Security Tips to Keep in Mind This Summer

givend —  April 17, 2014

As the semester comes to a close , it is important to remember some of the tips we’ve shared over the semester.  Among them are the information security and privacy techniques vital for protecting your sensitive information online.  From choosing the correct Wi-Fi network to staying alert for phishing emails while off-campus, here are the things you need to keep in mind to have a fun and safe summer.

  • Avoid unsecured Wi-Fi and use secured Wi-Fi networks or connect with an Ethernet cable
    • Especially when checking financial or sensitive information on your laptop.
    • An unsecured Wi-Fi network could be a fake proxy or a real network simply compromised by a hacker, who is watching everyone’s activity.
    • Turn sharing settings off if you have to use an unsecured connection
  • Review the signs of a phishing email here
    • Not addressed to you; vague wording
    • Misspelled words or illogical statements
    • Requesting information randomly or urgently
    • Suspicious URL links
  • Stay safe on social networks
    • Restrict your privacy settings so only your friends can see your information
    • Be cautious if your information is requested in any way
    • Know where your information is going to and who can see it
  • Change your password now and stay one step ahead
    • Passwords have to be changed every 180 days
    • Make the fall transition easier by changing your password now
    • Check requirements and change password here
  • Use a virtual private network to work from home and stay secured
    • For Wentworth employees that require VPN access to the campus network when working remotely, please email our Information Security Office to find out more.