Want Some Pie?

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At the end of every semester Wentworth hosts a free breakfast to students. This nighttime breakfast happens the night before finals start. It is called “Moonlight Breakfast” even though it happens 10PM-11:30PM on that night.  Over the years, the breakfast has had different activities for students to partake in: everything from a photo booth, to a magician, and always trivia and a pie eating contest.  I have attended most of these breakfasts since I have been at Wentworth and each year I have helped out with the pie eating contest.  The Wentworth Events Board, which I just wrote a bit about in my previous entry, runs it.  And since this year I am the Special Events Coordinator of the club, I was able to organize the entire contest not just help out! I was responsible for creating the shopping list, making sure I had a fellow member to make the pudding that we used to make the pies, actually making the pies, setting up the tables for the event, having students sign-up for the contest, judging it, speaking at it, and finally cleaning-up after all the festivities were done.

The breakfast always brings a full cafeteria for the event and a lot of fans of pie!  It was really neat to be able to gain some more leadership responsibility for an organization that I have been a part of for so many years.


Pie Eating Moonnight Breakfest 12-3-15Photo Credit: Wentworth Student Government @wsgwit

The last week of classes in the semester are short and filled with a lot of studying and a bunch of wrap-up celebratory events.  The week is set up with Monday and Tuesday as regular class days, Wednesday as a study day with no classes, and Thursday and Friday with final exams that carry into the next week.  It is also the last week of the semester that clubs meet.  To end the year, a lot of clubs have some sort of celebration.  Three out of the four clubs that I belong to ended the semester with some sort of celebration.  We all decided on a Pot Luck meeting.  On Monday it was with the Society of Women Engineers.  There we got some brief updates on the club and just ate and talked for the rest of time, it was a great way to relax before the craziness of final exams.

On Tuesday the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development Club (WILD), had a pot luck. At our last meeting we ate while we had some really interesting discussions over what we wished was different for Women in society.  It was really a comfortable environment to talk about some of the sensitive topics.  I really enjoyed seeing eye-to-eye with so many people on these topics, a lot of which I thought I was alone on my opinion.

Wednesday was the annual Wentworth Events Board (WEB) pot luck.  I have been a member of the Wentworth Events board since my freshman year and have enjoyed attending their events since then.  These events have always stood out to me because members get freebies at the end of the semester. What college student doesn’t like a Freebie?! A few weeks before hand a few members of the club were able to attend a conference where one of the many things they do is swap freebies with other schools. The ones that our WEB members get are given out to other members at the pot luck.  Some of the things I have gotten over the years are shirts, sunglasses, pens, ice scrappers, and keychains.  This year I got a phone cover! I cannot believe that it’s already the end of the semester and this round of pot lucks are already overWEB pot luck 12-2-15Wentworth Events Board Pot Luck

Photo Credit:@WITevents


Joined 2 more clubs!

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This semester I decided to join two new clubs, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development Club (WILD).  The Society of Women Engineers is a group that meets on a weekly basis and helps us with personal and career development.  Almost every other week we have an outside guest speaker come in and talk about a specific field of engineering and the process for getting a job in that field.  The other weeks we will work on ways we can promote our club and recruit interested members. When you come to college, never be afraid to walk into any club’s meeting! Clubs on campus are always looking to recruit new members.


The Women’s Institute for Leadership Development Club (WILD) is a place where members discuss topics in society that impact women.  The club also teaches members how to be stronger leaders both inside and outside the classroom.  This group provides a very comfortable environment for members to share their feelings about the sensitive topics and ideas of how to react to situations that involves these issues.  I personally am very impressed with the atmosphere of this group and I really feel that I will gain a lot from these two new clubs that I have joined at WIT.

Laser Tag!

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Have you ever gone to one of those laser tag places and played laser tag before?  Have you ever played it in school?  Have you ever played it in the same building that you lived in?  While being a student at Wentworth you can! At least for one night only.  As the Special Events Coordinator on the Wentworth Events Board (WEB) I was able to make this unique event happen.

