Installing the inside of the library

Heating and cooling unit close up

The start of July is when many of the key elements of the new library are getting installed. One example is the new heating and cooling systems – here is a picture of one located in the new Reading Room space on the Mezzanine. And yes, you heard that right, these are heating and cooling systems. No more gigantic, noisy air conditioner units in the ceiling. You won’t be able to see these units like this once the millwork is added around them, but in case you are wondering, this is what is going on behind the scenes to keep you comfortable in the renovated space!


Cabling and framing

Another example is the network cabling installed throughout the library space, which will ensure adequate network functionality in the new space. In this picture you can also see the framing of some of the walls on the Mezzanine level, which will create the updated bathrooms (right) and the library’s print center (left).


Floor coring on Mezzanine

The orange squares on the floor in this other photo represent floor core drills where power will be run so there will be plenty of outlets on the Mezzanine level. The 2nd floor has the raised floor with power run throughout.





Mezzanine study rooms

The new study rooms on the Mezzanine level now have walls! You can also see the spaces on the walls where the digital screens will be installed.




Steel beams on 2nd floor

Steel beams have been added to the 2nd Floor below the area where the new High Density Shelving will be located, to account for the added weight on the building.




Installation is underway of two of the architectural ceiling elements – the perforated metal ceiling tiles which will surround the perimeter of the 3rd floor, to mask the ductwork, and the microperf wood panels used throughout the library to minimize sound and create a warm atmosphere.

Check back with us again soon – things are moving along quickly on the renovation!