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Students launch the Wentworth Architecture review

The Wentworth Architecture review’s title may evoke stuffy, text-heavy tomes on the finer points of columns and cornices, but the colorful sketches, bright images, and beautiful photographs of its inaugural issue are anything but drab. Working with a $5,000 grant from the Institute, a core group of Master of Architecture students—Jesse Baiata-Nicolai, MARC ’11, Ryan Philbin, MARC ’11, and Jared Steinmark, MARC ’11—selected the best submissions from their fellow students, designed and printed the 60-page publication, and distributed it around campus in Fall 2010. The next issue, which they hope to help the next class of students publish this fall, will focus on adding more narrative to the images and (hopefully) include work from former Wentworth students as well. “We’d like it to help create a dialogue between students and alumni,” says Philbin. —DAN MORRELL



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