Every Saturday night there is an event in the Evans Way Auditorium, which is located in the bottom floor of the first year residence hall Evans Way/Tudbury.  These events, referred to as Weekends @ WIT, are open to all WIT students, whether they live in the building or not.  The WEB club is assigned a Saturday each semester where we run one of these events.  This semester, I surveyed some friends and classmates at WIT and we came to the consensus that Laser Tag would be a fun and unique way to destress towards the end of the semester! How could we do this you ask?  There is an organization called ‘Party Vision’ where you can rent supplies for all kinds of big events.  They even set it all up for you! Party Vision came in with blow up structures to dodge during the intense laser tag games, lasers, and reflective vests for students to wear.  Students were able to sign up ahead of time and were then divided into teams of four students each. The event was a HUGE hit, and everyone enjoyed this unique experience while getting a little exercise too. Curious as to who was the winner? Guess you will just have to check out one of our events yourself!


Rocky Horror!

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It is funny how time flies and people how college really helps a person grow.  When I first started my academic career at Wentworth, one of the first events I went to was a live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.   Wentworth actually has this event every year during the week leading up to Halloween.  Now, if you are reading this and have no idea what movie this is, do not feel bad, neither did I!  Rocky Horror Picture Show is a movie that first came out in 1975.  While it is actually not about Halloween at all it is often connected with the holiday as some of the scenes can be considered “scary” for some people.  The movie’s premise is a couple who got stuck and lost in the middle of a completely deserted area on a cold and rainy night.  The only place around them to potentially find help and shelter was a castle about a mile down the road.  When the couple arrives, they find that the castle is not an ordinary castle at all.  Don’t worry, I will not spoil the rest for you….

The difference between the movie and a live performance, is that the live performance is acted out by performers that the Wentworth Events Board hires.  They act out the script while the movie is shown in the background.  Throughout the show, the behind the scenes crew shouts out comments to make the show even funnier. As a first year attendee this really confused me. I had never seen a performance played in front of a movie and on top of that, was not sure why people were shouting comments out as well.

Fast forward to this year, Rocky Horror turned into one of my favorite campus events.  I have attended the show each year that I been at Wentworth, but this year was extra special for me.  As a member of the Wentworth Events Board, I volunteered to be one of the coordinators of the event.  My favorite part of the night was being able to say a few words before the show started.  And to think that at one time, not too long ago, I was just a first year student sitting in the back of the room quiet and confused.  It is amazing to think about how fast one grows during their college experience.Rocky Horror 15

The Start of a New Year

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A school year must always start with something, nonacademic, MOVE-IN-DAY!  The first Move in-Day of the fall semester is when First Year students move into their dorms.  Staff members and student leaders make the process easier by directing them, providing bins to make the process of moving their belongings from the parking lot to their rooms easier, and extra hands to help with the moving process. This Year I had the pleasure of assisting with move-in day as an officer of the Wentworth Student Government.

The day started bright and early at 7:30, in the morning with the first wave of students arriving.  Each car that entered our main parking lot was greeted by some very enthusiastic staff members and students.  Families were told where they could park and what the procedure was for moving in.  We also had Wentworth calendars for the families to take home with them. I was one of the students that got to direct and greet all of the excited families.  Some of us simply put hands up, motioning cars where to park, others would line up bins in every other parking space for families to transport their belongings to their student’s dorm.

The process that we used, and how everyone had their own specific role really made the day a great success. And I had a lot of fun greeting, and helping first year students move-in.  I even learned something, if you are going to stand in the sun all day, you really should reapply sunscreen before eight hours pass!


Many student’s first impression of what it is really like to be a student at Wentworth is during New Student Orientation in June. The summer leading up to their first year at WIT can be a stressful time, most students don’t know what to expect of their first year at college.  Orientation is meant to help students calm those jitters while giving them a chance to make some long lasting connections with faculty, staff and fellow students.  During these two days on campus new students are divided into groups led by an upper classmen, this gives students the chance to break out of their shells, play games, get to know each other. Students also attend workshops about adjustment to Wentworth and getting to know the resources on our campus, including how to register for classes.

