Sophomore Year

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Hey everyone!

This is my last post as a sophomore–crazy, I know!

Looking back on the past year, I feel like I have learned so much through experiences in and out of the classroom. I thought I’d take sometime to talk about three of my favorite moments.


Women’s Institute for Leadership and Development was incredible. Working with such amazing women who want to enrich the Wentworth community with their ideas and passion was so great to work with. I believe we made huge strides this year that would not have been possible without the dedication of our members. This summer for three days in June, a few of us are going to the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders at the University of Maryland. I am so excited to go to workshops and seminars where we can network with other women who have similar goals as us. Hopefully, we can take what we learn and bring it back to our community.

Here is WILD's president, Seantel, winning the Outstanding Junior Leadership Award at the Wentworth Annual Awards ceremony! I am so proud of her and all that she has and continues to accomplish.

Here is WILD’s president, Seantel, winning the Outstanding Junior Leadership Award at the Wentworth Annual Awards ceremony! I am so proud of her and all that she has and continues to accomplish.

2. Alternative Spring Break

I know I already have an entire blog post about this, but I had to reiterate how great of a week I had! Community service is very important to me, so being able to take part in a week long trip helping another community was so rewarding. All of the different things we did were so enlightening and inspiring–I hope to do them again one day! Additionally, I was able to meet so many interesting people and make wonderful friends. Regardless of our busy schedules, we still make time for each other to catch up. The sense of community this trip brought is very, very special to me.

final asb

Here is the crew from ASB San Diego–so glad I got to spend a week with them taking in the California sun!

3. Friends!

Sophomore year has definitely been one of meeting so many new people. Through classes, clubs, and school trips, I have been able to meet so many great friends. This is truly what makes college as great as it is. Wentworth exposes you to people from all over the state, country, and world. There is always an opportunity to learn from them and to find similarities that bring you together. Being around motivated, hard working individuals makes the academic part that much more enjoyable. Exploring the city with them in our free time is even better! I definitely recommend taking advatange of getting to know as many people as you can. College is the best time to expand your horizons and step out of your comfort zone. If I hadn’t, I never would have met the people I now call friends.



Thank you for keeping up with my sophomore year! I hope to see you all next year. If you ever catch me on campus, feel free to stop me and say hi!

Have a wonderful summer!


Steel Bridge 2016

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Hello there!

I am really excited to share with you guys something I have gotten the chance to be a part of this year! As a Civil Engineering major, I wanted to become more involved in an extracurricular that pertained to what I was learning in class. As a school with a hands-on approach, I wanted to take what I learned in the Wentworth classrooms and apply it elsewhere. Joining Wentworth’s student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) was just the way to do that!

Through ASCE, I have met many upperclassmen who have given me invaluable guidance and advice; they have already been through what I am going through, so who else would know better! While attending the weekly body meetings was fun and a great start in getting to know people, I wanted to become even more involved so I joined the Steel Bridge Team. ASCE hosts two competitions a year. One is the Concrete Canoe Competition where students create a concrete mix, make a concrete canoe, and race their canoes on competition day in various events against different schools. The Steel Bridge Competition is similar. The first semester, the bridge is designed and drafted using various computer programs. Then second semester, it is manufactured and welded together, and the construction of it is practiced by a build team. The bridge is judged on various aspects including aesthetics, how much lateral load it can deflect, and how fast the build time is. Every year a new set of rules comes out in order to make this a challenging project. This year I helped in reviewing CAD shop drawings, creating a part list on Microsoft Excel, and being a part of the build team on competition day.

My favorite part was hands down being a part of the build team. Towards the ends of the semester we would have practices a few nights a week constructing the bridge as fast as we could. We came up with strategies that efficiently used each member of the team so that we could cut our time down. While we were all tired after long days of class and co-op, we always powered through. These practices were honestly my favorite part of the day. I’d come home to my suite mates and tell them about a new record build time or something funny one of the guys said. Between cracking jokes and getting out hands dirty, those practices made sophomore year as great as it was.

My incredible team! (L to R: Gavin, Pat, Pabel, Matt, me, and Lucky!)

My incredible team! (L to R: Gavin, Pat, Pabel, Matt, me, and Lucky!)

