For the last four years, I have been writing these blogs, informing you, the reader, about the happenings at Wentworth.   I always try to give a firsthand account so it is as if we were there together.   Through these blogs we have done a lot together.  We have learned about the many clubs on campus, been to a number of Wentworth Student Government and Wentworth Events Board meetings, showed our Wentworth Spirit on Spirit Day, played poker, participated in a Harlem Shake video, sat on student panels during Accepted Student Days, and helped out with Family and Alumni Weekend.  Later, we danced the night away at the Beaux Arts Ball, bumped into a pig on Campus, was a doctor for Halloween, promoted Alcohol Awareness Week, saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show performed live, had an end of the semester Pizza Party and a Moonlight Breakfast, ran Open-Mic night, Laser Tag, and a Pie Eating Contest, played Dungeons and Dragons, and more.  Off-campus we have gone to a Sammy Adams and Hot Chelle Rae concert, College Fest where we met Kell from Keenen and Kell, a Kiss 108 concert, Fenway Park, a Red Sox World Series Victory Parade, and a New England Patriots Victory Parade.  I hope these blogs have helped perspective students decided to come to Wentworth so that they too can enjoy college as much as I have.  I hope that these blogs have also given everyone else the knowledge that they have come here to find.  I hope everyone has enjoyed our adventures as much as I have.  I will be graduating in less than four months now, which unfortunately means our time together must come to an end.  I wish everyone the best of luck and will be happy to reply to any questions or comments that are posted, for as long this page is up.

Good-bye everyone!


What’s Next?

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The Spring semester has ended and in just under four months I will be graduating.  So, what’s next for me?  Well that is a good question.   I find myself thinking the same thing I was thinking the week before I started Wentworth, “I do not know what my life will be like soon.”  Do I want to stay in the area? Do I want to get a job?  Do I want to continue my education? That’s the thing about Wentworth, when you graduate, you have so many options to choose from.

I have always wanted to get a Master’s and maybe a Doctorate Degree.  Some of these schools want you to have more work experience before entering.  Luckily, all Wentworth students are ready for the work force when they finish here.   It will be very hard for me to leave Wentworth, as it really has become a part of me over the years.

I have decided to look for jobs in the area, so that I can still visit Wentworth, and at some point I will start applying to graduate school.   Wentworth also has an alumni association that I plan to join in order to stay connected to the school as well.  That is one thing about Wentworth, you can always stay connected to it and you will always carry what you have learned with you and use it in the work place.

Last Club Meetings

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The last couple of weeks have felt like the end of an era for me.  In August, Wentworth has their main graduation ceremony and I will be graduating.  Even though Wentworth has a full summer semester prior to commencement most campus clubs do not meet in the summer because with only Juniors and Seniors taking classes, there are less students on campus.  This means the end of the Spring semester brought with it my last club meetings.

When I first came to college, my original plan was not to join any campus clubs!  Even though I was on a number of them in high school.  I wanted to make sure that I could succeed in college before joining outside activities.  This all changed during my first few days on campus, during Wentworth Opening Week (WOW).  My orientation leader was on the Wentworth Events Board and convinced me that I should join, he said it was fun and a good way to meet people.  Prior to the first meeting of that group, I also saw a blurb in the school’s weekly campus update that the Wentworth Student Government was planning to meet and was looking for a Commuter Representative.  Commuter students services was an office that I had wanted to get involved with eventually.  And I had always wanted to be on a student government association, but never attended a school that had one before.  I decided to go to the meeting and run for the position.  The following week was the election where I won the position!  I have held it ever since, along with different E-Board positions over the years.  When you hold such a position on either of these clubs you sometimes have additional meetings during the week, you must give a weekly update at these meetings, and often help out with any events the club has.  This past year I also joined the Wentworth Society of Women Engineers and the Wentworth Institute of Leadership Development clubs.  Now it is time to say good-bye to all of them.

Since I joined Wentworth and became a part of these clubs I feel that they have also become a part of me.  It was sad having to leave them and hard to imagine my life without them, but I know that I will start new adventures soon.  I hope to come back and visit these clubs as a graduate soon!

