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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post as an Admissions Student Blogger! I am so excited to share my academic and social experiences at Wentworth with you and hope they offer insight on what life at Wentworth is like. Before I delve into my first post, I wanted to let you know a little bit about me. I am a sophomore studying Civil Engineering with a minor in Business Management on the Project Management track. I have two work study positions: one is at the Community and Learning Partnerships (CLP), the volunteer division of Wentworth that enhances our relationship with our community, and the other is at the Annual Fund Office, where I work with Alumni Relations. I love Wentworth for a myriad of reasons, but one of my favorites is all of the clubs I am involved in! I am the Vice President of the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development, a member of the Wentworth student chapter for the American Society of Civil Engineers, a member of the honor fraternity Phi Sigma Pi: Epsilon Kappa chapter, and a member of the Student Alumni Society. Aside from Wentworth, I love running, exploring Boston, and writing poetry.

Over winter break, I went back home to Central Mass and found some much needed relaxation. In an effort to stay productive and engaged with my major, I worked at the Massachusett’s Department of Recreation and Conservation as an Environmental Engineering intern. There I continued refining my CAD (a software used for computer drafting) skills and learned a great deal about exactly what Environmental Engineers do on a day to day basis. It was a very interesting and fun job, and I hope to be back working on breaks! On my free time, I took advantage of having a car, playing my favorite CDs, and going on long drives — no one tells you how much you’re going to miss the simple things like driving when you go away to college! I made sure to spend as much time with family and friends before my much needed winter break came to an end. We went to all of our favorite local restaurants, watched Christmas movies on end, and caught up on each other’s lives. After all of my bittersweet goodbyes, I was tremendously ready to come back to Wentworth and see all of my friends!

Here's a picture of me with my hometown best friends at our annual holiday party. We've been doing it since we were sophomores in high school! Crazy to think we are now sophomores in college!

Here’s a picture of me with my hometown best friends at our annual holiday party. We’ve been doing it since we were sophomores in high school! Crazy to think we are now sophomores in college!

Living with your friends is easily one of the best parts of college. I am lucky enough to live with three of my best friends. I am even luckier that we all have very similar living preferences so we all co-exist in pure harmony. The moment I stepped back on campus I was greeted by the warmest of hugs and laughter–I didn’t even realize I had missed them that much until I saw them! We quickly started planning out all of the new goals we had for the spring, the restaurants we had to try, and the places we needed to explore. Unfortunately, this semester, our suite of six went down to a suite of four due to two of our suite mates moving out for their co- op semesters. However, we have two new roommates who are absolutely wonderful! I somehow lucked out again! It has only been about two weeks, but I can already tell we are going to have an incredible semester together!

Here are my roommates! There's Alanna, me, Michaela, Tonii, and Katie. Our other roommate Elana is here in spirit!

Here are my suite mates! There’s Alanna, me, Michaela, Tonii, and Katie. Our other roommate Elana is here in spirit!

Well, I am only one full week into the semester, and it is safe to say I am busy as can be! My classes have taken off, and my planner is marked up left and right in red ink indicating important due dates, quizzes, and exams. I am constantly mapping out my day to figure out when I can squeeze in time to do everything that needs to be done AND sleep! There are times when I truly wish I could add a few more hours into the day. But, even with a full course load, jobs, and clubs, it is all 100% possible. All it takes is time management! After I picked out my classes last semester and got my final schedule, I immediately went to this online schedule maker and put in my classes. After I had gone to each of my classes and got a sense of the time commitment each class required, I then went back to that website and added in times of when I could work on certain classes. For instance, my Civil Engineering Materials class is a very heavy homework based class. The homework is assigned Friday and due the next Friday. I blocked off two hours on Thursday and two hours on Saturday to get that done. However, my Differential Equations Calculus class has homework assignments sporadically due throughout the week so it is a little harder to block off time periods to do that work. Instead, I set an hour five nights a week to work on it aside form reviewing my notes. For me, math requires practice in order for me to excel at it, so I like doing practice problems out of the textbook to make sure I know what I am doing. Being specific with when I do my work helps me stay on track. When you are taking a lot of difficult classes, it is easy to get behind if you aren’t doing your work on a timely manner. Last semester, I found my weekends full of homework and studying, I felt like every week was just filled to the brim with work and no relaxation. To alleviate that, I have set a new goal to finish all of my homework by Saturday so I can have a whole day to myself on Sunday. So far, so good. Any work done on Sunday is minimal, and I have avoided late nights! On this week’s day off I went to the Isabella Gardner Stewart Museum with my suite mate, Elana. It’s right behind my dorm!

The courtyard at the museum!

The courtyard at the museum!

To finish off this first blog post, I want to talk about one of my favorite parts of Wentworth: WILD. WILD stands for Women’s Institute for Leadership Development. It was created by a wonderful friend and role model, Rachel Keen. This is a student group dedicated to supporting women with leadership goals and taking an active role in resolving community wide issues that affect women while create a safe space for women on campus. Our club talks about prevalent issues for women on a local and larger scale. Last semester our President, Seantel Trombley, organized our first ever open mic/poetry night called WILD WORDS. As someone who loves reading and writing poetry, this event was very near and dear to me. It opened the door for several people to share their thoughts, music, and passions in a supportive, open atmosphere. This event was such a hit that we are doing it again. This Thursday, Pavement Coffee on Commonwealth Ave. is holding the second WILD WORDS. It will be the first time I am reading my original poetry, and I am so excited. There definitely are some nerves, but I truly am feeling pretty great. The people that came last time were so encouraging and supportive that I know I’m going to feel just fine. I cannot wait to tell you how it goes in my next blog post.

See you soon!