Women’s Overnight Program

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Hi everyone!

Hope you have all been doing great!

I wanted to tell you guys about something I recently did that was a huge part of deciding to come to Wentworth when I was in your shoes.

Spring of my senior year, I had found out which colleges I had been accepted to and had to start narrowing down my options to my final decision. I knew I definitely wanted to study Civil Engineering; I had that set since I was a sophomore in high school. I had always loved math and science, and I knew I wanted to go into a field where I could create structures in a technical aspect. From there, I wanted to pick a school where I would not just be a number– small class sizes and faculty interaction were very important to me. I also knew I wanted to be somewhere where a lot was going on. I am always looking for something fun to do in my spare time. So as a suburban-raised girl, I was definitely leaning towards a city campus. My choices narrowed down, but the next step was to figure out what would feel like home. Thanks to Wentworth’s Women’s Overnight program, I was able to figure that out.

The Women’s Overnight Program is an incredible experience put on by Admissions for current and prospective students. Current students host a prospective student from Thursday afternoon to their last class on Friday so that the prospective student can get an idea of what their day to day life at Wentworth could be like. The “women’s” aspect of it is something you may be curious about. Currently, Wentworth has a ratio of about 8:2 male to female students. This is common with any engineering and design school. However, through this program, prospective students learn how that ratio is not a disadvantage for them. From Dean Wenner’s Welcome Speech to interacting with their host student, it becomes easy to see just how much opportunity is at Wentworth.

During my Women’s Overnight as a prospective student, I met with my host Kellie, a freshman in Civil Engineering. We first mingled with other current students and prospective students, heard Dean Wenner talk about the statistics within Wentworth that clearly demonstrate how much a student can benefit while there, and then we went to dinner at Fire and Ice, a hibachi-style restaurant which is quite the experience! We then went back to her dorm, and I got to meet even more students. They told me about all of their individual experiences so I was able to get an even better understanding about the school. I was pretty excited about the idea of living in a dorm and getting to create a space for myself there. I began envisioning myself at Wentworth. So much so, her dorm room was the same one I ended up selected for my freshman year! The next day I joined her in a calculus class and an Engineering design class. The calculus class happened to be one where she was having a quiz. Her professor was nice and cracking jokes. He even let me try the quiz out for myself; safe to say, I definitely was not quite at that level, but I was definitely beginning to feel like that in the near future, I could handle something like that at Wentworth. Her Engineering Design class was in a lab with Professor Pritchard, one of my professors that I’d later have my freshman year and whom I still have a great relationship with. Being in a lab and seeing the collaboration between people there was really interesting. It made me wish I was up to speed with their various projects so I could help out! All in all, when I got into the car on the way home, I was thrilled to know where I wanted to be in the fall and for the next four years of my life.

Fast forward to my freshman year, I got an email from Admissions asking if I’d like to be a host for the program. Talk about a 360 moment! I quickly applied for the position, and when the day came to be a host, I was so excited! Freshman year I hosted two girls for both of the overnight dates. It was great being able to relate to them because I was their position not too long ago. I was able to ask questions and answers questions that I knew they’d probably have. Great enough, one of the girls, Liz, is now at Wentworth! Another Civil student! As an enthusiastic student and friend, it is always great seeing Liz walk to class or to lacrosse practice. The relationships I made through the program are definitely lasting. I still text Kellie every so often about which professors to take and questions on classes she has already taken!

Now fast forward to sophomore year. I got the chance to be a host again. This year, Liz was a host as well! As you can see, through this overnight program students really do want to come back to share in how Wentworth has affected them in such a positive light to prospective students. This year was especially great for me to be a host because I had an even better idea of what it is like to be a student at Wentworth both academically and through extra-curriculars. I told the prospective student I was hosting all about the various clubs I am in and all of the events I have been able to attend because while college is first and foremost about the academics, it is so important for students to see what they will be doing on their freetime to reinforce what they learn as well as to learn and enjoy new, different things! I have a strong feeling we will have another student join Wentworth and be a future Women’s Overnight Host!

Thank you to Rachel Freedline and all of Admissions for always, always making sure this experience is as helpful and wonderful as it is. The hard work of Wentworth faculty and staff is something that is always there, and I hope you have the opportunity to see it for yourself!


Talk to you soon!



Hi there! I'm Shivani, and I'm a sophomore studying Civil Engineering with a Business Management minor. I live in 555 with five wonderful roommates who take the city by storm with me when we aren't too busy studying or staying involved in campus student organizations! In my free time I like writing poetry, going on runs along the Charles, and trying all the wonderful wonderful restaurants Boston has to offer. I am so excited to be at Wentworth, and I can't wait to share my journey with you!

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