High-Density Shelving – a modern, space-saving approach

To make room for more seating and collaborative spaces, the renovated library will incorporate high-density shelving in the new design. High-density storage takes advantage of all available space by consolidating the shelving and utilizing a mobile system where library users can, with a press of a button, navigate and open the shelf they need.

High-density storage in a library

With the help of Donnegan Systems, and Spacesaver shelving, we’ll be adding this modern take on a classic library component when we reopen in September.

The majority of the library collection will be housed in the high-density shelving system, which will be located on the Mezzanine level in the new library.

Furniture Fair Fun

In early November, students, faculty, and staff got to test the various furniture options under consideration for the library renovation. A wide range of styles and types of furniture were featured with more than 30 pieces in the main library space to test, from more than six different furniture vendors.


The feedback will help inform the Perkins + Will interior design team, as well at Wentworth renovation team members, in planning the furniture in the new library space.

Library Renovation Notice

To the Wentworth Community,

We are excited to announce that the renovation of the library in Beatty Hall will begin in spring 2016. As a result, we will need to relocate the library and associated collaborative spaces to other spaces around campus throughout summer 2016.

In order to accommodate these moves, we are placing a moratorium on all outside group usage of the campus. We need your help! Please do not offer use of the Wentworth campus for any large group meetings, workshops or conferences during the months of March through September 2016. In addition, please be aware that space will be limited for internal use as well, because of the need to relocate classrooms and offices from Beatty during the construction period. Planning is currently underway to accommodate as much on-campus activity as possible, including large events like accepted student days and orientation.

More information will be sent out as construction plans are finalized. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding!

Kevin Smith
Clerk of the Works
Planning and Construction
Wentworth Institute of Technology