While students are busy getting an introduction to college and meeting new friends, their families attend their own orientation session.  This year I had the privilege of being a Family Orientation Leader for that program.  During the day families attend information sessions on a variety of topics, everything from financial aid, to the major that their student will be studying. They even get a free lunch!  At any point during the day, if they had a question that was best answered by a WIT student, they would come to me.  The families wanted my perspective on everything from: “Why did you chose to come to Wentworth?” to “Where is the restroom?”.  Another responsibility of mine was to make sure that everyone knew where they were going, felt comfortable navigating our campus, and had all the information that was given out.  It was a very rewarding experience to help the new families get comfortable sending their students off for a great first year at Wentworth.  Can’t wait to see you in the fall!

Changing Majors

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A question I am often asked by prospective students is, “how difficult is it to change your major?”  I just changed my major, so for the first time I will give you an answer to this question from my personal experience.  The ease of changing your major at Wentworth depends on a variety of factors including how long you have attended, what your current major is, and what you switch into.

My first major was Computer Networking and I wanted to change my major to Computer Information Systems.  For those of you who might not know about either of these majors, Computer Networking is about connecting networks such as the internet, whereas Computer Information Systems is more management focused.

Since I have been at Wentworth for a while, I had already completed all of the computer specific classes and electives that are covered in the Computer Information Systems program.  I knew that the only courses that I would need to complete to change my major would be courses in management.

In order to change majors I had to meet with a faculty member from the college of Arts & Sciences.  During my first meeting with the Arts & Sciences faculty member we discussed why I wanted to switch majors and we reviewed what courses I would need to take.  A few days later, I met with the same faculty member again to sign a form to make the change official.

If I wanted to go into a major that was not computer related this change would have been much more time intensive and probably would have prolonged my graduation date. But, since I’d taken most of the required courses for the major already, I have started the Computer Information Systems major during summer term 2015!

Accepted Students Day (ASD) is not only a chance for prospective students to visit campus, but it is one of the days that I look forward to each year!  Each year, I am engaged in a variety of volunteer activities during ASD. This year, I sat on a student panel and answered questions from prospective students.  I was very impressed by the questions the students were asking.  They asked about studying abroad, Alternative Spring Break, campus clubs, disability accommodations, transferring AP credits, and more.

After the panel, I helped staff the Wentworth Events Board (WEB) table.  Each campus club had a table in the gym where they showed off their swag and hoped to get future students excited about joining their club in the Fall.  Our table had a prize wheel that visitors could spin.  A successful spin could send a visitor home with a variety of great prizes including a WEB pen or sticker.  Aside from the prize wheel, accepted students and families learned about WEB and were able to ask questions.  ASD is truly the best day of the year!

Coincidentally, ASD falls on the same day as the Wentworth Event Board’s annual Beaux Arts Ball, which makes the day even better!  Traditional Beaux Arts Balls have a medieval theme.  Wentworth’s event typically varies from this theme but we always have a semi-formal dance.  This year’s theme was Penguins, as the Ball was held at the New England Aquarium (hyper-link).

The night started with a photo booth complete with silly under-the-sea themed hats and masks.  We were surrounded by ocean creatures and I mean surrounded.  For those of you who have not been to the New England Aquarium (hyper-link) it is circle shaped and has fish tanks all along the walls, some tanks climbing as high as four stories.  The dance floor was on the first floor near the penguins.   Each floor had tables and a buffet that overlooked all of the fish.  This event sold out weeks in advance and it is no wonder with such a fantastic location everyone had a great time!

Most of us have at least one friend who is a musician.  They might play at home, at Open-Mic nights, or they might have their own concerts.  I have a friend like this from high school.  His name is Stevie Jenko and he is making a name for himself in the rap world.  Over the years I have followed his career and listened to his music, but unfortunately I was never able to attend one of his concerts.

This spring the Wentworth Events Board (a club that I am part of) was looking for performers to bring to campus.  I realized, I know a musician!  I contacted Steve and everyone in the club agreed that he should hold a concert at Wentworth.  We decided to make it an Open-Mic night too, to give others a chance to perform as well.  It was unbelievable to see someone you know and personally perform right in front of you, AT YOUR SCHOOL!!!  This is just one of the many benefits that comes with being a member of the Wentworth Events Board.