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Masters Film Fest

October 29, 2016 — Leave a comment

Hello again everyone,

I’m in architecture school, so why in the world am I talking about a film fest? Well, because in Wentworth’s grad program we use almost any and every method known to man to convey our ideas (of which there are plenty). For thesis, we’ve spent the past several weeks making iterations of drawings and models. But certain ideas just need a little … animation, hence the films. They’re only two minutes long, but that takes hours if not days of editing! I can show off the drawings I’m making into an  animation that I’m putting in the film or if you have two and a half minutes to spare, you can watch it on vimeo. I’m studying Ecological Urbanism and the interplay of the built and natural worlds; in my mind they’re the same, not two competing ideas. Hopefully that comes through in my film!

Also- it’s open house season! So anyone interested in seeing our amazing work in person should visit Wentworth October 30th, November 20th, or for just the MArch program, November 19th! I’ll of course be there giving tours and showing off everything my classmates and I do and hope we have a great turn out this year!Untitled-1psdThesis Frame_Chelsea Gazaille_ARCH9300_Prof. Aaron Weinert

How to Thesis

October 11, 2016 — Leave a comment

So…October…that means midterms are coming. Well in Architecture World we say “midcrits”. We don’t take exams in Architecture World. We don’t have to study formulas or memorize historical facts. We have to think. In Architecture World, you are judged not based on what you think but how you think.  How in-depth you think. How does your thinking affect that of others’? How does what you think matter in the grand scheme of things? How does what you think relate to what others think? How can you prove what you think? And this is the frustration of Architecture World; everyone thinks, so how do you know that what you are thinking is good enough? This is what Thesis Prep is for – to teach us how to convey what we think in words, graphics, and models. We have one Thesis Prep course for writing and one for designing/making. Marrying those two processes is how to thesis. Have you ever tried to draw a sentence? It even sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? “Draw a sentence.” Specifically in an architectural thesis, that sentence is a claim (a belief or an argument) and you have to prove that sentence with a design.

There are about 80 students in the Architecture Grad program doing just that. Each person has his/her own claim or belief that they have to argue and prove. I have to say – some of the stuff we come up with is out there, confusing, questionable, and nothing less than fascinating. This class is touching on all areas of the design spectrum; every idea from micro to macro scale; every question of the systematic and the ambiguous qualities of the built environment; every biophysical and ephemeral investigation. Within the room of the graduate studio, we have the most convoluted conglomeration of ideas. Check out this list of everyone’s topics! I’ve also included some examples of how I think, but, there is much more thinking to do.IMG_6467 IMG_6469 Gazaille_Chelsea_Weinert_Arch9300-03 Gazaille_Chelsea_Weinert_Arch9300-037