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Game Day

February 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

Game day is by far the best day of the week. It doesn’t matter if the game is home or away, against a top team or not, conference or non-conference, it’s all the same. Now there are benefits between the different types of games. Home games allow us to host a team and invite all of our friends to come watch. When we have home games a lot of the parents are able to come watch as well, now not only is that fun for each athlete who has family at the game but usually they bring us treats for after the game too. It’s like going back to youth soccer when there was always a snack at the end of the game, but instead of Fruit Rollups we get cherry bars and mint chocolate chip cookies. When we have away games we get fed on the way home. Each away game our coaches choose a restaurant close to that school and we order food and pick it up on the way home. As every college student knows, a free meal is always nice! In the case of top teams vs. not top teams both games are fun for different reasons. When we play top teams it is fun because it is a big deal. There is always a good crowd for good games and those games are a lot of fun to play in. When we play teams that aren’t at the same level it is fun to get some guys off the bench and into the game. This year we have a large freshmen class so it is nice to get the older guys off the court and get to cheer them on. Being on the bench is always as fun as you make it, we (as a whole team) like to be a load bench and do a bunch of dumb stuff.

Today happens to be a game day. Today we play Rivier College at home. Riv is always one of the top teams in our conference and it is actually the rematch of the conference championship from last year. Last years conference championship was a really close match and this year should be the same. I struggle with game days because it is difficult to focus on my classes. I tend to be so focused on the match to come that I just look at stats, rosters and film most the day, whether or not I’m in class. But somehow I have made it through my classes so far doing that so why change? By the end of the day today I will know just about everything I can about Riv’s team, but maybe not quite as much of biomaterials…


Thanks for Reading! Until next time, Jake