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I realized the other day that I have mentioned a few times that I keep meaning to write a post but I end up running out of time. So I figured it would be beneficial to explain just how busy it gets in season. A lot of people don’t fully understand the dedication and commitment it takes to compete as a collegiate athlete, especially at Wentworth. Wentworth is different than other schools because of the work load that goes with our majors.

Now I personally have a few extra commitments that add to my schedule on top of class and volleyball, but this should provide a decent example of the schedule of athletes. This semester I am taking 17 credit hours, working at Boston Children’s Hospital for around 17 hours a week, and have volleyball practices or matches 6 out of 7 days of the week. But on top of all that I am injured so that adds some time spent with the athletic trainers. I’m going to describe a normal Tuesday, meaning practice and not a game. My first class starts at 8 and goes until 9:15, after that I head to straight to Children’s and start work by 9:30. I spend 5 hours at work and then return for class from 3 till 4:15. From class I go to the gym and start getting ready for practice. Practice doesn’t start until 6 o’clock, but I spend all the time between class and practice with the trainers doing pain management and rehab for both knees and my shoulder. A normal practice will run until 8 pm and then it is back to the training room to take an ice bath and then head home. On Tuesdays I leave the house by 7:30 in the morning and usually don’t get back until close to 8:45. With the only breaks during the day being just enough time to walk from one place to the other I generally haven’t done any homework or eaten a whole lot. So once I get home I start dinner and once it is ready I eat and get started on my homework.

Now this describes a normal Tuesday but all of my week days are pretty similar, although game days add some more time spent at volleyball due to a later start but more time with the trainers and on occasion travelling to another school to compete. Away games are the toughest days because they involve travel to and from the other school and generally make it so I am not home until closer to 10. Not every student athlete has the same schedule but all student-athletes have the same schedule as mine, but they all have about 20 hours topped on top of their class schedule between practice, games, studying film, travelling and spending time in the trainers.

Hopefully this was insightful. Until next time!




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