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{15 May}

The Time Has Come

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It has been a great run, this past co-op semester was wonderful. I found myself surrounded in by new construction. There is a big construction boom in Cambridge and it seems to be moving toward Boston. It has been a small drought in the construction industry but things are really picking up now. Companies are building more space and they need workers. The jobs are coming and I hope they are here by the time I’m ready to begin my working career. This Co-op has shown me that need to be ready and I know that I will be.

{28 Jan}

Big Crane Meets Little Crane

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I have been working on a Construction Job site in Cambridge MA, and it has been going well. I have noticed in Cambridge that there are a lot of different construction companies doing Work in this area. Just the other day there was a big 350 Ton Crane lifting a 45 ton crane on to the roof of a garage in order to reach the area where steel is to be erected. This happened just behind the job site I am on. I could turn around, look out the window and see this giant crane lifting this little crane. This area was booming with work and on a Saturday, this was amazing. The big 350 Ton crane took about 4 to 6 hours to setup and about 2 to 3 hours to lift and place the 45 ton crane, this was a site I had never seen before and it was awesome. One of my co-workers said “Big crane meet little crane” and I thought this would be a Perfect title for these amazing photos.Pages from Big crane meet little crane 2 Pages from Big crane meet little crane 4 Pages from Big crane meet little crane 5 Pages from Big crane meet little crane 6 Pages from Big crane meet little crane 7 Pages from Big crane meet little crane 8 Pages from Big crane meet little crane 10 Pages from Big crane meet little crane-1

{19 Sep}

Balancing schedules

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One of the best skills for a college student to have is the ability to time manage and balance your schedule. its has been pretty hard to gain these skill as a current college student. This skill has to be learned early on so that when you get to this level it will be an asset to you rather than a issue for you. but just in case you didnt learn this skill early on here are a few tips:

When it comes to work at school, Start work you have been given within 48 hours of your receiving it.

When it comes to help with work, ask as soon as you realize you can’t find the answer or as soon as you get stuck.

When it comes to studying, study with someone who does the work and can help you not just a friend.

Also try to avoid TV, random conversations, Social networks, and your Phone.

record the amount of time you spend watching TV,on Social networks,  and on your phone and then cut it in half.

Theses are tips that have assisted me an i feel they will prove to help you as well.

{20 Jul}

Wonderland Renovation 2

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Wonderland station is coming right along but there is still lots to do. With the way the weather has been the work out there has been hard, but the workers have been working diligently to complete as much as they can. Below are pictures of the Wonderland job site. these pictures show the work that has been complete and the work that still needs to be done.  If your around the Revere Beach weather your running, walking or just enjoying the beautiful weather, you should pas by wonderland station and see how far the work has gone and how fast it is moving along. Hey you never know what you might see.

{23 May}

Wonderland Renovation

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These are pictures of the renovation going on at Revere Beach (Wonderland Station). Demolition has started and some concrete has been placed. this work is moving right along and there will be many more updates and pictures to come.

{12 Apr}


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Presentations are such an important part of the college experience  because in real world a presentation can decide weather you get the job or your competitor beats you out. This semeater of classes have been strong on tests and presentations.  At first i felt that this would be fairly easy but it has proven  to be very difficult and a very good learning experience.

Here are five important things that I have learned:

1. Start early

2. review presentation

3. practice what you will say

4. have someone that will give constructive criticism read over the slides

5. present to someone that will give constructive criticism befpre final presentation

{20 Mar}

Spring !!!

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Spring is here !!!! its not that exciting but school is almost out !!! the semester is coming to a close but we are missing all of this nice spring weather. in the spring the weather is perfect, its not too hot not too cold, and there is always a nice fresh breeze. So if you have a break between classes go for a little walk, relax in the quad, or just enjoy the sun shine and cool breeze. Its spring time so enjoy it !!

{2 Feb}

Construction Management?

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Most people ask the same question day after day. “What is Construction Management?” This is My Major at school and this question still takes a lot to answer. This Question has a very long answer, so I’m just going to give you the quick answer… Construction Management is when a professional is managing a construction job as the competent person dealing with the budget, schedule, and quality of the work on the job. On most jobs the Construction Manager (CM) is the middle man between the owner/architect and the actual builders or tradesmen called the Sub-contractors. This type of managing is call the CM at risk method of managing. The other way CM’s manage jobs is they act as an owner representative to make sure that the architect and other CM at risk is following what the owner wants. They call this method the CM for fee method of managing. This is the very quick answer of what a CM is, and just a little taste of what a CM does. I hope this helps inform you all.

{30 Nov}

The End Of The Beginning

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This time of year is the end of the beginning but also the beginning of the end. The first semester is almost here we have all worked so hard to get where we are right now. Finals are around the corner but so is winter break! the time to do your best is now put it all on the line to show what you’ve learned throughout this semester. So put away the game systems, go on vacation from facebook, text your friends with a do not disturb message and finish this semester off strong.

{21 Oct}

Stressful Testing !!

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This past few weeks have been stressful and long this time of year sucks. It is mid-terms and my tests get spread out over three weeks time two to three test per week.This time is one big head ache to me but my friends have been relaxing and enjoying the college life while I have been stressing out and losing sleep because of studying, they looked at me like i was loosing my mind. they all thought i had it easy because my tests were stretched out and all they did was laugh and joke. Now this week all my friends are stressing over midterm and they just had it for this week. they look at me now and say, they don’t know how i could do it  i look at them now and i say candy, coffee, and no sleep LOL !!! Just kidding but i told them stick with it and do your best because if you put it all on the table now you wont be disappointed because you know you did all you could do. Also i told them not be afraid to ask for help which is something i must admit i have to work on. We all have to go through Mid-terms so don’t isolate yourself join a study group or have a group of friends that you know work hard and ask to study with them because i find studying with others helps me understand more. Try it and see.