Profiles in Giving: Gary Miller

Wentworth is a cause to believe in

When Gary Miller, AE ’77, was getting ready for graduation, he had one goal in mind. “A job,” says Miller with a laugh. “I was getting married in thirty days.” He ended up with a career.

Miller started working at design and manufacturing company NELCO a few days after graduation and has been with them ever since. During his 35 years there, he’s seen the company shift from being a petrochemical maintenance repair company with a small construction segment to being focused mainly on the manufacturing and construction of cancer care centers. NELCO has also, he says, grown from a regional player to a global one. “Our international business was only five to seven percent five years ago,” says Miller, whose recent business travels have taken him to Sweden and Saudi Arabia. “Now it’s thirty-five percent.”

Miller returned to campus for the first time about a decade ago for an alumni event and has been involved with Wentworth ever since—not only as a generous donor but also as a board member of the Wentworth Alumni Association and a corporator—serving as part of an advisory board that guides, advises, and advances the Institute. “I was lucky enough to be there for the president’s inauguration,” says Miller. “That was really special.”

And Wentworth is a cause he believes in. “I think giving back to the school and helping these students develop and grow is rewarding,” says Miller. “When I think of Wentworth, I think of a high-quality student who can enter the workforce and be productive. I felt that when I was there, and I feel that way today.”


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