This year’s competition was co-hosted by Wentworth and Northeastern. The actual Steel Bridge Competition took place in Matthews Arena on Northeastern’s campus. We woke up bright and early for our 6am call where we were to load our bridge into the arena. Although we didn’t win this year, I have gained so much love and respect for my team and the Civil Engineering world. Students from all of the country passionately spend their free time on a yearlong project—it is quite something to witness. They work hard and tirelessly in order to create something extraordinary. Although I am sad to see my favorite seniors move on to the next chapter of their lives, I am sure I’ll see them again soon. Until then, I cannot wait to begin working on next year’s bridge as co-captain of the team! Hopefully some of your readers will join our team for another great year!

Here are some pictures!

Here is our bridge! Yellow, black, and red to represent the best school ever!

Here is our bridge! Yellow, black, and red to represent the best school ever!

The Matthews Arena where the competition took place!

The Matthews Arena where the competition took place!

Thanks for reading!

Hey guys!

As classes come to a close, finals are soon approaching. This is always a stressful time for many students. There are several last minute quizzes, tests, and due dates to stay on track of in order to finish strong. All the while, you are expected to begin getting ready for your final exams. To add onto that, after Spring Break, it is so easy to fall into “summer mode” where all you want to do is sit down, relax, and enjoy some good weather! Sounds like a lot to handle, right? Although there is a lot going on, it is very much possible to get through it – I swear! Here are some of my tips to stay focused and on track without completely stressing out!

1. Make a list!

With so much going on in a short amount of time, it is so easy to forget what needs to be done. I love making a list of absolutely everything I need to do. I keep track of important due dates on my Google Calendar, write all of my assignments down in my planner, and have a sticky note on my laptop of everything that must get done before I go to bed. Make sure you keep in mind what realistic goals are for you. Studying for a final on a semester’s worth of material AND writing an 8 page paper the night before most likely won’t be done with the same quality as if you spaced it out over a few days. So definitely practice those time management skills your high school teachers are drilling into your head—they will come in handy! Sometimes my lists seem daunting, but nothing quite compares to the satisfaction crossing things of my to-do list.

2. Stick to the list!

This is vital! Writing the list of things you need to do is only half the battle. Actually following through with them is what will lead to success. For me, I like doing my homework with my best friend and suitemate, Katie. We are both Civil Engineering majors so almost all of our classes overlap. Working with a buddy helps us stay motivated in order to power through a tough assignment or do an extra practice problem before a test. However, studying with other people doesn’t work for everyone; it can lead to distractions quickly. In order to avoid that, there are several spaces on campus where you can be alone to do your studying undisturbed.

3. Take a break!

All work and no play is an easy way to get burnt out. By spacing your work out with proper breaks, you are on the right track! Make sure you make time for hanging out with your friends, catching a movie, or just going on a walk around the Fens! I love Wentworth because our Spring Semester finals always fall during Marathon Monday so that we can take the morning off from studying to stand at the finish line for such an incredible event. It is the perfect amount of time to unwind and get refreshed before hitting the books!

I hope these quick tips help you finish strong!

See you soon!

Hi everyone!

It is the Monday after Spring Break, and honestly, I am finding it a little difficult to shake off vacation-mode. But, we are in the homestretch! Only five more weeks of the semester left so it is time to get back into the swing of things.

Last week for Spring Break, I had the incredible opportunity of participating in Alternative Spring Break. It is a program run through the Center for Community and Learning Partnerships which is department of Wentworth that facilitates and strengthens our relationship with the community through service projects. Last August, I went on a trip with five other Civil Engineering students to build drainage systems for a few non-profit wiffle ball fields in Vermont. Last semester, I worked with the CLP and a professor to design and organize a student-run build for an outdoor staircase at a local elementary school. The CLP always has various volunteer projects going on, so if that is something you enjoy doing, Wentworth has got that for you! Another program they run is Alternative Spring Break. In November, applications are sent out for participating in a week long service trip. After an interview process, students are chosen to take part in one of the three groups. Each group goes to a different part of the country and gets involved in different organizations. In past years students have gone to Florida, California, and Texas! This year, ASB took place in Boston, Washington D.C., and San Diego. I was lucky enough to be a part of the San Diego group!