It’s that time of year! And as many of you are receiving college acceptance letters and trying to choose which college to attend, I realized that I have never shared with you the reason that I chose to attend Wentworth.  When I was a junior in high school, my College Counselor told my class that they had to apply to 10 schools each.   At the time I thought this was normal, but I later found out that it was more than most, but still not a bad idea at all.  I ended up applying to 12 schools total.  My counselor also said that we should visit as many schools as possible, as just walking on campuses would give us an idea as to if this college was the right place for us.  I, of course, did not believe this.  Still I thought it would be fun to visit the colleges that I was interested in, so I did.  I quickly found what my counselor said to be true.  I visited 11 schools in all and the more I visited, I got more of an idea of what I was looking for.  Some campuses spread for blocks and blocks on end, most had a lot of high hills, some were more business focused, and some did not let students start taking major-specific classes until the third year.  Personally, I did not see myself at a business school, walking long distances and then making it to class on time, or walking up some really big hills with all my books and my laptop, and I did not want to wait three years to start learning about my major.

The first school I visited was Wentworth.  It was a last minute visit, as I really didn’t start looking into visits until the end the summer of my junior year in high school.  By that point, Wentworth had one more summer event for students, and I wanted to get the visit out of the way before school started.  I went to what was called a “Summer Preview Day.”  There we sat in on a speech from the Dean of our college, the Admissions Department, the Financial Aid Department, and from the department of the major we were interested in. Along with a general campus tour of the school (optional).  I decided to take the tour, the tour was shorter than some other tours I went to later on, partially because the Wentworth campus is very small. When you are not on a tour, you could easily walk from the farthest academic building to the farthest residential hall in about 5 minutes.  Taking the tour I really saw how small and contained the campus community was.  Most academic buildings are connected to each other, they are no hills, and there are lockers for commuters (a passing worry of mine as I was and am a commuter).  I felt as though Wentworth was like the big high school that I never had (I was one of 21 in my high school graduating class)!  Of all the schools that I visited, Wentworth was the only one I could see myself at.

So as you are deciding what schools to go to, my advice is to visit some and see what is important to you on a college campus!  Which school you can really see yourself at?  As always if you have any questions please post in the comment section.



Dungeons and Dragons!

March 1, 2016 — 1 Comment

Have you ever heard of the game Dungeons and Dragons?  Don’t feel bad if you haven’t, I had never heard of the game until last year and now it is sweeping the school in popularity. Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy game.  Each player creates a character using a character sheet before starting the game.  The sheet ensures that everything that needs to be chosen is chosen for each character.  All you need is die, the die decide some of parts of the character, which is great because some is left completely to chance.  The rest of the decisions are left up to the player’s expertise. As in the video game, there is a player’s handbook, but unlike the videogame, there are no graphics to see in this version.

Once each player has picked their characters, the real game can begin.  The game is led by a Dungeon Master whose responsibility is to come up with a scenario that players can play in.  The players then, on improvisation, come up with an action on their turn.  The game is usually played on a weekly basis that continues from the previous week, but each week is a new mission.  My group is just finishing up our character sheets, and after Spring Break we will be starting missions, I cannot wait to see where the game takes us!


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Have you ever played Poker before? Have you ever played it at a school event?  A number of Wentworth students can now say that they have.   A club that I am a part of, the Wentworth Events Board (WEB), ran a Poker match in the lobby of a Residence hall building.  We filled the area with round tables and surrounded them with chairs.  The doors and windows of the lobby showed giant playing cards.  The entrance way was covered with balloons.  Balloons everywhere! On both the floor and hanging from the ceiling.

Now you may be thinking, “Wait, Poker is gambling.  How it can this be allowed at a school event?” Well, we have come up with a gamble-free way to play Poker.  What we did was that the player who has the most chips at the end of the game, wins a gift card.  This way they still get something for winning, but no gambling is involved as gambling is illegal in Massachusetts.  I never thought I would go to a Poker event, but this was not my first one at Wentworth, and I had so much fun, that I know it will not be the last!

Campaign Signs!

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Ever wanted to run for an elected office position? Be it in school, or in the state or federal government? Have you at least imagined it?  Students at Wentworth, recently got a chance to start heading in that direction.  This month the Wentworth Events Board (WEB), a campus club that I am on, ran things a little differently than we usually do.  WEB is made up of eight Elective Board (E-Board) members, and the rest of the club are considered General Members who assist the E-Board.  The main job of four of the E-Board members is to run a specific type of event.  For example, I am the Special Events Coordinator so I run events that tend to not go under any other category. Some of the events that would go under “Special” are Jeopardy, Family Feud, or Bubble Soccer.  Another E-Board member is the Daytime Coordinator, who runs events where our participants tend to not stay too long at. Events such as giving out Lucky Bamboo Plants to brighten student’s days!

