Library renovation update – we’re almost done!

Within the next month, the Alumni Library will reopen in Beatty Hall as the Douglas D. Schumann Library & Learning Commons. Consigli is working around the clock to make sure that the Library opens in time for the upcoming fall semester.

The new circulation and reference desk is being built…

Panorama of the Circulation Desk

The high-density shelving installation is almost complete:

IMG_3761 IMG_3772


And the books have arrived (care of ABC Movers) and are being stored in the Multi-Purpose Room in Beatty to await re-shelving.









It is amazing what has changed in the space in a matter of weeks!

Above: Walkthrough from 7/20/2016 Below: Walkthrough from 8/3/2016
Above: Walkthrough from 7/20/2016
Below: Walkthrough from 8/3/2016


Quiet Study Rooms
The construction of the quiet study rooms
An overview of the library
An overview of the Library








Installing the inside of the library

Heating and cooling unit close up

The start of July is when many of the key elements of the new library are getting installed. One example is the new heating and cooling systems – here is a picture of one located in the new Reading Room space on the Mezzanine. And yes, you heard that right, these are heating and cooling systems. No more gigantic, noisy air conditioner units in the ceiling. You won’t be able to see these units like this once the millwork is added around them, but in case you are wondering, this is what is going on behind the scenes to keep you comfortable in the renovated space!


Cabling and framing

Another example is the network cabling installed throughout the library space, which will ensure adequate network functionality in the new space. In this picture you can also see the framing of some of the walls on the Mezzanine level, which will create the updated bathrooms (right) and the library’s print center (left).


Floor coring on Mezzanine

The orange squares on the floor in this other photo represent floor core drills where power will be run so there will be plenty of outlets on the Mezzanine level. The 2nd floor has the raised floor with power run throughout.





Mezzanine study rooms

The new study rooms on the Mezzanine level now have walls! You can also see the spaces on the walls where the digital screens will be installed.




Steel beams on 2nd floor

Steel beams have been added to the 2nd Floor below the area where the new High Density Shelving will be located, to account for the added weight on the building.




Installation is underway of two of the architectural ceiling elements – the perforated metal ceiling tiles which will surround the perimeter of the 3rd floor, to mask the ductwork, and the microperf wood panels used throughout the library to minimize sound and create a warm atmosphere.

Check back with us again soon – things are moving along quickly on the renovation!


Renovation progress

So much is happening in the old library space this summer, as Consigli Construction works on the renovation. Here are some photos of the work that we wanted to share from the past few weeks. In addition, our entire library staff got to tour the renovation site and it made the time we’re spending in the dorms worthwhile! We are excited for the end result.

Scenes of the work in progress:

Note the word ‘STOP” in these two pictures – what a difference a few weeks has made.

And some things are gone…

Staff offices on the Mezzanine
Mezzanine restroom
Book elevator
Spiral staircase

Library Renovation Look Ahead: Week of June 6

As we move ahead in the Library Renovation Project, we will keep you up to date on construction activity.

June 6-7: Consigli will be finishing up installing the windows on Ward St.

June 6-10: Consigli will be continue to demo and install the windows on the Pike side of Beatty Hall.

Interior wise, Consigli will begin working on installing lights, and will continue to work on installing the sprinkler heads and drops, and the acoustic wood ceilings panels during the next couple of weeks.

Library tech updates: room scheduling & flooring

The Schumann Library & Learning Commons will use and showcase technology. On the blog we are highlighting the various technologies in the new library, made possible in partnership with DTS. To start, we’ll talk about the digital room scheduling and the raised flooring, two infrastructural technologies that will change a lot in the library space.

Digital Room Scheduling

Our partners in DTS and AVI-Pro are helping to raise the level of room scheduling on campus with digital room signage and scheduling from Crestron. Each of the eight high-tech group study rooms will include digital room availability signs – if the screen and side light are green, the room is open, if they are red, the room is booked.

IMG_2061The screens will also display room availability throughout the day among other features. The pictures are of a sample DTS installed for testing this summer – in the renovated library the digital signage will be mounted directly on the glass walls of the study rooms. We’ll use these new room booking tools to help you know whether a study room is free, and DTS plans to deploy similar room schedulers at other locations on campus in the future.

Raised Flooring – network and power underfoot

Samples of the types of Gridd floor panels.

While flooring isn’t exactly technology, this innovative and flexible flooring from Gridd flooring systems will allow for a much enhanced technology infrastructure in the renovated library. The main area of the 2nd floor will incorporate the raised flooring system to allow for network and power cabling to run all throughout the main floor, making power outlets much more frequent in the space, and allowing for future growth and adjustment over time without the need to drill into the concrete.

ultra-low-profileCabling runs through the puzzle-like flooring panels, which have many options for floor boxes and access to the cabling. The Gridd flooring system is not only technology-enhancing, but sustainable – the all-steel design is BuildingGreen approved and allows for modular changes over time.