My week in San Diego has easily been one of the most inspiring, eye-opening experiences in my life. I along with 12 other students left last Saturday to an entirely new environment. At first, I was a bit nervous. I didn’t know many people in my group that well. As someone who has very close friends, the uncertainty of clicking with people was a bit worrisome. However, on the ride to the airport, I was quickly reassured. Everyone on the trip somehow worked so well together despite our differences. This was such an integral part as to why our trip was such a success.

We arrived in San Diego at our hostel and was quickly greeted by such friendly, laid back people who worked there. You know how people say that people in California are just so nice and carefree? Well, that was EXACTLY what we found at our quirky, homey hostel.

Here is the outside of hostel! It has flags from some of the places

it’s former residents!

The hostel was full of murals that made our stay

feel very homey!


We spent the week at various organizations to manifest our theme of “Touching Lives”. We saw how our work at the San Diego Food Bank came full circle at the Third Avenue Chartiable Organization. The meals served at TACO are frequently made from food from the Food Bank! Talk about a 360 moment! We worked with Border Angels to help immigrants who are looking for better lives for themselves and their families in small but impactful ways. For me, it was definitely a very moving experience coming from a family of immigrants. It reminded me to never take for granted that life and freedom I have as well as how brave my parents were to leave their home country to an entirely new life. Next, we spent a day at a construction site for Habitat for Humanity. I worked on building cabinets. While that may have not been huge heavy lifting, it was really great being able to picture families putting food in these cabinets and knowing I was helping them make a home not just a house for their family. Lastly, we spent two days in another soup kitchen called Father Joe’s. This was one of our favorite places to volunteer because we saw just how much work went into making something like this possible. We left our hostel both mornings at 5:30am to help serve breakfast and prep for lunch which we later served. As a college student, a 5:30am wake up call is definitely not an easy feat. But to think of the volunteers who do this daily so that the homeless population of San Diego can have a warm meal is awe-inspiring. Being able to interact with people as we were serving them was definitely a highlight. So many people were so kind and thankful regardless of the hardships they face daily. It made me reflect on any of the times I may have taken for granted things in my life and complained. I definitely will think twice before doing that in the future.

Our group at the San Diego Food Bank. That day we packaged

2500 lbs of avocados along with hundreds of ingredients for meals.

Here I am in the deserts of Southern California. We dropped off

gallons of water for immigrants throughout the desert that day.


That being said, San Diego wasn’t just all work. With a few power naps after volunteering, we headed to various beaches and explored the city. Being in San Diego’s Little Italy, we were close to downtown where there were tons of restaurants and attractions.

Here is San Diego’s La Jolla Beach; we saw saw many seals here!

Here’s Sydney, Audrey, and me exploring Coronado Beach! So glad we became

such great friends on the trip!


Overall, this trip was full of so many incredible new sights, people, ideas, and perspectives. I am so glad that I was able to work with such a great group and wonderful trip supervisor, Nicole from the CLP. I hope to go back to San Diego one day to continue working with these organizations!

Here is our entire trip having lots of fun in the sun!


Thanks for reading!

Hi everyone!

Hope you have all been doing great!

I wanted to tell you guys about something I recently did that was a huge part of deciding to come to Wentworth when I was in your shoes.

Spring of my senior year, I had found out which colleges I had been accepted to and had to start narrowing down my options to my final decision. I knew I definitely wanted to study Civil Engineering; I had that set since I was a sophomore in high school. I had always loved math and science, and I knew I wanted to go into a field where I could create structures in a technical aspect. From there, I wanted to pick a school where I would not just be a number– small class sizes and faculty interaction were very important to me. I also knew I wanted to be somewhere where a lot was going on. I am always looking for something fun to do in my spare time. So as a suburban-raised girl, I was definitely leaning towards a city campus. My choices narrowed down, but the next step was to figure out what would feel like home. Thanks to Wentworth’s Women’s Overnight program, I was able to figure that out.

