub-committees and their meeting times please email diversity@wit.edu.  Hope to see you at a meeting soon!