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Hey guys!

As classes come to a close, finals are soon approaching. This is always a stressful time for many students. There are several last minute quizzes, tests, and due dates to stay on track of in order to finish strong. All the while, you are expected to begin getting ready for your final exams. To add onto that, after Spring Break, it is so easy to fall into “summer mode” where all you want to do is sit down, relax, and enjoy some good weather! Sounds like a lot to handle, right? Although there is a lot going on, it is very much possible to get through it – I swear! Here are some of my tips to stay focused and on track without completely stressing out!

1. Make a list!

With so much going on in a short amount of time, it is so easy to forget what needs to be done. I love making a list of absolutely everything I need to do. I keep track of important due dates on my Google Calendar, write all of my assignments down in my planner, and have a sticky note on my laptop of everything that must get done before I go to bed. Make sure you keep in mind what realistic goals are for you. Studying for a final on a semester’s worth of material AND writing an 8 page paper the night before most likely won’t be done with the same quality as if you spaced it out over a few days. So definitely practice those time management skills your high school teachers are drilling into your head—they will come in handy! Sometimes my lists seem daunting, but nothing quite compares to the satisfaction crossing things of my to-do list.

2. Stick to the list!

This is vital! Writing the list of things you need to do is only half the battle. Actually following through with them is what will lead to success. For me, I like doing my homework with my best friend and suitemate, Katie. We are both Civil Engineering majors so almost all of our classes overlap. Working with a buddy helps us stay motivated in order to power through a tough assignment or do an extra practice problem before a test. However, studying with other people doesn’t work for everyone; it can lead to distractions quickly. In order to avoid that, there are several spaces on campus where you can be alone to do your studying undisturbed.

3. Take a break!

All work and no play is an easy way to get burnt out. By spacing your work out with proper breaks, you are on the right track! Make sure you make time for hanging out with your friends, catching a movie, or just going on a walk around the Fens! I love Wentworth because our Spring Semester finals always fall during Marathon Monday so that we can take the morning off from studying to stand at the finish line for such an incredible event. It is the perfect amount of time to unwind and get refreshed before hitting the books!

I hope these quick tips help you finish strong!

See you soon!