The modular panels will be covered with carpet tiles once the library reopens. Here’s a look at what will be underneath your feet!


Anatomy of a library shelf


A sample of the new static library shelves arrived at our temporary library at 610 Huntington. The static shelves will be scattered throughout the main floor in the renovated library. What is so special about a library shelf? The ones we’ll have in the new library are specially designed for holding the weight of library materials, and also incorporate a design to complement the overall clean, open feel of the renovated library space.



The skeleton of the library bookshelf is a cantilever shelving system from Spacesaver that Donnegan Systems helped us configure, made of heavy-gauge steel and welded-frame construction that meets the American Library Association standards for library shelving, and is powder-coated with durable white paint that resists chipping and scuffs.

A cantilever, as many of our WIT students probably know already, is “a projection, such as a beam, which is only supported or fixed at one end, the other end is free” (Dictionary of Construction, Surveying and Civil Engineering) where the weight is carried in the post of the shelf.

Rendering of shelving in new library

The white shelving will help to create an inspiring, open and modern space. We’ll house the fiction collection, DVDs, Architecture theses and WIT yearbooks on the main level of the library in these streamlined shelves, where you can sit comfortably nearby in various seating configurations and enjoy the great views the low shelves allow.

Corian envelopes the shelving with a smooth waterfall look, envisioned by the interior designers at Perkins+Will to create sleek lines and a bright, open environment to encase the books. The Corian shelving wraps will be custom crafted by the millworkers of Fabrizio Construction in Medford, MA. We think the books are going to look great on these shelves! Come check out the sample in our temporary library at 610 Huntington and see for yourselves.


Library Renovation Look Ahead: Week of May 16

This Saturday, May 14th, from 6AM to 4PM, Consigli will be using a crane to deliver and position steel on the roof of Beatty Hall. Public Safety will be on site and signage will be placed to guide pedestrians around these areas.  Parking in the West Lot will be limited as a result, and it is requested that you park at the Parker St. Lot if you are visiting campus.

From there, Consigli will be working on installing the AHU roof dunnage, and the demolition and installation of the windows on the south façade during the week of May 16th.

Demolition Underway

We got our first glimpse at the construction work that is now underway in the library space. What a difference a week makes! It looks transformed already. The Consigli team is doing a fantastic job so far.

Looking towards the quad


A ramp with a large opening in the floor-to-ceiling windows on the 2nd floor creates a staging area for bringing in supplies and removing material from the space. You can see the windows overlooking the quad, now that the offices and walls are removed from the quad side of the 2nd and Mezzanine levels.




Staging platform


Matt Guimond (superintendent, Consigli), Kevin Kidd, and Kevin Smith pose on the staging platform just outside of the library. Note the new windows in the background, which are being installed throughout the building.



So much has been done in a just over a week’s time, as evidenced by the changing view of the following areas of the library space:


The spiral staircase isn’t gone yet, but it sounds like they’ll be removing it any day. Making room for the bright, open, library space to come…

IMG_1845 IMG_0677

Library Renovation Look Ahead: May 2

As we move ahead in the Library Renovation Project, we will keep you up to date on construction activity.

Demolition on the South Façade windows in Beatty Hall began this past Monday, May 2, and Consigli will begin installing windows on Wednesday, May 4. Demolition in the Library will be completed by Friday, May 13.

Partitions are being installed on levels 2 and above. Entry into these areas must be coordinated with Consigli Construction. A hardhat, goggles, and a safety vest is required.

In the meantime, the Temporary Library is located in 610 Huntington.


For more information on our services for the summer semester, visit our Temporary Library page.



Hello 610 Huntington!


We have successfully moved into 610 Huntington for the summer thanks to ABC Moving Services! This past Tuesday our staff was busy unpacking supplies, setting up the circulation and reference desk, and arranging the space in preparation for opening the following day.


IMG_20160426_150635134[1] IMG_20160426_150547695_HDR[1]IMG_20160426_113156983[1]IMG_20160426_150619295[1]

If you are looking for DTS, The Learning Center (TLC), Beatty Hall Faculty, or FLO (Fenway Libraries Online), look no further! DTS and TLC are located on the first floor alongside the Library, while Faculty, Library Staff and FLO are located on the second floor.

Curious about whether or not you can check out a book for the semester, or if there are other locations to study in?  Check out our webpage for temporary library services.


Map to Temporary Library