This month WEB mixed things up.  Instead of running the Special events, I got to run some of the Daytime Events.  For my daytime event I had a “Make Your Own Campaign Sign” event.  We hired a company called, Party Vision, to make the signs with us.  They brought a ton of 11”X 8.5” signs, some said “For President” some said “For Senate”, and two different designs that said “VOTE”.  Students could put a word on their sign.  Something such as their name, or a candidate’s name, or even something completely different.  Students loved the idea.  Some supported a Presidential candidate, while others started their own campaigns.  Get readyworld Wentworth students have big plans!









Want Some Pie?

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At the end of every semester Wentworth hosts a free breakfast to students. This nighttime breakfast happens the night before finals start. It is called “Moonlight Breakfast” even though it happens 10PM-11:30PM on that night.  Over the years, the breakfast has had different activities for students to partake in: everything from a photo booth, to a magician, and always trivia and a pie eating contest.  I have attended most of these breakfasts since I have been at Wentworth and each year I have helped out with the pie eating contest.  The Wentworth Events Board, which I just wrote a bit about in my previous entry, runs it.  And since this year I am the Special Events Coordinator of the club, I was able to organize the entire contest not just help out! I was responsible for creating the shopping list, making sure I had a fellow member to make the pudding that we used to make the pies, actually making the pies, setting up the tables for the event, having students sign-up for the contest, judging it, speaking at it, and finally cleaning-up after all the festivities were done.

The breakfast always brings a full cafeteria for the event and a lot of fans of pie!  It was really neat to be able to gain some more leadership responsibility for an organization that I have been a part of for so many years.


Pie Eating Moonnight Breakfest 12-3-15Photo Credit: Wentworth Student Government @wsgwit

The last week of classes in the semester are short and filled with a lot of studying and a bunch of wrap-up celebratory events.  The week is set up with Monday and Tuesday as regular class days, Wednesday as a study day with no classes, and Thursday and Friday with final exams that carry into the next week.  It is also the last week of the semester that clubs meet.  To end the year, a lot of clubs have some sort of celebration.  Three out of the four clubs that I belong to ended the semester with some sort of celebration.  We all decided on a Pot Luck meeting.  On Monday it was with the Society of Women Engineers.  There we got some brief updates on the club and just ate and talked for the rest of time, it was a great way to relax before the craziness of final exams.

On Tuesday the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development Club (WILD), had a pot luck. At our last meeting we ate while we had some really interesting discussions over what we wished was different for Women in society.  It was really a comfortable environment to talk about some of the sensitive topics.  I really enjoyed seeing eye-to-eye with so many people on these topics, a lot of which I thought I was alone on my opinion.

Wednesday was the annual Wentworth Events Board (WEB) pot luck.  I have been a member of the Wentworth Events board since my freshman year and have enjoyed attending their events since then.  These events have always stood out to me because members get freebies at the end of the semester. What college student doesn’t like a Freebie?! A few weeks before hand a few members of the club were able to attend a conference where one of the many things they do is swap freebies with other schools. The ones that our WEB members get are given out to other members at the pot luck.  Some of the things I have gotten over the years are shirts, sunglasses, pens, ice scrappers, and keychains.  This year I got a phone cover! I cannot believe that it’s already the end of the semester and this round of pot lucks are already overWEB pot luck 12-2-15Wentworth Events Board Pot Luck

Photo Credit:@WITevents


Joined 2 more clubs!

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This semester I decided to join two new clubs, the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development Club (WILD).  The Society of Women Engineers is a group that meets on a weekly basis and helps us with personal and career development.  Almost every other week we have an outside guest speaker come in and talk about a specific field of engineering and the process for getting a job in that field.  The other weeks we will work on ways we can promote our club and recruit interested members. When you come to college, never be afraid to walk into any club’s meeting! Clubs on campus are always looking to recruit new members.


The Women’s Institute for Leadership Development Club (WILD) is a place where members discuss topics in society that impact women.  The club also teaches members how to be stronger leaders both inside and outside the classroom.  This group provides a very comfortable environment for members to share their feelings about the sensitive topics and ideas of how to react to situations that involves these issues.  I personally am very impressed with the atmosphere of this group and I really feel that I will gain a lot from these two new clubs that I have joined at WIT.