January 28th is Data Privacy Day!

John Knights —  January 28, 2014





Today is dedicated to a topic that has been on the news and a lot of our minds for the past year, data privacy. Officially recognized in the United States and Canada since 2008 as Data Privacy Day, today commemorates the first international treaty dealing with data privacy and protection. The Wentworth Information Security Office is proud to join the National Cyber Security Alliance as a Data Privacy Day Champion by launching a month long awareness effort to better inform and educate our community on data privacy and protection.

As we move forward over the next month, we will provide you with few stories, useful links, and a few tools to both better inform you on the main concerns of today and how to protect your data, as well as how to ensure we are all doing our part to protect and safeguard institutional data. Please join us on our blog site for these weekly articles and follow us on Twitter for up to the minute updates, announcements, and interesting reads.


John Knights