New Improvements to Email Security

John Knights —  June 22, 2016

Technology Services has enabled an email security feature in Microsoft Office 365 Outlook. This feature, referred to as SPF checking, will check to make sure that the sender of an email message is actually an authorized sender for the domain it originated from. For example, an email from will be checked to make sure that the email actually came from an authorized account at

This is a feature that is in wide use across many organizations and email providers, used to combat email sender spoofing (forging the “sender” of an email). This should reduce the amount of phishing and spam emails that make it to your Outlook inbox.

So what happens with these messages? The are considered and marked as “junk” by Microsoft, our email service provider, and the message will be routed to your “Junk” folder. This is only one of many checks that are made to ensure email is appropriately filtered, so it may end up as a “quarantined” email if it matches other filtering rules.

If a message is incorrectly placed in your junk folder by this SPF checking feature, please contact the Help Desk ( or 617-989-4500) for further assistance.

John Knights