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John MacInnis’s class project became the toast of the web.

In December, John MacInnis, BIND ’13, logged on to the video game blog Kotaku— a morning ritual—and found himself staring at one of his class projects: a toast-firing gun designed specifically for Mega Man, who sits alongside the Mario brothers and Pac-Man as one of the most popular video game characters of all time. Built for his sophomore studio class, which charged students with building a toaster for a cartoon character of their choice, the images were picked up from MacInnis’s online portfolio and ran with the headline “The World Deserves a Mega Man Toaster.”

This wasn’t the first time MacInnis’s work had garnered an Internet audience. A few weeks before the Kotaku article, his work was featured on the main page of Coroflot, a popular design website. “People were telling me what a big deal it was to be featured on Coroflot,” says MacInnis. It was cool, he says—but being featured on Kotaku, his favorite website? “That was a dream come true.” —DAN MORRELL

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