The Women’s Overnight Program is an incredible experience put on by Admissions for current and prospective students. Current students host a prospective student from Thursday afternoon to their last class on Friday so that the prospective student can get an idea of what their day to day life at Wentworth could be like. The “women’s” aspect of it is something you may be curious about. Currently, Wentworth has a ratio of about 8:2 male to female students. This is common with any engineering and design school. However, through this program, prospective students learn how that ratio is not a disadvantage for them. From Dean Wenner’s Welcome Speech to interacting with their host student, it becomes easy to see just how much opportunity is at Wentworth.

During my Women’s Overnight as a prospective student, I met with my host Kellie, a freshman in Civil Engineering. We first mingled with other current students and prospective students, heard Dean Wenner talk about the statistics within Wentworth that clearly demonstrate how much a student can benefit while there, and then we went to dinner at Fire and Ice, a hibachi-style restaurant which is quite the experience! We then went back to her dorm, and I got to meet even more students. They told me about all of their individual experiences so I was able to get an even better understanding about the school. I was pretty excited about the idea of living in a dorm and getting to create a space for myself there. I began envisioning myself at Wentworth. So much so, her dorm room was the same one I ended up selected for my freshman year! The next day I joined her in a calculus class and an Engineering design class. The calculus class happened to be one where she was having a quiz. Her professor was nice and cracking jokes. He even let me try the quiz out for myself; safe to say, I definitely was not quite at that level, but I was definitely beginning to feel like that in the near future, I could handle something like that at Wentworth. Her Engineering Design class was in a lab with Professor Pritchard, one of my professors that I’d later have my freshman year and whom I still have a great relationship with. Being in a lab and seeing the collaboration between people there was really interesting. It made me wish I was up to speed with their various projects so I could help out! All in all, when I got into the car on the way home, I was thrilled to know where I wanted to be in the fall and for the next four years of my life.

Fast forward to my freshman year, I got an email from Admissions asking if I’d like to be a host for the program. Talk about a 360 moment! I quickly applied for the position, and when the day came to be a host, I was so excited! Freshman year I hosted two girls for both of the overnight dates. It was great being able to relate to them because I was their position not too long ago. I was able to ask questions and answers questions that I knew they’d probably have. Great enough, one of the girls, Liz, is now at Wentworth! Another Civil student! As an enthusiastic student and friend, it is always great seeing Liz walk to class or to lacrosse practice. The relationships I made through the program are definitely lasting. I still text Kellie every so often about which professors to take and questions on classes she has already taken!

Now fast forward to sophomore year. I got the chance to be a host again. This year, Liz was a host as well! As you can see, through this overnight program students really do want to come back to share in how Wentworth has affected them in such a positive light to prospective students. This year was especially great for me to be a host because I had an even better idea of what it is like to be a student at Wentworth both academically and through extra-curriculars. I told the prospective student I was hosting all about the various clubs I am in and all of the events I have been able to attend because while college is first and foremost about the academics, it is so important for students to see what they will be doing on their freetime to reinforce what they learn as well as to learn and enjoy new, different things! I have a strong feeling we will have another student join Wentworth and be a future Women’s Overnight Host!

Thank you to Rachel Freedline and all of Admissions for always, always making sure this experience is as helpful and wonderful as it is. The hard work of Wentworth faculty and staff is something that is always there, and I hope you have the opportunity to see it for yourself!


Talk to you soon!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a great day! I sure am! This uncharacteristically warm weather (it is 57 out right now!) hitting Boston has definitely been the motivation I’ve needed to get myself up and powering through my days.

The hammocks were brought back out onto the quad on Tuesday! I definitely took advantage of that in between my classes.

The hammocks were brought back out onto the quad on Tuesday! I definitely took advantage of that in between my classes.

I’m so excited to talk about WILD WORDS, the open mic/poetry night I mentioned in my last blog post. It was INCREDIBLE! I was up first and nervous as can be. My best friend, Katie, reassured me all would go well– and it did! I read my original poetry for the first time in front of many familiar Wentworth faces and was embraced with nothing but support and love. There were so many wonderful artists who shared truly beautiful words and music. I’m hoping to see them for the next one on February 18th (mark your calendars).

Here's me reading for the first time ever! Thanks for the picture, Katie!

Here’s me reading for the first time ever! Thanks for the picture, Katie!

