The Final Crit

December 9, 2016 — Leave a comment


I woke up this morning and said to my room mate, “I…I don’t know what to do with myself.” Because I could actually take this day off- which hasn’t happened in months, several months. Masters had their Final Crits yesterday. I think it’s safe to say that it’s the biggest day of the semester – it is a really big deal. Everyone is dressed up, freaking out, yelling at pieces of paper and computer screens, coffee cups galore, and some how everything everyone does ends up working out to turn white walls into pieces of art that represent 3 straight months of harder than hard work. So it really is amazing to see the work of 80 dedicated students all displayed at once, especially when we’re all tired and delirious so we’re all in awe thinking “How did we just pull this off?!” What makes Final Crit Day even better to tired, broke students is free food, with which the Architecture Department always comes through.

I’m happy to report that my own crit went really well – better than expected. In fact, most people seemed to be in good spirits at the end of the day. But, now I sit here really unsure of what to do with myself…

….Oh right! I have a whole thesis to execute!

Masters Studio night before final Crit. Aprox. 7pm

My Final Crit Wall. Aprox. 15′ wide x 7′ tall.



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