Head of the Class

Wentworth’s New Faculty

Photo by Chris Churchill

1. Jiahui (Jenny) Song // Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Technology
(PhD, Old Dominion University)
Song has built 3-D computer models of biological cells—in lieu of more expensive and difficult-to-acquire animal and human samples—that researchers can use for lab experiments.

2. Weihui Li // Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
(PhD, Tulane University)
Li teaches electric circuit analysis and design—the foundation for a future career building medical devices that support whole-body systems, like circulation.

3. Troy Peters // Associate Professor of Architecture
(M. Architecture, University of Oregon)
A building with south-facing windows stays warmer during the winter and cooler in summer—a passive-solar heating design lesson that is part of Peters’s software programs and teaching.

4. Hasan Zaman // Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Technology
(PhD, University of Michigan)
Zaman created an algorithm that allows you to get the most practical and cost-efficient fabrication flow for any desired circuit structure, which proves useful for creating tiny electronics—from cell phone components to brain probes.

5. John Haga // Assistant Professor of Mathematics
(PhD, University of Connecticut)
Every cell phone call we make is really an electrical signal that has been converted through a process mathematically described by harmonic analysis—Haga’s area of research.

6. Nadine Stecher // Assistant Professor of Biology
(PhD, University of Cincinnati)
Stecher studied the highly developed lenses of predatory water beetle larvae—research that could lead to better eyeglasses—and plans to incorporate lab skills into coursework to facilitate research careers.



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