Demolition Underway

We got our first glimpse at the construction work that is now underway in the library space. What a difference a week makes! It looks transformed already. The Consigli team is doing a fantastic job so far.

Looking towards the quad


A ramp with a large opening in the floor-to-ceiling windows on the 2nd floor creates a staging area for bringing in supplies and removing material from the space. You can see the windows overlooking the quad, now that the offices and walls are removed from the quad side of the 2nd and Mezzanine levels.




Staging platform


Matt Guimond (superintendent, Consigli), Kevin Kidd, and Kevin Smith pose on the staging platform just outside of the library. Note the new windows in the background, which are being installed throughout the building.



So much has been done in a just over a week’s time, as evidenced by the changing view of the following areas of the library space:


The spiral staircase isn’t gone yet, but it sounds like they’ll be removing it any day. Making room for the bright, open, library space to come…

IMG_1845 IMG_0677