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Happy Belated Halloween Everyone!


This year with Halloween on a Friday and the Student Educational Empowerment Team (S.W.E.E.T) that I am on (which promotes healthy living) held a party to encourage students to stay on campus for the evening.  We decided to hold it in one of the auditoriums of a freshman dorm building so it was really convenient for students to attend.  The night started with games.  The Wentworth Events Board, (which I am also part of) held competitions including a paint a pumpkin competition and a donut on a string eating contest.  After some dancing, zombie tag, and even a dance off, it was time to create your own Halloween display with candy!  Finally the evening ended with more dancing and a costume competition.  It was a Halloween to remember!




Alcohol Awareness Week

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One of my student leadership positions on campus is being a member of Wentworth’s Student Wellness Educational Empowerment Team (S.W.E.E.T).  Our job is to promote healthy living.  One of the ways we do this is by educating students on what is a safe amount of alcohol to drink, if they were to drink.  Two weeks ago was Alcohol Awareness Week during which we held a number of events.  Tuesday and Thursday we were on the Quad (and then moved in to the Campus Center Lobby when it started to rain) and showed students what a safe size drink is and what it was like to be drunk.  Now before you say, “You gave them alcohol?” I would like to make it very clear no alcohol was given or present during the event.  Students came over to our table and poured water, equivalent to the amount of vodka they would have poured for themselves or a friend.   We then had them look up on a reference card, what their B.A.C  (Blood Alcohol Content)  level would have been after that drink.  They then had to put on special goggles we had that matched up to the vision of someone with that B.A.C. We then had them attempt to walk in a straight line and perform other activities with the goggles on.

Thursday night, we also had a guest speaker from Wicked Sober http://wickedsober.com/ come and tell their story as a recovering addict.  Friday we held a social without liquor.   We felt students had learned a lot by the end of the week.

Drinking Games on the Quad3

It’s only a month and a few days into the semester but somehow so much has already happened!  I am keeping my calendar very full with a number of positions (President of the Wentworth Events Board. Wentworth Student Government Academic Affairs Coordinator & Commuter Representative).   On average, I attend six meetings per week with these three titles alone.

In addition to my elective positions, I also hold two student leadership positions.  I am going into my third year as Commuter Assistant where I help to run Commuter Events and am a resource to commuter students.  As a Student Wellness Education Empowerment Team (S.W.E.E.T) advocate, I help promote wellness education through campus events and am a resource for students looking to learn more about healthy habits.

For any prospective Wentworth commuter students reading this, know that you can stay very involved on campus as a commuter here!

Because I’ve been so busy with clubs and activities I haven’t had much time to blog, but I wanted to tell you about this year’s Colleges of the Fenway (COF) Block Party.  It was a fantastic event this year (as always). Clubs and activities from all 6 COF schools were represented.  Additionally, there were a ton of vendors giving away free stuff and delicious food including fried dough and french fries! Read more about what the COF Block Party is all about from one of my previous blog posts here.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester has to offer, I just hope it stops going by so fast!

Yes, it is.  It’s hard to believe, but after 4 months off from class I am back in school.  Some of you who are familiar with the Wentworth calendar may be saying, “4 months off? Wentworth goes almost all year round, it’s a tri-semester school.”   And you are right, but this summer I was participating in Co-Op (Cooperative Education), which is a fancy way of saying I had an internship in my field of major.

At Wentworth, depending on your major, students are required to complete two to three Co-Ops before graduation.  My major is Computer Networking, so I have to complete two.  This summer, my Co-Op was at Simmons College, a ten minute walk from Wentworth.  I was the Library Technology Assistant for the help desk at Simmons College Library.  When guests of the library had technical problems from formatting a document, to printing, to connecting to the internet, and everything in between, they would come to me for help. In addition, I checked the library’s 10 printers every few hours for ink and paper levels and filled these as needed.   It was interesting to see how another college’s help desk is run.

This might sound silly but one of my favorite parts about my Co-Op was how close it was to Wentworth.  I easily went back and forth between campuses, sometimes a few times a day.  I was able to spend the summer both with my friends, who were at Wentworth taking classes, while also being on Co-Op.  I was able to explore the area more and found that ANYTHING you need to do is close by.