Since the last time I wrote, I have been keeping very busy with school work. I am constantly doing homework or studying, but I absolutely love what I am learning about so most days I have no complaints! In my Statics II lab, we have been using industry level machinery to test different characteristics, like strength and ductility, of different kinds of metals. It has been so cool learning about the metals and their properties in my Materials of Civil Engineering course but being able to see those theories come to life in labs truly helps me understand exactly what is going on. For instance, when my Materials professor, Professor Lambrechts, explains what is happening in metals on a molecular level, I can, for the most part, visualize the changes in a metal when a load is applied to it. However, when we go into the lab and run the test, I can really begin to understand first hand why it fractures after a certain point. I love that about Wentworth. The courses we take are more than just theory and words in textbooks and lectures. There is a huge emphasis on hands-on experience so that when you’re at your first co-op, you already have an idea of what to expect.


I have been making a very conscious point to stick to my New Year’s Resolution of not taking the city of Boston for granted. While class, homework, and studying take up the majority of my time, I want to make sure I am making the most out of living in such an incredible city. Sometimes, that can be done as easily as going to coffee shop or different library to do homework. However, sometimes, I need to explore without a textbook. In need of a study break, Katie and I took advantage of the Museum of Fine Arts which is right next Wentworth on Huntington Ave. and spent a couple hours pursuing through. As Colleges of the Fenway students, we have a free pass to the MFA! It is always interesting to see the different kinds of art and find fun, little spots to relax and unwind. On this particular trip, some of my favorite pieces were replaced with new works of art. As sad as I was to see them go, it is always great knowing their collection is changing, and I have the ability to be exposed to all kinds of art from all over the world.

2 study spot

Here’s the view from my favorite study spot– try and figure out where it is!


Katie caught me in action walking around this beautiful room of paintings.

Katie caught me in action walking around this beautiful room of paintings.

Before I leave, I have to tell you about what a great time I had last night. My friends and I went out to Boston University to watch the WIT hockey game! As a huge hockey fan, I always have the Bruins playing in the background or am checking the score on my phone as I do homework. But what is even better than that? Going to an actual game! Last night, I rounded up a few friends and we pushed past the rain and rush hour T traffic to support a friend on the team. I’m so glad we went! I bumped into a couple of my Civil professors from semesters past — I love how involved our faculty is! They are always findings ways to support students in the classroom, and it is so great seeing them do it on their time off. My friends and I had a blast. Our guys played great, and the team won 4-3. The last minute of the game became very intense as the opposing team took their goalie out to play on the ice, but our goalie was quick and precise blocking shots left and right. It was definitely one of those on-the-edge-of-your-seat games.

2 hockey game

You can’t see the score, but we were up by 2 at this point!


I’ll see you next time! Hopefully, I am equipped with more Boston adventures and hockey wins!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post as an Admissions Student Blogger! I am so excited to share my academic and social experiences at Wentworth with you and hope they offer insight on what life at Wentworth is like. Before I delve into my first post, I wanted to let you know a little bit about me. I am a sophomore studying Civil Engineering with a minor in Business Management on the Project Management track. I have two work study positions: one is at the Community and Learning Partnerships (CLP), the volunteer division of Wentworth that enhances our relationship with our community, and the other is at the Annual Fund Office, where I work with Alumni Relations. I love Wentworth for a myriad of reasons, but one of my favorites is all of the clubs I am involved in! I am the Vice President of the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development, a member of the Wentworth student chapter for the American Society of Civil Engineers, a member of the honor fraternity Phi Sigma Pi: Epsilon Kappa chapter, and a member of the Student Alumni Society. Aside from Wentworth, I love running, exploring Boston, and writing poetry.

Over winter break, I went back home to Central Mass and found some much needed relaxation. In an effort to stay productive and engaged with my major, I worked at the Massachusett’s Department of Recreation and Conservation as an Environmental Engineering intern. There I continued refining my CAD (a software used for computer drafting) skills and learned a great deal about exactly what Environmental Engineers do on a day to day basis. It was a very interesting and fun job, and I hope to be back working on breaks! On my free time, I took advantage of having a car, playing my favorite CDs, and going on long drives — no one tells you how much you’re going to miss the simple things like driving when you go away to college! I made sure to spend as much time with family and friends before my much needed winter break came to an end. We went to all of our favorite local restaurants, watched Christmas movies on end, and caught up on each other’s lives. After all of my bittersweet goodbyes, I was tremendously ready to come back to Wentworth and see all of my friends!

