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Jump Start via Probe

January 18, 2017 — Leave a comment

Welcome to Spring Semester in the M.Arch Program!!

Thus begins the actual thesis work. Prep is over. Now we are DOING and MAKING! As per usual, we start the semester with a “hit the ground running” assignment called “the Probe”, as in  “probing” our ideas further than they’ve been before. The Probe is a large installation meant to poke, evoke, and experiment with an idea of our theses that is vital for carrying out the rest of the semester. Most of people’s work up until now has been in regular model, digital fabrication, and drawing methods. Myself – I’ve been working with photo montages to evoke a sense of passing time, which is pretty difficult to do successfully (just ask Marcel Duchamp). So I took this Probe assignment to tackle the idea of “time” in a new, large, 3D way. In the attached photos you can see mine; its the very white image with falling sticks intended to show the transformation of an object over an undetermined amount of “time”.

I have also attached some images of my friends’ Probes. I was actually involved in the photo shoot for my friend, Jim, who was experimenting with promoting social interaction through the use of ambiguous, theatrical toys – we had a lot of fun with that one. You can find all 80 of the photos on his flickr.

Also check out the WentworthArchitecture instagram to see more of the work within the whole department this Spring. We’re producing work at an astounding rate!

Probes in Progress Probe - Me Probe - Jim M. Probe - Sabine D. Probe - Matthew R. Probe - Nicole M. Probe - Jim M. Probe - Jon S.