At Co-Op
IMG_20140812_162207_050 (1)

Beaux Arts Ball

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Every Spring, Wentworth hosts the annual Beaux Arts Ball, a semi-formal night of dinner and dancing that’s been a favorite tradition for the past 25 years.  Past venues have included the Top of the Hub, the Odyssey Cruise ship in Boston Harbor, the Hard Rock Cafe, and the Alden Castle.   This year’s party spot was the ballroom at the Omni Parker House, one of downtown Boston’s premier hotels! As a member of the Wentworth Events Board, I joined the Ball Committee, because I wanted to play a key role in planning this year’s celebration. Committee members were responsible for picking the DJ, advertising the Ball, and decorating the venue for the big night.  This year’s theme was The Great Gatsby—a throwback to the roaring twenties! The event, held on April 4th, was a huge success!  Doors opened at 8PM and soon the place was full of people dancing the night away. A good time was had by all.  The photo booth (below) was definitely the place to see and be seen.   me and bethy photobooth ball 14.jpeg me photbooth ball 14

Yes, you read that right: a pig and a leopard. For those of you who do not know the Wentworth mascot is a Leopard.  Now, the Leopard is most often found on campus in the form of a statue, but at some campus events he can be found wondering around in the form a mascot.  When he does though, he is shy and must walk with a human.  During this year’s Accepted Students Day I was privileged enough to be that human.  It was fun to be able to walk around campus with him and greet prospective students and their families.

On the last Accepted Student Day the leopard and I found ourselves greeting someone we didn’t exactly expect to meet, a pig.  Yes, a real live pig.  A current Wentworth student lives off campus and has a pet pig.  He sometimes brings the pig for a walk through campus and around Boston.  The pig, named Bobby, has become pretty popular around the city and he even has his own Facebook fan page.  The leopard enjoyed his time with Bobby the Pig as you can see from this picture.

The Leopard and Bobby the Pig

IMG_20140407_140028_944 - resizeThe Leopard and I

IMG_20140407_141114_197 -resize


Every spring, campus clubs hold elections for their executive boards (E-Boards) for the upcoming year.   At the beginning of March, right before Spring Break, the Wentworth Events Board (WEB) had their election.  During my time at Wentworth, I have voted and run in many of these elections.  Each year, WEB members vote for the following positions:

President: Runs general meetings

Vice President:  Runs general meetings when the president is absent, also runs weekly E-board meetings and is in charge of group bonding activities.

Organization Manager: Treasure and Secretary.

Performing Arts Coordinator: Organizes concerts, comedians, and other performing arts related events.

Daytime Coordinator: Organizes daytime events.

Beaux Arts Ball Coordinator: Organizes and runs the campus’ yearly ball.

Public Relations Coordinator: Advertises the club, purchases promotional items, helps other members of the E-Board advertise their events, in charge of the club’s e-mail account and social networking pages.

Members can nominate themselves or another member to run for a WEB leadership position.  Once the nominees have been selected they can choose to accept or reject their nomination.  Then candidates give a speech and members cast their ballots. At the end of the meeting the winners are announced. I am graduating next year, so I decided to run for President of the club.  I have been a member of WEB since my first week on campus and was ready to take my experience to the next level.

At the end of this year’s election I was shocked to find that I won! I am President Elect! Right after Spring Break I ran my first general meeting as President of WEB.

This Summer I will be going on my first Co-op.  A Co-op is a semester long internship, where students (usually) don’t take classes but instead have a job related to their major.

My search for a Co-op started in February and I quickly learned that finding a job is a job in and of itself.  To search for positions I was interested in I used Wentworth’s job searching site WITWorks as well as other online job search engines.  I spent hours combing these sites looking for jobs.   Once I found positions that I wanted to apply for I updated my resume and cover letters.  Creating the perfect cover letter for each position took time as I needed to match the letter to the job description highlighting my relevant experiences.  As for the interview, I had to dress up, travel to the interview and of course have the interview (some of my interviews have taken an hour or more)!

