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For anyone interested in what I’ve been up to after graduation, here’s where I’m at:

I work at Cube 3 Studio in Lawrence, MA as a Project Coordinator. I sometimes think that I’m always busy and there’s always a lot of work to do, then I remember how busy I was just a few months ago, and this doesn’t seem so bad! Being part of a project team is of course very different than doing everything myself and it’s amazing what six people can get done versus one! Cube 3 is full of a lot of people who work hard and play harder and I’m glad to be part of their team; though, I often miss the out-of-this-world creativity and imagination stretching I felt during school. So I started designing things on my own. I’ve always had an affair with graphic design and decided to feed more into that interest in the past couple of months by looking into designing and selling some artwork online. I use Society 6 to showcase some of my digital paintings and collages that I like to do in my down time (since I’m not used to having down time) which is a great creative outlet after racing the clock and battling with the computer all day at work.

To anyone who may be graduating soon or are unsure of their choices post-design school, I say that if you’re really not sure what to do, you can probably do almost anything and be at least content. Hopefully you’ll find a work environment that will feed you inspiration and you’ll figure out what you truly are looking for in the near future. I advise soon-to-be graduates not to stress too much about the issue of finding a job after school; even if you don’t like where you end up immediately, you can always take up a side gig like I did (though it’s mostly for fun). I’m still deciding on my “dream job”, but I think I’ll stick where I am for a while.

Please feel free to comment and question on this blog. I hope it’s been insightful and helpful to prospective and current students and anyone interested in the life of an M.Arch student at Wentworth. And if you are interested in my post-college blog you can find it here.

Of course, I’ve attached some images of the designs I’ve made in my down time. Thanks for reading!

Hey Hi Hello

September 9, 2016 — Leave a comment

Hello World!

This is my first blog post as an MArch student at WIT. First of all, thanks for reading! In case you were wondering, I’m writing this at 1:20 in the morning because this is the first moment of free time I’ve had all day; the coordinators of the MArch program here certainly know how to hit the ground running. Allow me to quickly summarize my to do list to give you a idea of what a semi-typical Grad student’s life is like:

-Thesis Prep // 3 discursive posters

-Studio-Paris // maps, photos, site analysis

-Design Entrepreneurship // try to remember whatever we did in class…

-start packing for Paris (study abroad studio)

-write a blog post

-Kickboxing Class // write & remember choreography

-wash my hair

Those are the major items and they all have a deadline of a few days (though perhaps the hair washing should happen sooner rather than later). So yes – I am a Graduate Architecture student who teaches kickboxing and is a Marketing Research Assistant to the Arch. Department and I love every second of it… well, most seconds. I’ve always loved school so this seems to be the perfect place right now and I’ve been eager to start Thesis work for several years. I’m headed in the direction of urban design / future development. I have included an image of one of my recent street analysis sketches. Though, as a seasoned design student, I know very well that what I have a few weeks from now will hardly resemble my current ideas. I guess we’ll see!

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