Profiles in Giving: Edward J. O’Leary

Honoring the past, preparing for the future

Edward-O'LearyMore than 100 years after Wentworth’s founding, Edward J. O’Leary, PE, AC ’48, Hon. ’06, still marvels at the foresight of its founders. “That great piece of land is now in the middle of everything thanks to the tremendous growth of Huntington Avenue,” says O’Leary, a longtime Wentworth corporator and 1990 winner of the Gold Leopard award for outstanding loyalty and service to the Wentworth community.

With all the physical changes to the school and its surrounding area, though, O’Leary says that the Institute and its educational mission have remained steady. “Wentworth has done a good job of keeping its traditions,” he says.

Chief among those traditions is providing students the same opportunities that a Wentworth education afforded him. “It’s given me a wonderful way of life— the opportunity to have a family and do everything I could for them; to educate my children and my grandchildren,” says O’Leary, who recently committed $200,000 in support of the Invest in Tomorrow campaign.

After a successful career in construction as well as property management and development, O’Leary says he gives back to Wentworth to ensure that current students enjoy the same opportunities. “I want to see the school and its graduates have success and continue to grow.”


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