Wentworth Online Launches

A bold leap forward for online learning.

Wentworth’s online learning initiative takes a bold leap forward this fall with the launch of two fully online degree programs: a Master of Science in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Science in Project Management.

Managed by the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE), the programs are aimed primarily at working professionals.

Removing the geographical and logistical restraints of a traditional degree makes the programs attractive to a new pool of learners, according to Jonathan Small (above), director of online learning.

“Working, professional adults who may not be able to physically get to campus can now earn the same Wentworth degree, just in a different modality,” says Small, who came to Wentworth in April to oversee the new programs and future online offerings.

Indeed, modality is the only key difference between a traditional Wentworth degree and the new online degree programs. “The courses, the course outcomes, the subject matter, and all of the things covered in the courses are the same as what a student would get in a traditional face-to-face program,” says Small.

Students who enroll in one of the new programs—each composed of a series of seven-week courses—will complete weekly modules and meet assignment deadlines each week. They will also participate in online discussions with their professor and fellow students via virtual message boards. Students can log on at convenient times over the course of the week to complete these tasks, eliminating a common barrier for many potential students, particularly working professionals.

The online platform allows professors flexibility to teach in the ways that are most effective for them. Some may prefer students to engage in group work, while others may utilize videos or engage students in project-based learning. “Even within a structured framework, instructors have a lot of freedom,” says Small. “The more the students and the professors are able to connect in different ways, the more those students are going to feel like they are a part of the Wentworth community, even if they’re not physically here at Wentworth.”


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