Warm weather, the MFA, and hockey games!

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Hi everyone!

I hope you are having a great day! I sure am! This uncharacteristically warm weather (it is 57 out right now!) hitting Boston has definitely been the motivation I’ve needed to get myself up and powering through my days.

The hammocks were brought back out onto the quad on Tuesday! I definitely took advantage of that in between my classes.

The hammocks were brought back out onto the quad on Tuesday! I definitely took advantage of that in between my classes.

I’m so excited to talk about WILD WORDS, the open mic/poetry night I mentioned in my last blog post. It was INCREDIBLE! I was up first and nervous as can be. My best friend, Katie, reassured me all would go well– and it did! I read my original poetry for the first time in front of many familiar Wentworth faces and was embraced with nothing but support and love. There were so many wonderful artists who shared truly beautiful words and music. I’m hoping to see them for the next one on February 18th (mark your calendars).

Here's me reading for the first time ever! Thanks for the picture, Katie!

Here’s me reading for the first time ever! Thanks for the picture, Katie!

Since the last time I wrote, I have been keeping very busy with school work. I am constantly doing homework or studying, but I absolutely love what I am learning about so most days I have no complaints! In my Statics II lab, we have been using industry level machinery to test different characteristics, like strength and ductility, of different kinds of metals. It has been so cool learning about the metals and their properties in my Materials of Civil Engineering course but being able to see those theories come to life in labs truly helps me understand exactly what is going on. For instance, when my Materials professor, Professor Lambrechts, explains what is happening in metals on a molecular level, I can, for the most part, visualize the changes in a metal when a load is applied to it. However, when we go into the lab and run the test, I can really begin to understand first hand why it fractures after a certain point. I love that about Wentworth. The courses we take are more than just theory and words in textbooks and lectures. There is a huge emphasis on hands-on experience so that when you’re at your first co-op, you already have an idea of what to expect.


I have been making a very conscious point to stick to my New Year’s Resolution of not taking the city of Boston for granted. While class, homework, and studying take up the majority of my time, I want to make sure I am making the most out of living in such an incredible city. Sometimes, that can be done as easily as going to coffee shop or different library to do homework. However, sometimes, I need to explore without a textbook. In need of a study break, Katie and I took advantage of the Museum of Fine Arts which is right next Wentworth on Huntington Ave. and spent a couple hours pursuing through. As Colleges of the Fenway students, we have a free pass to the MFA! It is always interesting to see the different kinds of art and find fun, little spots to relax and unwind. On this particular trip, some of my favorite pieces were replaced with new works of art. As sad as I was to see them go, it is always great knowing their collection is changing, and I have the ability to be exposed to all kinds of art from all over the world.

2 study spot

Here’s the view from my favorite study spot– try and figure out where it is!


Katie caught me in action walking around this beautiful room of paintings.

Katie caught me in action walking around this beautiful room of paintings.

Before I leave, I have to tell you about what a great time I had last night. My friends and I went out to Boston University to watch the WIT hockey game! As a huge hockey fan, I always have the Bruins playing in the background or am checking the score on my phone as I do homework. But what is even better than that? Going to an actual game! Last night, I rounded up a few friends and we pushed past the rain and rush hour T traffic to support a friend on the team. I’m so glad we went! I bumped into a couple of my Civil professors from semesters past — I love how involved our faculty is! They are always findings ways to support students in the classroom, and it is so great seeing them do it on their time off. My friends and I had a blast. Our guys played great, and the team won 4-3. The last minute of the game became very intense as the opposing team took their goalie out to play on the ice, but our goalie was quick and precise blocking shots left and right. It was definitely one of those on-the-edge-of-your-seat games.

2 hockey game

You can’t see the score, but we were up by 2 at this point!


I’ll see you next time! Hopefully, I am equipped with more Boston adventures and hockey wins!



Hi there! I'm Shivani, and I'm a sophomore studying Civil Engineering with a Business Management minor. I live in 555 with five wonderful roommates who take the city by storm with me when we aren't too busy studying or staying involved in campus student organizations! In my free time I like writing poetry, going on runs along the Charles, and trying all the wonderful wonderful restaurants Boston has to offer. I am so excited to be at Wentworth, and I can't wait to share my journey with you!

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