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9/28 – First post!

September 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

OK here we go, first post on my blog!

It has now been five weeks since I came from Sweden to America, and I love it here. Today is September 28th and it’s still like summer outside. These weeks have gone so fast, and I have had so much fun already. A normal day for me looks like this: I wake up at 6.40am to get ready for a day in school. After I’ve done my make up and changed clothes about seven times I leave Baker Hall at 07.20 to get breakfast in Beatty, the school cafeteria. There are several options for what you can eat for breakfast here, but I strongly believe that everyday is bacon day. School starts at 8am for me since I made my schedule like that, then I usually have two lessons followed by a two hour brake for lunch before my last class begins at 1pm. I try to do as much homework as I possible can at my lunch break so that I have the afternoons off, which I usually do. One of the best things about living at a campus in downtown Boston is that there is always something to do. I can easily walk to the big shopping center called the Prudential, and there are restaurants everywhere. I have a Swedish friend named Johanna who’s an exchange student at Babson college for this semester, and when she visited me last weekend we took the T (which stops right outside our door at Baker) to Park street for some shopping, followed by a coffee in the big park Boston common. Later that day we went to the Prudential for food in their restaurant on the very top of the building with a view over the entire city. A place I would really recommend if you want a place to eat in Boston.

Today has been a pretty good day. I got the result from both my construction management exam and the math test that I took last week. I’m happy with the result from CM, but the math didn’t go quite the way I wanted it to. My teacher is great though, she told me not to worry and I’ve signed up for extra tutoring at the learning center now. You can do that for every class, which I think is great since a subject like math is very hard to study by yourself if you are struggling. Later today I’m going for a run around Fence park which is only a three minute walk from our campus. I try to work out in some way everyday, and sometimes I force my roommate Andrea to come with me. We are allowed to use the gym as much as we want to here at school which is great, but I personally prefer to work out outside. Partly because of the fresh air, and partly because I think it’s a great way to explore the city. After I’ve posted this I’m going to meet up with some friends for dinner. I eat almost all my meals at school, or at MassArts’ cafeteria which is the school right next to us. I have a full meal plan and those are the two places that accept my student ID as payment.

Here are some pictures from my weekend with Johanna! Sorry about the last one. I’ve tried to turn it but it just doesn’t want to…