Here's a picture of me with my hometown best friends at our annual holiday party. We've been doing it since we were sophomores in high school! Crazy to think we are now sophomores in college!

Here’s a picture of me with my hometown best friends at our annual holiday party. We’ve been doing it since we were sophomores in high school! Crazy to think we are now sophomores in college!

Living with your friends is easily one of the best parts of college. I am lucky enough to live with three of my best friends. I am even luckier that we all have very similar living preferences so we all co-exist in pure harmony. The moment I stepped back on campus I was greeted by the warmest of hugs and laughter–I didn’t even realize I had missed them that much until I saw them! We quickly started planning out all of the new goals we had for the spring, the restaurants we had to try, and the places we needed to explore. Unfortunately, this semester, our suite of six went down to a suite of four due to two of our suite mates moving out for their co- op semesters. However, we have two new roommates who are absolutely wonderful! I somehow lucked out again! It has only been about two weeks, but I can already tell we are going to have an incredible semester together!

Here are my roommates! There's Alanna, me, Michaela, Tonii, and Katie. Our other roommate Elana is here in spirit!

Here are my suite mates! There’s Alanna, me, Michaela, Tonii, and Katie. Our other roommate Elana is here in spirit!

Well, I am only one full week into the semester, and it is safe to say I am busy as can be! My classes have taken off, and my planner is marked up left and right in red ink indicating important due dates, quizzes, and exams. I am constantly mapping out my day to figure out when I can squeeze in time to do everything that needs to be done AND sleep! There are times when I truly wish I could add a few more hours into the day. But, even with a full course load, jobs, and clubs, it is all 100% possible. All it takes is time management! After I picked out my classes last semester and got my final schedule, I immediately went to this online schedule maker and put in my classes. After I had gone to each of my classes and got a sense of the time commitment each class required, I then went back to that website and added in times of when I could work on certain classes. For instance, my Civil Engineering Materials class is a very heavy homework based class. The homework is assigned Friday and due the next Friday. I blocked off two hours on Thursday and two hours on Saturday to get that done. However, my Differential Equations Calculus class has homework assignments sporadically due throughout the week so it is a little harder to block off time periods to do that work. Instead, I set an hour five nights a week to work on it aside form reviewing my notes. For me, math requires practice in order for me to excel at it, so I like doing practice problems out of the textbook to make sure I know what I am doing. Being specific with when I do my work helps me stay on track. When you are taking a lot of difficult classes, it is easy to get behind if you aren’t doing your work on a timely manner. Last semester, I found my weekends full of homework and studying, I felt like every week was just filled to the brim with work and no relaxation. To alleviate that, I have set a new goal to finish all of my homework by Saturday so I can have a whole day to myself on Sunday. So far, so good. Any work done on Sunday is minimal, and I have avoided late nights! On this week’s day off I went to the Isabella Gardner Stewart Museum with my suite mate, Elana. It’s right behind my dorm!

The courtyard at the museum!

The courtyard at the museum!

To finish off this first blog post, I want to talk about one of my favorite parts of Wentworth: WILD. WILD stands for Women’s Institute for Leadership Development. It was created by a wonderful friend and role model, Rachel Keen. This is a student group dedicated to supporting women with leadership goals and taking an active role in resolving community wide issues that affect women while create a safe space for women on campus. Our club talks about prevalent issues for women on a local and larger scale. Last semester our President, Seantel Trombley, organized our first ever open mic/poetry night called WILD WORDS. As someone who loves reading and writing poetry, this event was very near and dear to me. It opened the door for several people to share their thoughts, music, and passions in a supportive, open atmosphere. This event was such a hit that we are doing it again. This Thursday, Pavement Coffee on Commonwealth Ave. is holding the second WILD WORDS. It will be the first time I am reading my original poetry, and I am so excited. There definitely are some nerves, but I truly am feeling pretty great. The people that came last time were so encouraging and supportive that I know I’m going to feel just fine. I cannot wait to tell you how it goes in my next blog post.

See you soon!