We Got the Beat

Wentworth’s a capella club starts on a high note

Unlike the popular TV Series Glee, there is no drama about who gets to sing the solos for Wentworth’s first-ever a capella club, Note-oriety. “Whoever is willing to arrange the song gets to do the solo,” says Esther Brown, BSA ’12, club vocal coach. It’s a peace-keeping rule that has helped keep the club intact and in form since their first formal performance in October 2011—a Family Weekend concert that featured their take on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” By spring, their repertoire had expanded to include everything from the Afrobeat of K’naan’s “Waving Flag” to Frank Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight,” their ranks had swelled to 15—including a dedicated beat boxer—and they had even booked studio time. “I’m excited by how things turned out,” says club president Nicholas Voell-White, BSA ’12, who expects to pass club leadership on to a new group of students next year. But as a graduating senior, Voell-White says he will miss the pleasure of practice. “It was always the most relaxing part of my day,” he says. —DAN MORRELL


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