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March Madness

March 9, 2017 — Leave a comment

I guess they call March “Iteration Month.” Essentially this means “design, sketch, scratch, repeat.” My whole building has to be figured out in about two weeks, after that, no more designing. Pencils down. But until then, I am about to blow through several sheets of trace paper, several micron pens, and several coffee cups. This is a really frustrating month because everyone knows what their designs are, what they entail, what they look like, but no one else knows. Being able to express all the hoopla happening inside your head so that other people know you’re as amazing as you do is really difficult. Some people know what their entire building looks like based on one drawing. Some people see it in a perspective, some in section, some in a site plan; and when you try to turn that amazing section drawing into a plan, sometimes it gets lost in translation and you’re stuck sitting there wondering “How could it possibly work this bad in plan when it works so well in section?!” It’s a strange anomaly only known to designers.

So for the next few weeks my desk will look like this – notice the laptop with several drawings, the copious amounts of trace paper, a variety of pens, a microwave dinner, empty coffee can, and, of course, red bull. This was taken at about 9:00pm the day before a review.

Oh – and happy spring break!