I also attended Wentworth’s Annual Career Fair which over 140 companies attended, 22 of which were looking to hire Computer Networking students.  The fair was held in March in the campus gymnasium where there were rows of tables lining the basketball courts as current student’s networked with their possible future employees.  I spoke with approximately 15 companies, and after I sent each of them a thank you email for speaking with me. This process was just as time consuming as the online search!

From my job search process I have realized that the best job for me right now is one that is within walking distance to campus in Information Technology.  Since I started this process I’ve applied to 20 jobs, have had 5 in-person interviews, 2 over the phone interviews, and got a job offer! I haven’t decided if I will take the job, but I will make up my mind in the next few days.

Student Leadership Positions

Some student jobs on campus are considered leadership positions, which can be hard for a student to get, as it is a selective process.  At Wentworth this selection process begins in January, even if the position would not start until September. 

I went through this very process to become a Commuter Assistant and a Wentworth Opening Week program assistant. Wentworth Opening Week (WOW) is a program for first year students, which includes their orientation and move in day.

Any student who wishes to apply to any of these jobs must go through the following steps in the application process.

Application: This consists of the submission of your resume and an essay for each position you are applying to.

Group Process Interview:  This year this process occurred on a Thursday evening.  All applicants were divided into small groups, were they had to complete two projects as a group (all while being evaluated).  This year our projects included a Lego design and a commercial skit.  In Lego design project, applicants had to build the tallest structure they could with only the Legos they were given. They could talk and open the bag at first, but once they started building students could not speak.  My group organized and became familiar with the Legos, then we assigned each person a job before we started to build. In the end, we had a leaning structure, but it was still fun!

In the commercial skit project, each group had to perform a skit that represented one of six different departments or places on campus.  Each group was told to divide into two smaller groups at this point. In my group, we chose to divide by boys vs girls. The girls in our group chose to do a skit on the Campus Center.  A few things we showcased were how students can play pool in the campus center and purchase tickets to local venues in Boston.  A funny thing that happen was that I messed up at the end of the skit, but luckily one of the members helped me recover. We had originally thought of doing the skit to “Girls Just Want to have Fun” but decided not to.

Individual interview: Applicants have to schedule an individual meeting with the department(s) they are applying to.

Sometime in February, each applicant will receive a letter that will state if they got the position, were waitlisted, or denied.

The following is a list of specific positions where all applicants must going through this application process.

Resident Assistant:  Students in charge of a floor in a residence hall. They are also assigned certain nights and weekends where they are on call in case of any emergencies in the building.

Commuter Assistant: Students who run commuter events and are the main resource to commuter students.

Orientation Leader: Lead a group of new students during New Student Orientation in June.

Orientation Assistant:  Organizes evening events and assists the Orientation Leaders during New Student Orientation.

WOW Team Leader:  Leads a group of new students during Wentworth Opening Week.

WOW Program Assistant:  Organizes evening events and assists the Team Leaders during Wentworth Opening Week.

Community Standards Board: A peer group that decides what disciplinary actions can be taken when issues arise.

Student Admission Ambassador: Gives tours of the campus to perspective families and students.

Student Wellness Education and Empowerment Team (SWEET): This student serves as a health and wellness advocate.



Student Leadership Positions 

A Club Retreat

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Often during the year, campus clubs at Wentworth have retreats.  They can take place either on or off campus.  They usually consist of fun and educational activities.  One of the clubs I am part of, the Wentworth Events Board (WEB) has a retreat every year around February.  This year’s was Saturday February, 2.  Our retreat was on campus and had a series of workshops.  I have been a part of WEB for a while, so I was given the role of creating and facilitating a workshop about how to plan a successful event.

During the workshop I shared a PowerPoint presentation that outlined how to plan an event for WEB in the following steps:

1. Come up with an event

2. Bring it to the proper Committee

WEB has four event planning committees:

- The Daytime Committee who plans events that are grab-and-go like make-your-own lucky bamboo plant or make-your-own license plate.

-The Performing Arts Committee who plan events like concerts and comedians shows, (and once a year bring a live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to campus).

-The Beaux Arts Ball Committee who plans our Annual semi-formal off campus

-The Travel/Special Committee who plans off-campus trips to places like Six Flags and also any other events that do not go under the other categories.

In between workshops we played getting-to –know-you games.  A good time was had by all.