Washington Comes to Wentworth

Exchange and engagement at White House roundtable.


Photo: Frank Monkiewicz

Watson Auditorium was transformed into a White House conference room for a few hours last February as the Massachusetts Building Congress, in collaboration with Wentworth, hosted a White House Business Council Roundtable on campus. The informal information-gathering discussion was led by U.S. Department of Transportation Deputy Secretary John Porcari and U.S. General Services Administration Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini. Both officials offered perspective and an overview of some of President Obama’s priorities as covered in his State of the Union address. The discussion was focused on the president’s plan to strengthen the middle class. The 34 participants in the roundtable represented business owners and executives from across industries, leaders in academia, and students. Attendees asked questions and provided feedback and general observations about the economy, job growth and creation, and other topics related to building a stronger America. Content from the event was shared with other members of the White House administration. “Wentworth is thrilled to participate in an event that brings together government, business, academic, and student leaders,” said Wentworth President Zorica Pantić. “As our students become the industry leaders of tomorrow, it is valuable for them to engage in forum  that focus on exchanging ideas and perspectives.” For Ilyas Bhatti, associate professor of construction management at Wentworth, the discussion served as an opportunity to share ideas with leading government officials. “It was amazing to have direct communication with the top decision-makers from the White House sitting in Watson Hall,” Bhatti said. –-ALEXANDRA NICKEL-MILSTONE

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