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#ChatDPD Week 2 Recap

John Knights —  January 16, 2015

We celebrate Data Privacy Day this month on January 28th. One way people are getting involved is by joining the Twitter Chats taking place each Wednesday this month. The chats started out with the suggestion that we all add a new resolution for ourselves to do better with protecting our health information.

Last week’s chat subject involved privacy and business. More specifically, how privacy was good for business. Over the last 18 months, there has been what seems like an endless stream of data breaches reported from some of the largest retail companies. These breaches have had substantial financial impacts on these companies, but that’s not all.

The impact of these breaches goes a bit beyond just their short-term financial losses. Breaches have the potential to cause havoc to an organization’s reputation, affecting consumer confidence, which can lead to further loss of revenue. Good privacy practices are good for business, find out what some businesses were saying during last week’s Twitter Chat at:

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