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#ChatDPD Week 1 Recap

John Knights —  January 9, 2015

As part of the Data Privacy Day campaign, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) is hosting a series of “Twitter Chats” this month. Each chat – hosted on Twitter at 3pm EST each Wednesday this January – will bring together various members of the cybersecurity community to discuss a privacy topic.

This week’s topic was “Make New Resolution: Stay On Track While Protecting Your Health Information.” Questions involved the personal devices used to track you health (small wrist bands or clip-on devices that can be used in conjunction with your smart phone to track various health-related items like your heart beats, sleeping patterns, steps you take each day, etc.). The questions asked involved where that data lives and who has access to it, and what the industry should consider as best practices to ensure that these devices and the applications they use maintain the level of privacy that their users’ demand.

In summary, everyone agreed that these devices tracked valuable personal health data and all were concerned with how these data are kept private. Many suggested that an important task that the user should be responsible for is reading those user agreements to understand what information is gathered, where it may be stored or how it may be used, and who may have access to it. In addition, make sure you do your research on the companies and their devices before you purchase one or configure one if you already have one. Folks are fairly vocal about privacy concerns these days and there is surely going to be some news regarding companies’ bad practices or comprisable devices.

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