Wentworth Architecture review is an annually printed student publication that circulates the rich culture of Wentworth design. The journal is designed to benefit the Wentworth design community through the establishment of discourse, conversation and work. WAr, as the Wentworth community refers it to, is solely a student run initiative. The journal publishes the work of undergraduate and graduate students, alumni and faculty from Wentworth’s architecture, interior design and industrial design programs.

WAr was founded as a way to exhibit the rich design culture present here at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA.  Our first journal was released at the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester, and since then we have produced 3 volumes in total, with a release cycle that begins in January.

The journal provides a centralized place for the Wentworth community to both look for inspiration and have an opportunity to have their thoughts and work be published. This process happens through the submission period at the end of the spring semester. As a team we try to identify important themes that are impacting the pedagogy and praxis of design; we then present this theme to the community and ask submissions to be focused and creatively engaged in our discussion. Our latest publication, volume three, focused on the concept “build” and what this phrase means within the education and practice of architecture, interior design and industrial design. Students, faculty and alumni were asked to respond to this theme through written essays, design proposals and built projects. These submissions were compiled into the publication we have sent you.

In addition to the Wentworth community, our audience includes the greater Boston design profession. We try to reach out as many stakeholders as we can and aim to be a part of the contemporary architecture and design discourse within Boston. This past winter over 200 individuals attended our release exhibition at the Boston Society of Architects and because of the enthusiasm we generated the exhibition was invited back for an added month. Additionally, because of the section on community design in volume three, our journal has also been included in many community events within the Mission Hill and Fenway area of Boston.

Looking forward, we see WAr growing in various ways. Starting with redefining the structure of the submitted, solicited and scholar work, as well as the design and projects.  We intend to add additional layers of work to the journal, creating participative discussions and innovative interviews, as well as reviews for design books, photography or films. In addition, we hope to expand to established bookstores and retail businesses to reach a broader audience.

Currently we are working on the submissions we received for volume four that is based on the theme of “translation.” We have asked the Wentworth community to think about what translation means and respond with written and graphic work.

We see WAr growing and becoming much richer and innovative everyday.

Contact us at: war@wit.edu